Affiliate marketing sites (the best 22 Arab and international platforms) 2024

Affiliate marketing sites (the best 22 Arab and international platforms) 2024

There are many affiliate marketing sites on the Internet, many of them are honest and thousands do not pay the affiliates.

Therefore, choosing the best site is not an easy matter, and most marketers may fall into the trap of fraudulent sites.

Don’t worry!!!

After extensive experience working as a blogger and affiliate marketer at the same time, I was able to compile a list of the best Arab and international websites and platforms.

I will share this list with you in the next lines of the topic.

But first you have to make sure that affiliate marketing is the right field of freelance work on the Internet for you.

Because many people start, spend a lot, and eventually stop, and I do not want you to join the list of those who give up.

Therefore, you should know that the field is huge and requires a lot of focus and study from you.

Now let us not prolong this introduction and move quickly to this list.

Note: You can receive profits from all of these sites through electronic banks, so if you do not know what they are and do not have an account in one of them, I advise you to read our to the best electronic banks

The best Arabic affiliate sites

Before I start this part, you should know that most of these sites are directed to Arabs in general, with a focus on platforms targeting the Egyptian market.


I have also developed sites for you through which you can market products and offers to different Gulf countries.

1- Linkaraby website

Link Arabi is one of the best Arab affiliate sites if you intend to target the Gulf countries.

The platform includes almost all of the existing Saudi stores and has many affiliate programs that are diverse in their specializations.

After registering on the site, you will often find all the products you want, and each store has its own commission.

  • Here you will find more than 500 sites offering different products that you can market from within the platform.
  • Registration on the site is very easy and does not require waiting for acceptance.
  • Commissions are high and range from 2% to 20% of the product price.
  • Very suitable for blog owners who primarily target the Gulf community.
  • The most important products that you can market: online stores (Salla platform – Zed platform) Healthy Life store (for health products).
  • Minimum payment: 200 Saudi riyals.
  • Payment methods: Paypal – bank transfer.
  • Commission system: CPS (Pay Per Purchase)
  • Cookies duration: 90 days for most products

Register on the Link Arabic website

2- Khamsat website

Khamsat website is one of the most famous Arab freelance sites on the Internet.

The affiliate system on the site is somewhat different from any other system.

It depends mainly on profit from the action, or we can say that it works with the CPA .

The bottom line here is that you get a commission once a person purchases his first service.

For example, here the commission is $2 when a person purchases a service worth $5 or more.

But the problem here is that it is a one-time commission only.

Therefore, you need a huge number of people in order to be able to earn a good amount of money from affiliate marketing for this site.

  •  You can withdraw your profits once they reach $10.
  • You can withdraw via PayPal only.

Register on the Khamsat website

3- Jumia website

Jumia is one of the most important online shopping sites in the entire continent of Africa.

Although the site is mainly famous in Egypt, you can also do affiliate marketing in other countries such as:

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • And many other African countries

Creating an account is not limited to Egyptians, Moroccans, and Algerians, but you can create a marketer account for them from any country in the world.

Jumia affiliate features: 

  • Marketing the products is fairly easy due to the popularity of the site.
  • The store contains thousands of products in all niches.
  • Providing good advertising banners for website and blog owners.
  • Minimum withdrawal: only 10 euros.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer only
  • Commissions of up to 10% in the field of fashion, shoes and accessories.

But in order for your account to be accepted into their affiliate, you must have at least 5,000 followers or own an electronic blog or YouTube channel.

Some consider Jumia to be the best Arabic affiliate site, but if you do not have a blog or followers in large numbers, it is not the best option for you.

You can view the rest of the commissions from their official page here: Jumia Commissions .

Join Jumia's affiliate program

4- Injezni website

Enjezni is one of the best Egyptian affiliate marketing companies.

It was launched a while ago and was first known as Global Affiliate.

The platform contains hundreds of products in various niches, but does not provide any banners or links that require you to place the order yourself by filling in the customer’s data within the platform.

There are many features that make you work on this platform, including:

  • It contains a large number of products, especially in the field of clothing and shoes.
  • Shipping is fast, within only 3 days, sometimes less.
  • The shipping price is fixed at 35 pounds to all governorates.
  • Minimum payment: 50 pounds.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer – electronic wallets – postal transfer.

