Fast typing on the keyboard in English (a comprehensive guide)

Fast typing on the keyboard in English (a comprehensive guide)

Typing quickly on the keyboard in English has become an essential skill.

Especially because it is one of the basic skills that you can benefit from in any job, especially data entry , in which the company may request a typing speed test before approving your appointment.

So in this guide, I will share with you a set of practical steps to learn this skill.

Not only that, but also the best sites to test your typing speed to know the extent of your development.

These steps and sites helped me double my writing speed in less than 6 months, and therefore I think they will help you too.

And now we start with…

The normal rate of typing on the keyboard

According to the typingpal website, the average typing speed on the keyboard is 40 words per minute , but I think this is a rather high rate for people whose mother tongue is Arabic.

My writing rate was roughly close to this number, even though most of my writing was in Arabic:

The result of my typing speed test on the keyboard

I think I need more practice to write in English.

If your speed is average, this is normal. If it is better than 50 words per minute, then you are good and do not need any improvement.

If your speed is less than 30, this definitely needs improvement.

But before I tell you some important steps in the process of improving your typing speed, let us first test your speed now.

Sites to test typing speed on the keyboard in English

Before starting, it is important to take this step so that you know your true level, and then the extent of your progress.

You can use any of the sites in this guide. They all serve the same purpose, which is to know speed.

We started with…

1- Typingpal website

Typing Pal is the site through which I shared with you the results of my typing speed test above.

It is also the site that I advise you to go and test your speed through its test.

This is simply because the test contains: 

  • Capital letters
  • Symbols
  • Breaks

Therefore, the test is not limited to just writing letters, but also your use of punctuation marks, which is normal and actually happens in practical life.

Note: Click on the name of the site above and you will be directed to the test page.

2- Typing website provides lessons to learn fast typing on the keyboard in English, in addition to being a test site to determine your typing speed.

Unlike other sites on the list, this site is more educational, and helps you in most areas related to using the keyboard.

As for tests, here you can test yourself in two ways:

  • Set a time period: test 1, 3 and 5 minutes.
  • Specify words: 1, 2, or 3 pages.

Once again, the educational content on the site is divided into exercises for:

  • Beginners
  • Average speed.
  • And professionals.

If you want to develop your ability to write code, this is also available, but in the paid plan.

3- The typing academy website

Typing Academy provides a good typing speed test as well, but you will not find a lot of punctuation during the test.

Therefore, the site may set you at a speed that is not your real speed.

The site also provides a group of important lessons and tips to master writing quickly and easily.

But do not worry, I will share all these tips and more with you below.

4- The typing cat website

The typing cat is one of the sites for learning fast typing on the keyboard, which I prefer.

It provides: 

  • A free educational course in English for beginners to learn the basics.
  • In addition to educational games through which you learn to type faster on the keyboard.

As for the writing test, it also provides that, and through it you can set the duration of the test between 1, 3, and 5 minutes.

After completing the test, it will give you a simple overview of your error rate and typing speed.

And now with…

8 steps to learn fast typing on the keyboard

In this part, let me share with you some simple things that helped me significantly improve my speed.

Although some of them are not directly related to writing, believe me, they help greatly.

Starting with the most important…

1- Choose an appropriate sitting position

If you are someone who works at a desk and computer, then you definitely suffer from back problems.

Especially if you have been working in this office job for a long time, and if you work as a freelancer, you also know the effect of sitting for a long time on your spine.

Therefore, before you think about learning to type quickly, it is necessary to prepare your workplace.

  • Choose a suitable and quiet place to work.
  • Sit on a chair that supports your back and keeps it upright.
  • Finally, choose a desk that keeps your hands at the same level as the keyboard or slightly higher.

2- Use your hands, not your eyes

The main reason why you type slowly on your keyboard is that you are looking at the keyboard to search for letters.

But if you put your fingers in the correct places and start writing by looking at the screen and not the keyboard, you will notice an improvement in your writing speed in Arabic and English as well.

Many mistakes will occur at first, and then you will get used to the position of the letters and you will find yourself writing smoothly without looking.

3- Write for 30 minutes a day

Perhaps the main reason for improving my writing speed is writing on a daily basis in my various blogs.

Every day, for 30 minutes or more, I start writing, and with continuity, I find a very noticeable improvement in my speed.

4- Accuracy is also important

I cannot ask you not to look at the keyboard and then a minute later tell you that accuracy is important.

But you are only allowed to make mistakes at the beginning.

After you get used to it and write continuously, it is important to pay attention to the accuracy of your writing as well.

Although in my experience it will get better on its own.

5- Start with your fingers on the correct letters

Any keyboard has 3 rows of letters starting from the second line at the bottom.

In order to learn to write quickly in English, it is important to start with your fingers on the correct fingers.

Leave the letters G and H empty and place your index fingers on the letters: 

  • J: for the right index finger.
  • F: for the left index finger.

And the rest of the letters next to it, put the rest of your fingers on them.

Once you place your fingers in this order, you will find that you have the ability to reach most of the letters on the keyboard better and easier.

Note: It is also important that the keyboard you type on is comfortable and smooth so as not to hinder your progress.

6- Take a short break

I told you that the correct way to type is not to look at the keyboard, but constantly looking at the computer screen will definitely cause harm to your eyes.

Therefore, between every 10 to 15 minutes, make sure to take a break and not look at the screen for at least two or three minutes so as not to cause strain to your eyes.

7- Keep practicing

One of the most important reasons for my improved writing speed is consistency.

I remember 3 years ago when writing one topic for this blog took me more than 6 hours just to write.

Now, this topic, for example, took approximately 30 minutes to write.

So I am definitely evolving, and this will happen to you too.

8- Test yourself again

You knew your speed before you applied these tips.

After a month of applying the above tips, go and test yourself again.

If your speed improves by increasing just 5 words per minute, you have achieved significant and strong progress.

Now you have finished the guide to learning fast typing on the keyboard in English.

This guide is approximately 1,100 words long and was completed in less than 30 minutes.

If I can do it, surely you can too.

Now tell me…

What is your typing speed?

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