8 real ways to profit from Twitter

8 real ways to profit from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites for Arabs and foreigners, and although it is characterized by its great popularity among foreigners, it has reached the point that in some countries it is more popular than Facebook. Twitter has begun to occupy a large area of ​​​​the lives of many Arabs and is used widely on a daily basis. But did you know that it is You could Profit from Twitter  ? Yes, you can earn hundreds of dollars from Twitter very easily and without any significant effort  

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks that, if you exploit and understand it well, you can earn hundreds of dollars per month very easily 

Learn aboutthe best 20 real ways to profit from the Internet

What do you need to start earning from Twitter?

1- A Twitter account
2- A good number (relatively average of 1,000 – 10,000 followers) at least
3- The followers should be interactive with the tweets that you publish.

Ways to increase Twitter followers on your account?

1- Follow people and wait for them to follow you back, and do not follow many people at the same time so that Twitter users do not suspect you and do not follow you.
2- Use the hashtag # to bring traffic to you. Create a hashtag for the current trend and write a unique post to find a lot of traffic. People have followed you
3- Share your account among your friends and make them follow you

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How do you earn from Twitter? 

If you can fulfill the conditions above, you can now start making a profit from Twitter by exploiting it for the following things 

1- sponsored tweet  

Sponsored tweet is one of the most famous profit services from Twitter. This service allows you to set the price for one click on the tweet that you publish.

The more you link your social media accounts, the greater your offers will be, and thus the greater your profit from Twitter and other social networks 

You can choose your sponsored ad from many other sponsored ads that are available and are constantly renewed. 
Payment is made via PayPal 

Note that you do not post tweets that annoy followers, so that your account will not be banned 

2- Profit from publishing sponsored posts (tweets). 

This method of making profit from Twitter differs from the previous method in that in this method, if you have a Twitter account with a large number of interactive followers, you can go to one of the famous companies in any specialty you desire (preferably the same specialty as your Twitter account) and offer them Publish a paid tweet explaining their product and place a purchase link on your account 

You can also market your services on famous microservices sites such as FiverrandFiverr, and through these sites you can attract many people who will pay to have their products or ads appear with you.

The profits from this method and the price you offer depend on the number of followers of this account and the extent of the followers’ interaction with your tweets. 
Did you know that there are a large number of celebrities who earn thousands of dollars for every single sponsored tweet on their account?

3- Profit from Twitter through affiliate marketing 

One of the best ways to profit from Twitter is that you can market popular products on Amazon, Sharesales, or other famous affiliate marketing companies, and you will earn a percentage of the price of the products sold through your link.

In order to be able to profit from Twitter through affiliate marketing, you must specialize in a specific field. Let us assume that you will create a Twitter account called Fitness Life and you will specialize in products such as bodies and public health. 
* You post important tweets about this topic 
* Then you place special products that your followers can try, and when they buy those products, you take a commission on each sale. 

4- Sell your own products on Twitter 

One of the great ways you can make money from Twitter is by selling your products on Twitter 

If you do manual labor and create a Twitter account and download your products on it, you can sell many of your products via Twitter and thus earn a lot of money from Twitter indirectly. 

You can also sell your own services on Twitter. If you do not own products, but you do have skills such as graphic design, programming, or others, you can exploit that skill to profit from Twitter by selling those services. 

5- Profit from Twitter by promoting your website or blog 

It is an indirect way to profit from Twitter, as if you can bring followers to Twitter, and this is not difficult, you can convert these visitors to your blog or website to become a magical tool to bring money to you, whether from advertisements, through affiliate marketing, or other methods that enable you to profit  From your blog

6- Profit from Twitter and YouTube 

If you can bring you followers on Twitter, why not make them your followers and viewers on YouTube as well? YouTube is a great source of profit from the Internet, and the more visitors you can bring to your videos, the greater your profits. 

Make short promotional videos for your channel and put them on Twitter so that people can access your YouTube channel and watch more and more of your videos and thus earn money. 

7- Profit from Twitter through shortened links 

You can actually use Twitter to profit from shortened links. Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not block your shortened links. You can get a lot of visits if you use Twitter as a way to publish your links and profit, especially if you have a large number of followers. 

8- Profit from selling followers on Twitter 

If you have a large number of followers, why don’t you nominate other people’s Twitter accounts as your followers and earn money in return? There are a large number of people who want to increase the number of (real) followers they have on Twitter, but they cannot, and because Twitter ads are relatively expensive, they prefer to do so. By paying someone to bring followers to them 

So how can you profit from this method? 
All you have to do is retweet one of the tweets that these people pay for, and thus these people get benefits and you earn money from Twitter. 

How can you do that? 
You can profit from Twitter by selling followers by providing this service on the Fiverr or the Fiverr . Fiverr is preferred due to the large number of people who buy from it.

This topic was to explain the best ways to profit from Twitter? We hope that you have learned how to profit from your Twitter account  

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