Registering on the affiliate platform accomplished me

5- Picksell website

Picksell is a new Arabic affiliate platform launched in 2022.

Although it is very new, I believe that it will become one of the most important sites for affiliate marketers.

The platform’s features are amazing to me, so I think it will be very suitable for most marketers.

  • Picksell has hundreds of unique products.
  • Product prices are excellent.
  • The platform offers free shipping to all governorates in Egypt.
  • Returns and order execution are very fast.
  • The cost of returning and replacing products is borne by the platform.
  • During this period, the platform offers a very excellent bonus and rewards, which I believe you can benefit greatly from.
  • If you execute 5,000 orders from the site, you will receive a reward of 100,000 pounds in addition to your commissions.
  • Commission payment deadline: 5 days from the sale.
  • Payment method: Vodafone cash only, which is a negative if you are from an Arab country other than Egypt.

Register on the picksell website

6- hareerdeals website

Harir Deals is one of the most famous Arabic affiliate sites that you can work on if you are targeting the Gulf market.

But the problem here is that you need to wait until your account is approved.

In fact, acceptance on the site is difficult unless you have an excellent traffic source.

  • The platform’s interface is very professional.
  • The platform includes hundreds of traders from all over the world.
  • Thousands of distinctive products at more than excellent prices.
  • The platform includes products from many international brands and brands that you can also promote with large commissions such as (H&M – Victoria’s Secret – Amazon – Almosafer – Ounass – and others).
  • The platform’s largest focus is on the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Supported payment methods: Paypal – bank transfer
  • Minimum: $100.

hareerdeals Register on the platform

7- Jamalon website

Jamalon is the most famous book selling website in the Arab world.

The site has great fame in this field, but the promotional methods on the site are not the best.

The affiliate interface is very primitive.

  • The site contains thousands of distinctive Arabic and foreign books that are highly sought after.
  • Commission: up to 25%
  • Duration of cookies on the site: 60 days.
  • Minimum commission withdrawal amount: $100.
  • Methods of withdrawing funds: Paypal only.

Register on Jamalon website

8- Findor website

Vendor is one of the affiliate marketing sites that mainly targets Egyptians.

But after looking at the products, I think they are not the best.

There are a lot of products but the quality of the images of the products is poor.

  • The most important thing that distinguishes this platform is the higher commissions than any other platform.
  • The site also offers a fixed price for shipping to all of Egypt, which is 35 pounds.
  • There is no commission for withdrawal, which is another thing I prefer about this platform.
  • I did not work on the platform, so I cannot accurately evaluate or know the credibility of the site, however
  • Payment methods: electronic wallets.

Register on the Vendor platform

9- beyyak website

BIAC is a Gulf platform concerned with public mood and its various products.

Mood products, of course, I mean coffee of all kinds.

But in reality, it is not only coffee, but also the equipment that is used to prepare coffee.

Therefore, if you are a website owner who loves coffee or an influencer and wants to share some distinctive products with your followers, you can definitely use the Beyyak affiliate.

  • Commission: 5%.
  • If you would like to join, you can register in the program through the Link Arabic website above, or you can communicate with the website owner directly through the affiliate page.
  • What is special here is that marketing is done with discount codes, so you and your relatives and friends or followers also get a discount on the price.
  • The store operates in 5 countries: Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and finally Oman.
  • Shipping prices are excellent in Saudi Arabia, but they rise in other countries.

Register in the beyyak affiliate website

10- Arab clicks website

And now with another of the very famous affiliate marketing platforms in the Arab world, which is ArabClicks.

This site is very similar to the Link Arabic website, which I previously explained to you above.

But during this period, registration on this topic was stopped due to the large number of marketers working with them.

You can add your email to the site and you will be placed on a waiting list. Once the application opens again, a notification will be sent to you to register.

When I was working on the site for a while, the site offered marketing options with both coupons and links.

What I did not prefer about this affiliate network is the delay in paying profits for up to 60 days.

The minimum withdrawal limit was also a little high, which was $100.

11- Noon website

And now with the last site in the list of Arab affiliate marketing sites.

Noon is one of the largest online stores in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Therefore, considering it among the best Arab affiliate marketing sites is very natural.

