Electronic currency exchange (best sites) 2024

Electronic currency exchange (best sites) 2024

Do you want to exchange electronic currencies? 

What is the purpose of this? Do you want to make a profit or do you just want to withdraw those currencies and convert them to cash? 

Whatever your desire, I have collected for you here the best reliable platforms and sites through which you can exchange electronic currencies with ease.

All you have to do is determine your goal for this exchange and then choose the appropriate method for it.

Now let me quickly move on to…

The best reliable electronic currency exchange sites

I will start with you now with what is easy and very suitable for beginners, and then we will discuss more professional sites.
Our first choice now is…

1- Changelly website 

The Changelly website is considered one of the most reliable electronic currency exchange sites and is the best for me if I want to switch from one electronic currency to another electronic currency for several reasons, including: 
  • The platform is very easy to use (for beginners)
  • Great conversion speed 
  • Low commissions compared to many other platforms
  • The platform has positive reviews and has been mentioned in the largest international magazines (in addition to our experience)
  • The platform’s technical support is really excellent (all your questions are answered quickly through the site’s chat)
In order to switch between electronic currencies and each other, just follow the following steps: 
  • Go to the Changelly website
  • You will find the interface below. Follow these steps in the image: 
Exchange digital currencies on the Changelly platform


  • After that, you will be transferred directly to the next page, where you will find the sites’ commission in addition to the time for the currency to reach your wallet.
Changelly website for exchanging electronic currencies


As you can see from the image above, the network commission for Ethereum is high.
Therefore, it is not recommended to use Changelly or any of the sites here. In the case of switching to and from the Ethereum transaction, you can usebetterdigital currency trading platforms
Then complete all the following steps: 
  • Enter the wallet address to which you will receive
  • After that, the site will give you a wallet address to which you can send
  • Once you make the transfer, it will be transferred to your wallet.
It is necessary to create an account on the site, and you can do so through this button: 
Register at changelly


2- Exchange electronic currencies on Payeer Bank

However, we did not mention the possibility of exchanging electronic currencies because it was our plan to provide a comprehensive explanation of the exchange process using it.
But since we are here now explaining all the methods of exchange, perhaps this is the appropriate place for us to do this explanation.
There are several advantages of using this bank to exchange digital currencies, including:
  • Ease of creating an account without any activation papers
  • You can exchange currencies with currencies such as USD, EUR, and also the ruble.
  • Withdrawals and deposits from the account without the need to activate your account.
  • Safe bank 
  • The exchange process on the site is very easy, and selling your account balance is also not difficult.
  • The site includes more than one electronic currency, such as (Ripple – Litecoin – Dash – Bitcoin – Ethereum – Bitcoin Cash)
  • You can also trade, which is the option I prefer if I have some digital currencies that I want to exchange (because exchanging with another person has a rather high commission).
  • The withdrawal commission is very low, only 0.5%. 
Some disadvantages that I do not like about this option:
  • You cannot withdraw to Visa or your bank (only transfer to a broker if you want to get cash or transfer to your wallet if you want different electronic currencies)
  • The account cannot be activated in most Arab countries.
  • The transfer commission is somewhat high.
How do you exchange electronic currencies on Payeer Bank?
The exchange process on the site is very simple: 
  • Go to Payeer and create a new account.
  • After that, make a deposit of your currency as in this picture: 


Exchange currencies on Payeer


  • After that, the following image will appear. Follow the steps in the image and your electronic currencies will be exchanged with ease: 
Exchange electronic currencies on Payeer



Thus, you have exchanged electronic currencies with a reliable bank, and you can now withdraw these currencies or sell your balance to a broker and receive it in cash.


3- Exchange digital currencies through an intermediary

If you are a beginner and want to exchange your electronic currencies, resorting to a broker may be an ideal solution for you.
Sometimes the broker’s price is higher than the market price, and this is what makes this option the best for those who want to sell the currencies they have.
You can start by: 
  • Join our Facebook group and post what you want on it.
  • Go to the Best Web community , and through it you communicate with one of the approved brokers and open an escrow transaction (but the prices are somewhat low). So, offer what you want at the price you want, and when you find someone who agrees, deal with a broker through the community.
  • Go to one of the trusted brokers on the Internet (in fact, I do not want to recommend anyone to you so that I do not bear the consequences of what may happen, so research carefully and ask about this broker before dealing with him)

4- Use mini wallets

One of the very easy ways to exchange electronic currencies is Microwallets.
These wallets or sites were created specifically to combine various digital currencies in one place only, in order to make it easier for beginners who want to earn Bitcoin and other currencies from different sites.
The most important features of these wallets are: 
  • It has an internal currency exchange system through which transfers are made in seconds.
  • The commission for withdrawing from the wallet is very low.
  • There are usually no commissions for deposits.
  • Having an account with any of them is very easy and does not require any procedures.
The biggest disadvantages of these wallets are:
  • The commission for transferring between currencies is very high (up to 5%)
  • It is not possible to exchange electronic currencies with currencies such as the dollar and the euro.
  • In most cases, transfers to Payeer Bank are not accepted.
The most famous of these small wallets are the following:
  • Faucetpay.io (includes about 10 currencies and its commission is lower)
  • Expresscrypto.io (includes more than 25 currencies that you can exchange between)

5- Use the Local Bitcoin website 

The local bitcoin website is considered one of the most famous electronic currency exchange sites in the world.
The way the site works is very similar to the B2B supply and demand market.
The person displays the amount of currencies he wishes to sell at the appropriate price for him.
Whoever wants to buy at this price will order that quantity through you.
What is unique about the Local Bitcoin website is that you can buy or sell by any means you wish.
That is, you are not forced to use a specific payment method, as trading is mostly done between people in the same country, so you can buy in your country’s currency.
Another advantage that the site has is the low commission.
But beware, as fraudulent operations may occur on the site, so be sure to choose the person you are buying from or selling to well.

6- Biniance platform 

Since you already know some things about electronic currencies, you must have already heard about the Binance platform.
Didn’t you hear?!!!!
I advise you to study this field well in this case.
The Binance platform is one of the most famous platforms in the world and the largest in terms of daily trading volume in digital currencies.
Through the platform, you can deposit and withdraw your currencies worth up to 2 bitcoins daily without security that requires you to activate your account with the ID.
The following platform features: 
  • Very high daily trading volume
  • Withdrawal and deposit very quickly.
  • Low commissions on withdrawal and deposit
  • The platform’s commission is very low when exchanging various electronic currencies.
  • You can profit by staking or storing your currencies with daily interest.
  • The platform supports the USDT currency, so you can exchange your currencies to that currency at the end of each day to ensure that its price is maintained (given that the price of USDT is fixed and is 1 dollar).
  • The platform has its own application for Android and IOS
You can use the platform in Egypt only through a VPN or without it if you use Wi-Fi for (Vodafone – Etisalat).
Register on the Binance platform


Other topics you may find useful: 
These were the best and most reliable electronic currency exchange methods and sites that we have actually dealt with. 
But in the end, it is up to you to make sure and choose what is best for you.
We will try to update the topic constantly to ensure that the exchange process that you will undertake is safe, but this does not mean that we are 100% confident that these sites will remain honest.
Do you have any questions ?
If there is something you would like to know and we have not addressed it in this topic…
Do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us through our Facebook page.

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