Apps to earn PayPal balance (top 6 in 2024)

Apps to earn PayPal balance (top 6 in 2024)

Thousands of applications on the Google Store or Apple Store provide you with the possibility of earning PayPal balance.

However, you certainly will not download all of these programs.

Therefore, in this topic, I have collected for you the best group of honest and reliable applications for earning money and transferring it to your PayPal account.

Most importantly, all of these applications are suitable for Arabs.

I think this is better than developing a large group of applications, many of which are not suitable or profitable in the Arab world.

Now let us begin and learn in detail about….

The best applications for earning PayPal balance

All of these applications mostly provide an Android version, however, only some of them provide an application for IOS.

Therefore, below each of these applications, you will find a link to download the available version of the application.

The beginning will always be with….

1- Ysense application

Every time I write a topic about any website for making money from the Internet, you will find me mentioning this application to you.

ysense is the best American earning application through which you can earn PayPal balance.

From my personal experience with the application, I find it very distinctive and worth trying, especially if you are from the Arab Gulf countries.

Through this application, you can earn PayPal balance by:

  • Simple polls.
  • Mini tasks.
  • Watch ads.

But unlike many other applications, the prices here that you will get from solving any questionnaire or completing tasks will be high.

It is also important that you register in the application with your name and email address used in the account.

The minimum withdrawal amount from the application is $10, and you can receive it within a maximum of 5 days, without commission.

Note: The application is honest and I was able to withdraw more than $800 through it.

ysense website profits

There is a version for both iPhone and Android: 

2- Swagbucks application

Swagbucks is one of the excellent applications for earning PayPal balance, but the chances of earning from it and the amounts are less than the application above.

Although the two applications are from the same company, each one has its own audience and preferences.

Swagbucks , which we talked about in detail with proof of payment through it, has two earning methods in addition to the methods above, which are:

  • Cashback on every purchase through the app.
  • Search on Google and profit.

For me, I prefer ysense more, but you can try both applications and profit from whichever is better for you.

The application is available for both Android and IOS.

3- Featurepoints application

featurepoints is a very simple application that provides you with the ability to earn PayPal balance easily.

The nature of the application’s work is very similar to all profit applications, as you can also exploit surveys and tasks for profit.

But also through this application you can participate in various competitions in addition to the possibility of profiting from downloading applications.

In order to be able to profit, you need to earn 3,000 points, which is equivalent to approximately $5 PayPal balance.

Here it is also important that your email is the same as your PayPal .

Through this application, you can also receive your money through several other methods, the most important of which is Google Play cards

The site provides an application for Android and iPhone owners, so whatever your phone type, you can definitely start earning.

To download the application:Go to the website and choose your device type from here

4- Fiverr application

If you want to do real work online through your phone, I highly recommend this application.

Fiverr is one of the most famous freelance platforms on the Internet, and the method of profit through it depends mainly on selling your various skills.

I don’t really know if you know Five or not, but whatever you should try their app.

My only advice here is to try to provide services that you can do over the phone, and if you want help, perhaps the guide to making money from the Internet via phone will be very useful to you, and you will find some examples of services that you can provide in it.

What’s special about Five, in addition to being very reliable, is definitely the very fast transfer of funds.

Once you request a withdrawal, the money will usually arrive in your PayPal account at the same moment.

Obtaining services in the beginning will certainly not be easy, but with time you will find that working through it is worth it.

You will certainly find two versions of the application for Android and iPhone: 

5- Redbubble application

Redbubble Who in 2022 doesn’t know him?!!

A lot of people you don’t know (😂)

But if you are a graphic designer or constantly videos about making money from the Internet

Or any similar application like teespring, and the idea here is the same:

Print on demand (POD).

  • All you have to do is enter the application and think of a distinctive design (you can even see some existing designs).
  • After that, I have to design a distinctive shape through any design program such as (Creative Cloud).
  • Don’t forget to download your design in transparent PNG format.
  • After that, upload your design to existing T-shirts, mugs, or pillows.
  • Publish your product on the app and wait.
  • If your design is unique, you will get some sales.
  • Once you get a print, the company takes care of printing the product, delivering it, and receiving the money.
  • After that, your profit is sent to your account (the profit is a specific amount that you add yourself to the price of the product that the application determines for you)
  • After that, you can simply withdraw your money to your PayPal account.

It may seem a little complicated, but do not worry, it is profitable and worth a try.

6- Cash app

cashApp is one of the most famous applications for earning PayPal balance on Google Play.

But unfortunately the application is not available for iPhone users.

Here you can profit in the same traditional ways for any profitable application, which we talked about above.

What is unique about this application is that it has received more than 5 million downloads from the Google Store, in addition to about 370 thousand positive reviews.

You can download the application from here:Download the CashApp application from the Google Store

These are the best applications for earning PayPal balance for the Arab public.

In fact, there are thousands of other applications that you can download and work on, but for me, these are the best and which I highly recommend for you to start with.

If you have a question about any application or would like to add another application to the list, do not hesitate to contact me through the comments.

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