  • The store includes more than 2 million products that you can promote.
  • In addition, it is one of the very famous stores, so marketing its products is very easy.
  • The store does not have its own affiliate program directly, but works with various affiliate marketing platforms.
  • Your commission rate is $5 and it works according to the CPA system, and you are given a commission for the first time you purchase only.
  • The store is being promoted using discount coupons and not links yet.
  • You can receive commissions depending on the terms of the platform offering the program.

The most famous platform through which you can work on Noon Affiliate is the ArabClicks platform, but registration there is currently suspended.

Now to the next part of the topic…

The best international affiliate marketing sites

After I finished with you a group of the best sites and platforms for promotion in the Arab world…

Let me introduce you to my favorite group of global affiliate marketing sites.

12- Impact website

Impact is my favorite affiliate marketing site when I want to promote some foreign sites or services.

Here you will often find very few tangible products.

But you will certainly find thousands of sites and services that you can promote to all Internet users.

In a previous topic, I talked about the best 35 affiliate marketing programs , and if you have already read it, you will find that approximately 50% of those programs are affiliated with this affiliate platform.

  • The network includes more than 1,200 services and products that you can work on.
  • The most important services that you can promote from this platform: Liquidweb – Envato – Camatsia.
  • Minimum payment: $10 (and you can increase it according to your desire).
  • Payment deadline: the 1st and 15th of the following month.
  • Payment methods: Paypal – bank transfer.
  • Commission system: It varies depending on the product you are marketing, but the most important existing systems are (CPC – CPL – CPV – CPA).

Note: Registering directly on Impact may be difficult if you do not already have a website with a good number of visits, but registering on the site through a program such as Envato is much easier.

Register on impact

13- Commission junction website

Now with our second site on this list, which is CJ, which is considered the most famous and oldest among the various affiliate platforms.

The site began in 1998 providing marketing services, so you will find it the most popular among most of the sites on this list.

  • There are more than 3,800 products and services that can be marketed on CJ.
  • The most important services that you can promote from this platform: Grammerly (for linguistic correction) – Namecheap (for domains) – Hostinger (for website hosting services)
  • Minimum payment: $50
  • Payment deadline: 20 days after purchase
  • Payment methods: Check or Payoneer
  • Commission system: Most existing programs depend on CPA , whether purchasing or adding a phone number or email.

Note: Although there are thousands of products that you can affiliate with through CJ, I do not advise you to apply if you do not have a website with an excellent number of visits, as in many cases the accounts of marketers who have not attended some sales within 6 months are disabled.

Register on the commission junction website

14- JVzoo website

JVzoo is one of the excellent affiliate platforms that you can work on and includes many distinctive products that you can promote to almost anyone.

Whether they are tangible or digital products, you will find them on this site.

  • The most important products that you can market: Videocreator (video maker) conversioBot (chat program)
  • Minimum: $50.
  • Payment methods: Payoneer – Paypal – Bank transfer
  • Payment deadline: after 90 days
  • Cookies duration: 14 days only.
  • You must make at least 5 sales to be able to withdraw

The only negative that I do not like at all about JVzoo is the delay in payment, but in general the site is worth a try.

Register on the Jvzoo website

15- ShareAsale

ShareAsale is an affiliate site that almost every affiliate marketer in the world knows.

Not only is it the best and oldest, but because it includes most of the products that can be promoted with ease in various niches, from health to economics.

  • The network includes more than 16,500 sellers and brands that you can promote.
  • The best existing brands: Reebok – Deluxe – Grammarly – template website (studio press).
  • Minimum payment: $50.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer only.
  • When is payment made: On the 20th of the following month.

What I don’t like about shareAsale, despite its popularity, is the withdrawal commission, which is $29.

Register on the shareasale website

16- Clickbank

In 1999, one of the most famous affiliate marketing sites in the world was launched.

There are thousands of marketers making profits exceeding $10,000 a month from the Clickbank website, and this is simply because they have everything.

Unfortunately, registration in Arab countries has become extremely difficult during this period.

Therefore, to a very large extent, you will not be able to create an account with them unless you have a huge number of followers or own a foreign blog with good traffic.

  • Health and beauty products are the best-selling products on ClickBank.
  • The best products available: They are presented monthly on the website in a list (and these are their best-selling products of all time)
  • Commission system: one-time commission (CPA) and ongoing commission (Revenue share).
  • Payment methods: bank transfer – Payoneer.
  • Minimum payout: $10
  • Payment deadline: Each product has its own payment deadline. Once that period expires, you can request a withdrawal within a day or two.

