The easiest sites for making money from the Internet 2024 (my favorite list)

The easiest sites for making money from the Internet 2024 (my favorite list)

 Are you looking for the easiest sites to profit from the Internet?

Over the course of those 4 years that I was working in the Internet field, I tried hundreds of sites and was able to earn hundreds of dollars from them.


You have to trust that once you finish this topic, you will get the easiest sites through profit from the Internet

But to be honest with you, you will not be able to earn much from these sites.

Just a few dollars a day.

If you want more than that, go to the end of the topic to find nominations for the best business you can do.

Now, are you ready to see my list of favorite sites?

The easiest sites to profit from the Internet (10 sites to start with)

There is nothing easier than those sites that you will find here…

So don’t bother searching a lot and join these sites and start earning.

If you want more information than what is available about each site, just click on the site name and you will be taken to a comprehensive explanation of the site.

Now let’s start with the first site…

1- Ysense website

ysense is at the top of the list of the easiest sites for making money online.

The site relies mainly on opinion polls and tasks (offers).

My friends from Saudi Arabia make approximately $5 .

In the Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan, profit rates are also high due to the availability of more questionnaires.

As for the rest of the countries, profit rates are very low.

  • A reliable site from which I have withdrawn about $350 so far.
  • Payment is very fast, within 3 days of the withdrawal request.
  • Withdrawing your profits is done via (Paypal – Payoneer – Skrill – Amazon cards).
  • Your email must be the same as the email of your withdrawal method.
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2- Timebucks website

It is the first location in the Gulf, but this location is the easiest for all Arab countries.

Timebucks is at the top of my list of sites for making money from watching ads because it is truly the best in this field.

  • A reliable site from which I have been able to withdraw $153 so far.
  • You can profit through many methods, including Tik Tok , registering on websites, and even shortening links.
  • Withdrawing your profits from the site is available once you reach $10.
  • Money is transferred to your account automatically weekly.
  • The payment methods available here are (Payeer – Bitcoin – Airtm)
  • You can earn $1 a day from this site from any country, and profits increase for the Gulf countries.
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3- Swagbucks website

Are you looking for an easy site to make money online that provides excellent profits?

Swagbucks is your excellent choice if you are in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

You can simply purchase from your favorite brands through the site and you will even get cashback 6 %.

Not only that but…

  • The site is very reliable and is affiliated with Prodege, which also owns Ysense.
  • You can profit through opinion polls and tasks, as well as profit from the search engine and playing games.
  • The location is not the best for Arab countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Algeria, but it is still good.
  • Your profits will be withdrawn within 3 working days once you get $5.
  • Withdrawal is made via (Amazon cards – Payal)
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4- Picoworkers website

Now it is time for another site, one of the easiest sites for making money from the Internet for all Arab countries.

In fact, some may consider it the best for them.

For example, I consider it the best site for making money from watching videos, and I have already explained that in the previous topic.

The nature of the work of this site depends on you performing mini-tasks, which differs greatly from the offers.

What I mean here is that you profit by doing some simple actions, which are:

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Like pages on Facebook.
  • Follow someone on TikTok or Twitter.
  • Register on sites.
  • Download a game and play it until a certain stage.
  • Write a simple article.
  • And others…

In fact, if you focus on this site alone while you are in Egypt or Morocco, you can earn at least $10 a day with ease.

  • You can withdraw your profits once they reach $5.75.
  • Withdrawal is made via (Paypal Bank – Skrill Bank – Litecoin currency)
  • The profits are received into your account within 10 days of the withdrawal request.
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5- cointiply website

Not only is it the easiest site to make money online.

But it is the best site you can work on in order to obtain digital currencies for free .

The site is different from those sites above in that it enables you to earn Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

  • The site is reliable and we have already tried it.
  • There are about 9 ways to profit from the site, all of which are intended for beginners .
  • The site offers a faucet method for profit, and you are given a 1% bonus on your daily profits if you continuously use the site for consecutive days.
  • Withdraw your funds from $3 (30,000 site currencies).
  • You can earn about 15 thousand coins ($1.5) every day.
  • You can receive your money on (your own Bitcoin wallet – Dogecoin wallet).
Register at cointiply

6- Yougov website

You will not be able to make money from this site in Egypt.


If you are in the Kingdom or any of the Arab Gulf countries or live in a foreign country, you can earn a lot of money from this site with ease.

  • There are no ways to profit from the site except surveys.
  • The site is very reliable.
  • The prices of opinion polls here are very high, reaching $15 per poll.
  • Profits are withdrawn once you reach $50.
  • You can receive your money via Western Union and Paypal in foreign countries.
Register at yougov

7- Paidera website 

paidera is considered one of the easiest sites for making money online.

In fact, it is also the highest in terms of profits.

 As you can see in the picture, you can earn approximately $73 by completing these very simple quizzes>>>

How much can you earn from paidera?


Our experience with it is incomplete yet, as it is still being tested.


Before we put it here on our list, we reviewed dozens of other sites and bloggers and they already indicated that it is a reliable site.

  • You can earn through tasks , quizzes, and also surveys.
  • The highest profit rate you can reach.
  • You can launch your own quizzes from the site, send people to do them, and get money for it
  • Profits are withdrawn once they reach $30.
  • The payment methods available here on this site are ( Paypal bank only ).
Register on paidera

8- coinpayu website

The Coinpayu website can also be included in the list of the easiest online profit sites from which you can start earning now.

Although it is less profitable than those sites above, you can make some good profits from it.

It is basically a site for earning digital currencies, but you can withdraw your money through Payeer Bank with ease.

  • You can profit from here through surveys, offers, and also advertisements.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawing profits is very low, only 3,000 satoshi (about $1).
  • You can withdraw via digital currencies as well.
  • The money is sent to your account within 3 days of the withdrawal request.
Register on coinpayu

9- 2captcha website

There really is nothing easier than 2captcha.

Although the idea of ​​making money through this site is ridiculous, it is actually a profitable and easy method.

There, all you have to do is write some captcha codes or sentences in an image.

See the picture below to understand >>>

How to make money easily from 2captcha


Here the site will give you $0.40 for every 1000 codes like this that you write.

Although this amount is small, given the ease of what you will do, I think it is good.

  • A reliable site and I have withdrawn from it dozens of times already.
  • You can request to withdraw your funds once you reach only $0.5.
  • The money will reach your account within just 24 hours.
  • You can receive your money on (Payeer – Bitcoin – Perfectmoney – WebMoney – Advcash).
Register on 2captcha

10- Keeprewarding website

We cannot complete the list of the easiest sites for making money online without telling you about the Keeprewardings site.

I discovered this site by accident and I thought it was a scam at first.


After a while, I found that the site was honest and sent my profits within a week.

  • The site has been tested and is reliable.
  • There are many ways, such as the timebucks website above.
  • What is unique about the site is the ability to withdraw starting from just one dollar via PayPal.
  • What I do not like is the delay in sending the profits, as it may take the site a full week or more.
Register for Keeprewardings

Next, the easiest sites for making money online…

Now that you have learned about the easiest sites through which you can profit from the Internet?

What now….

Will you continue to work on these sites forever?

Because I don’t want you to go from here and continue trying and earning a few small dollars, I decided to share with you what I do to increase my profits from the Internet and, most importantly, to achieve passive income.

After collecting a good amount from the sites above, you can simply start in one of the following ways:

I hope that you will start seriously learning about these topics above and then choose what suits you from them. 

This was an explanation of the easiest sites for making money online.

Is there a site you know that we forgot to mention?

Which site do you like the most on the list? 

Waiting for your opinion on these sites in the comments.

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