Applications to make money in Egypt (the 11 best proven applications)

Applications to make money in Egypt (the 11 best proven applications)

In Egypt, it is difficult to find honest apps to make money.

Especially if you want to apply simple methods of profit through it, and the profits are good.

Therefore, after extensive research and experimentation with more than one program, I compiled a list of 11 good applications through which make money from the Internet in Egypt

But before starting, it is important to know that…

0.5 The applications in the list need you to:

  • Skill
  • Or provide content

The other half are just very simple profit applications.

Now let’s get to know…

The best applications for making money in Egypt

Start with money-making applications suitable for anyone, and from the fifth application it will require some skill from you.

1- Timebucks application

Always start with my favorite app which is timebucks.

Every time I mention Timebucks, I put it as the first choice for Egyptians, and this is very normal given that it contains earning methods suitable for anyone in Egypt.

The application is honest based on my personal experience, and you can see my profits from it in the following image:

My earnings from timebucks

In terms of ways to profit from the application, they are as follows: 

  • Tasks: Register on websites – Subscribe to Telegram or YouTube channels – Follow accounts – Download an application and others (this is the method with the highest profits)
  • Polls: They are not suitable for Egyptians despite their large profits.
  • Advertisements: Whether watching traditional ads or watching videos (their profits are small).
  • Offers: Good profits, but completing them is not the easiest.
  • Games: one of the simple ways to make profits.
  • Competitions: The more you win, the greater your reward and chances of winning.

Once you have $10 in your account, you will be able to withdraw (the money is transferred automatically every week to your bank account).

The ways to receive your profits are: 

  • Paypal
  • Payeer
  • Digital currencies
  • Bank transfer
  • Airtm

The best method in Egypt is always PayPal.

If you want to receive money via Vodafone Cash, read my article about sites that pay via Vodafone Cash and you will know how to withdraw.

Register at timebucks

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2- Sweatcoin application

The Sweatcoin application is one of the most famous applications for making money from walking .

Many content creators have already talked about it, but my talk here is somewhat different.

Through the program you can earn a currency called Sweat, with which you can:

  • Convert it into their digital currency.
  • Or use it to purchase products.
  • Finally, get gift cards.

But you cannot withdraw it into money except in one case only: collecting the referral .

Once you invite 20 people to the application, you will be able to withdraw the currencies in your account via PayPal.


I definitely advise you to download the program and start inviting your friends and anyone you know to use the application.

The way to make money from it is simple: 

  • Walk and every 1010 steps you get a Sweat coin.
  • Watch 3 ads daily.

It’s simple and here is my invitation link, if you want to register through me:

Register for Sweatcoin

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3- mGamer application

mGamer is a money-making app suitable for Egyptians, and it has already received more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

What is also nice about the application is the number of positive reviews for it from approximately 500 thousand people around the world.

Here you can use the points you have earned to purchase Google Play cards or any features for any game.

You can also withdraw points as money to your PayPal account and other methods.

Since the application is mainly for making money from tasks.

So, the available profit methods are: 

  • Advertisements
  • Questionnaires
  • the games
  • Offers.
  • And others…

All the methods provided by the application are very simple and can be done by anyone in any country.

Download the mGamer application from the Google Store

4- Redbubble application

I talked before about Redbubble as one of the best freelancer sites for designers .

Here I will talk about its application quickly.

Nature of profit from the application: 

The application provides you with the ability to profit from what is called printing on demand (POD), and here all you have to do is design a specific form and upload it to the website and it will be placed on products such as:

  • T shirts
  • Glasses
  • Bags.
  • And others..

Once a person orders the product, the site will print your design on the product, ship it, and receive the money from the customer.

But what will you gain?

The site provides you with the ability to determine the profit percentage and product pricing, and thus the site will receive the cost of printing and the product and you will receive the additional profit margin.

Here are some tips to profit from the application: 

  • Design attractive shapes
  • Capitalize on the idea of ​​fans, and serve that purpose with appropriate design.
  • If you do not have design skill, you can simply hire a professional designer from Fiverr to design products for you.
  • Canva is considered one of the easiest design sites that you can use to create distinctive designs in a simple and free way.

Download the redbubble application

5- Kwai application

Kwai is one of the competing applications of Tik Tok .

A huge number of Egyptians have already begun to profit from Kwai and obtain a huge monthly income through it.

Since we have a huge guide containing all the ways in which you can exploit Kwai and a detailed explanation of each method, our talk about the application now will be very brief.

Earning methods: 

  • Watch videos
  • Invite your friends to the application.
  • Creating content yourself (this is the most profitable method).

Therefore, I definitely recommend downloading the Kwai program, but my most important advice is to start creating content through it and take advantage of the lack of competition.