As I told you above, Click is considered the best of all for most affiliate marketers, but the problem is the difficulty of registering in the Arab world.

Therefore, if you are confident in your marketing skills or have a huge audience, apply and communicate with them.

Register on the clickbank website

17- Awin

Awin is a unique affiliate marketing platform that includes more than 21,000 products that can be promoted.

Although most of these products focus on major countries such as America, Canada, and Britain, there are some distinctive products that you can promote internationally.

  • The most famous products that you can market: Videoscribe (the famous whiteboard video design program), Alibaba (the most famous wholesale website in China) and many other excellent products in the field of beauty and travel.
  • Minimum payment: $20
  • Payment methods: bank transfer
  • When to pay: On the 15th of the following month

The only bad thing about this affiliate marketing site is that you need to pay $5 when applying, but it will be refunded to you once you make one sale.

Register on the Awin website

18- Partnerize

Partnerize is another affiliate marketing site that pays approximately $600 million in commissions annually to marketers.

You will not find many sites talking about this affiliate platform, but it is famous and has many positive reviews online from marketers.

  • The best programs available on it: Iherb (the famous health products website that I previously talked about) Apple is also one of the products that you can promote using partnerize.
  • Minimum: $30.
  • Payment methods: check – bank transfer – PayPal.
  • Payment period: weekly or monthly.

Register on the Partnerize website

19- Flexoffers

Would you like to join one of the distinguished affiliate marketing sites that is not limited to just products? Flexoffers is the perfect solution.

In addition to having more than 12,000 products to work on, you can also contact advertisers for paid ads if you own a blog with a good number of monthly visits.

  • The best products: It includes many excellent products in the fields of cars, education, business, clothing, accessories, and others.
  • Minimum payment: $25
  • Payment methods: check – bank transfer – PayPal
  • Payment deadline: after 60 days.
  • Commission system: CPA – CPL – CPS – CPC
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.

There are two things that I do not prefer here, in addition to the difficulty of accepting the site, and they are:

  • There is a commission for withdrawals, but it is not large.
  • Payment delay.

Register on the flexoffers website


In 2021, $11 billion worth of products were sold through Admitad. This certainly makes it one of the most important sites that should be added to that list.

In addition to the somewhat easy acceptance on the site, there are approximately more than 30 thousand advertisers on the platform.

  • The most famous products: NordVPN – Bangood – Aliexpress – Iherb – Norton – Shutterstock and many more.
  • Minimum: $20
  • Payment methods: Payoneer – bank transfer – bank card – webmoney – Paypal.
  • Payment deadline: weekly.
  • Payment suspension period: varies depending on the product you are marketing and sometimes reaches 90 days.
  • Duration of cookies: also varies depending on the program you are promoting.

The best thing about Admitad is the large number of products, in addition to the ease of registration compared to the sites above.

Register on the Admitad website

21- Affiliate

Affiliaxe is an amazing affiliate network for me.

The site includes offers and products for almost all niches in the world. For example, the sites include products in the fields of downloads, cars, finance, business, e-commerce, education, and many others.

  • Commission system: CPS – CPA
  • Minimum payment: $100.
  • Payment methods: Payoneer (which is the method recommended by the site) Paypal – bank transfer.
  • Payment deadline: every 14 days (on the 15th and at the end of the month).

Register on the affiliaxe website

22- Avengate

Avangate is one of the affiliate sites that is classified as a Premium network.

The network includes more than 1,200 very distinct products and services that you can start working on and ensure conversions.

  • The most famous products: Kaspersky (protection program) Movavi (one of the most famous video creation and editing programs)
  • Minimum: $100.
  • Payment methods: Paypal – bank transfer
  • Payment deadline: on the 20th of the month following receiving the commission.

Note: Avangate is an affiliate marketing platform currently affiliated with 2checkout (or Verifone), and despite its various features, its positive evaluation by marketers is not many.

Register on the Avangate website

These were the best Arab and foreign affiliate marketing sites for me.

Now tell me…

Which of these sites do you think is best for you to start with? Is it Impact or CJ, or do you prefer Arabic sites like Linkaraby?

As for me, I use most of the Arabic sites in addition to Impact, and I intend to use JVzoo and Partnerize.

If you have any questions regarding any other site, do not hesitate to contact us.

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