Download the Kwai application to earn money

6- TikTok application

Who doesn’t know Tik Tok?

But is it possible to profit from it? Sure it can.

Although it does not contain a direct way to profit other than broadcasting, there are many other ways in which you can exploit Tik Tok and obtain a monthly income through it.

Hundreds or thousands of Egyptians win huge sums of money through this application.

It is also the best source for gathering the largest number of followers and transferring them to other platforms.

Ways to profit from the application: 

Here we also have a comprehensive guide to all the ways to profit from Tik Tok in detail, but in brief the methods are as follows:

  • Gifts for followers in broadcasts and videos.
  • Tik Tok Marketplace has advertisers that you can communicate with after reaching 10,000 followers.
  • Brands contact you for paid ads.
  • Marketing affiliate products to your audience.
  • And others.

But the methods above are the methods most exploited by all content creators on TikTok.

Therefore, my advice is: Create unique content and build an audience through the application, and then think about any way to earn money.

Try tiktok

7- Upwork application

Although Upwork is a foreign site for selling skills and services, I see it as one of the best freelancing sites for beginners.

UpWork also has an application that you can work through, which in my opinion is one of the best money-making applications in Egypt.


Here you need skill to be able to sell it on the application.

There are many simple skills that are in high demand on Upwork, such as: 

  • Writing on roses
  • Data Entry
  • Make powerpoint slides.
  • And others…

In addition to simple tasks, there are many projects suitable for professionals such as: 

  • programming
  • Writing articles
  • graphic design
  • Montage
  • And others…

So, in short, if you want to work online, I advise you to apply Upwork, but if you want ways for beginners to make money, do not waste your time on the application.

Register on upwork

8- Fiverr application

Fiverr is one of the money-making applications through which you can sell your various skills in the form of mini-services.


Suppose you are the writer of your articles, you will go to Fiverr and register as a seller and then upload a service with the title:

  • Write a professional article for $5
  • Write 1000 words for $10

And so on…

What is meant is to specify in detail what you will do and the compensation you want to get.

We have a lot of Egyptians already working on the application, and they have sold services exceeding $5,000.


If you have a skill or want to develop yourself, learn a specific skill, and exploit that skill to obtain additional income, I definitely advise you to download the Fiverr application and start working through it.

Note: The Fiverr application is in English, so it is important that your English is good.

Try fiverr

9- Facebook application

How many hours do you spend daily on Facebook?

If you are like me, 4 years ago, you spend approximately 3-5 hours a day aimlessly.

But the problem is that the currently available profit methods were not available 4 years ago.

So what are you waiting for to get started?

Thousands of people every day in Egypt earn good sums of money from Facebook in dollars.

Look, for example, at the videos widely circulated during this period, whether from:

  • Major companies and newspapers
  • Or through people who started creating comedic or even educational content.

According to statistics, every 1,000 views of these videos are worth $1.

Views on these videos often exceed 300,000 views.

That’s $300 from just one video from your home!!!

Don’t find yourself creating videos? There are other ways, for example:  

  • Affiliate marketing for products, which I talked about in detail before.
  • Selling on Facebook Marketplace
  • Join groups and start offering your services.
  • And others.

Choose a method and start exploiting one of the largest applications in the world now before it is too late.

10- Instagram application

Profiting from Instagram has become the goal of many young people in Egypt recently.

Therefore, we cannot talk about applications for making money in Egypt and not mention the primary destination for sponsored advertisements for major companies.

Yes, most brands and major companies target influencers on Instagram more than any other platform.

All you have to do is: 

  • Determine a field or specialize in a field and start providing content in it
  • Whether this content is personal (yourself) or professional photos and videos designed without your presence.
  • It is certainly better to build your personal brand on Instagram, but even if this is not what you want, you can take advantage of the application.

Earning methods: 

  • The best way to profit is from paid advertisements.
  • Then comes affiliate marketing.
  • Then build your own product and sell it.
  • Finally, you can sell your account for a premium sum (depending on the number of followers).

Instagram is one of the best applications that you can use.

But you should know well that: 

Increasing Instagram followers is an ongoing process that requires time and effort, and therefore there is no need to rush or stop what you are offering if the results are slow.

Here is a group of articles to help you: 

11- Indriver application

If you own a car or scooter, you can earn money through the indriver application

Indriver is an alternative app to ride-hailing apps like Uber, Careem, and others.

All you have to do is download the application, then register in the application as a driver.

From my personal experience, and the experiences of some of my friends, the application provides you with many deliveries daily.

And therefore…

Exploiting it could be an excellent move to profit.

Note: As a driver, you must pay a specific percentage of your monthly transactions to the application in order to continue using the application.

Register as a driver in idriver

These are the best money-making apps in Egypt that you can use.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

Now tell me…

Which app on the list is right for you?

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