Books about money (the best 9 to develop your financial intelligence)

Books about money (the best 9 to develop your financial intelligence)

Reading books about money on a daily basis is the only way to develop your financial intelligence.

YouTube videos will certainly provide you with some knowledge, but you will not reach financial literacy except through books.

Therefore, in this topic, I collected for you the best sources for learning financial intelligence from real wealthy people who were able to build very huge fortunes and decided to share their experiences and certainly get some money from selling those experiences.

These are not all the financial culture books in the world!!!


These are the best books I have read and many have read and benefited from them.

Since the…

What a person reads and the people he listens to have the greatest role in shaping his future personality.

Let us improve the quality of what you read and listen to so that the result is what you want.

The best books about money and financial culture

If you decide to start with any of these books, you will find yourself diving into the powerful ideas of the greatest economic minds in the world.

Therefore, try as much as possible to collect valuable information from each book in a notebook so that you can return to it one day.

Now, if you want financial freedom and financial intelligence, let’s start with our first tool, which is…

1- The book Rich Father and Poor Father

Robert Kiyosaki is considered one of the most famous businessmen in the world, and he is also one of the most famous authors in the world because of this book.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, despite its simplicity, is a treasure in the field of financial culture that has been read by almost every person interested in developing their financial intelligence in the world.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

Here, Robert Kiyosaki deliberately compares the financial behavior of his real father (the poor) and his friend’s father (the rich), and how both the employee and the successful entrepreneur think.

Other book ideas: 

Here Kiyosaki discusses many other distinct ideas, including:

  • Tips that every person needs to become rich
  • Why do you want to get rich (the main goal)
  • The difference between assets and expenses
  • The poor walk in a closed circle called job, but the rich work for them.

My experience with the book: 

At first, I found the book’s style very simple and full of stories, and since I prefer the detailed scientific style, I thought it was not suitable for me.


After deciding to continue reading, I found hundreds of distinctive ideas that make it truly worthy of what is said about it.

2- Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book

Harv Eker, the author of this distinguished guide, is essentially a businessman who founded more than 10 different companies.

In addition to the fitness stores that made him millions.

Therefore, based on the experiences that the writer underwent, it is very obvious that we find writing about the secrets of the millionaire’s mind on this list.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

What is your financial plan? Do you have the basic requirements to become a millionaire one day? And certainly how your convictions and ideas about money can plan your financial future.

Other book ideas: 

In most parts of the book, Iker tries to penetrate the secrets of your mind with his thoughts, trying to break the financial restrictions that have been placed inside your mind since childhood.

  • What you have achieved financially now is the result of all the decisions you made in the past, and therefore if your current situation is what you want, then you are successful and do not need anything else, but if you are not satisfied with what you are in now, then you definitely need to change all your actions to help you reach what you plan for. .
  • Every thought throughout your day is important and may be the secret to achieving financial freedom, so keep them.
  • You plan to win, not not to lose.
  • Look at the rich and learn from them and do not begrudge them.
  • You must learn to manage your money well.
  • In situations of fear you always have to make a decision and not stop.
  • You must learn to promote yourself. The rich have no problem, but the poor always avoid selling and promoting as something embarrassing.

My experience with the book:

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a very special book, and in addition to its contribution to increasing your financial culture, it will certainly help you raise your financial intelligence to a very great degree.

3- The book The Richest Man in Babylon

The book The Richest Man in Babylon is a financial story or a financial novel in my opinion.

Therefore, if you are a fan of the simple narrative style, The Richest Man in Babylon may be the best financial book for you.

Despite the simplicity of the style, it presents many distinctive financial ideas that made it one of the best-selling financial books in the world.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

In this book, George Clauson tries to provide you with a set of basic behaviors and guidelines that teach you how to deal with money in terms of saving and investing, and that these ideas were and still are the most appropriate since ancient times.

The most important ideas of the book: 

The book here attempts to provide many tips that, if you implement them, will play a major role in shaping your financial personality, including:

  • Controlling expenses is the basis of wealth.
  • You can invest small money and achieve great wealth.
  • How can you start from scratch?
  • Practice is the greatest teacher.
  • The amount of money doesn’t matter unless you have a renewable resource that makes up for what you spend.
  • Money’s job is to work for you like soldiers on the battlefield.
  • And other great ideas..

My experience with the book

The book The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the small books in terms of the number of pages, and it is also one of the simple books in style. Despite this, I found the book very distinctive, especially for those who do not like to read.

The most important thing is that the rules in it are excellent and actually provide you with financial intelligence that someone who has not read this book does not possess.

4- Think and Grow Rich book

Think and Grow Rich is considered by some to be one of the most important financial intelligence books ever.

This guide was written and published by Napoleon Hill in 1937, and has since become one of the best-selling financial books of all time.

Why should you read this book?

Because it is a summary of the research, conversation, and analysis of more than 40 millionaires around the world, and therefore you will learn a lot from their ideas.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

You will not become rich by working for longer periods or increasing your income, but you need those ideas inside your mind in order to achieve wealth, as they are a treasure that you must exploit excellently.

The most important ideas of the book: 

  • To achieve wealth, you must first desire it.
  • Have you overcome the biggest failure in your life? Most likely success will come now.
  • What you want only you can achieve.
  • Failure is an indication of the need to improve some steps, not a reason for you to despair.
  • Well-defined goals are what you can achieve, so choose one goal and work to achieve it.

My experience with the book: 

In general, the book is good and discusses the power of your mind and its ideas in determining your financial future, so I think it is a good choice as well, but the books above should be read first.

5- The Intelligent Investor Book

In 1949, the greatest financial advisor in history, Benjamin Graham, put his experiences in one of the greatest investment books to date, The Intelligent Investor.

Although it was not published in a translated version until 2008, it is also one of the best-selling money books.

The main idea: 

The basic idea of ​​the book is based on the fact that successful investment is an investment that lasts forever, based on value, and how it does not require you to be super intelligent, but rather it only requires that you avoid emotions and carefully study your decisions.

Other ideas in the book: 

  • Who is a smart investor?
  • How do you choose the stocks to invest in?
  • The nature of the relationship between the investor and his feelings.
  • The real value is your primary goal when investing (which is what the company offers to clients).
  • It will also teach you how to develop and plan your investment plan so that it succeeds.

Experiences of the Intelligent Investor book:

Here I will not talk about my personal experience with the book as I did above, but we will talk about the experience of the greatest investor in history, Warren Buffet.

Buffett declared that this book is the secret to changing his life, and that Chapters 8 and 20 in particular are the basis of his successful rational investments over the course of 60 years.

So if you want to invest, you should definitely read this book.

6- The quadripartite model of cash flows

The writer here is also Robert Kiyosaki, author of the first book on this list.

Although the Quadrant Model of Cash Flows is a different book about Rich Dad and Poor Dad, it is considered a continuation or part two of it.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

How to increase your cash flows and ways to generate income, in addition to how to manage your money after you get it.

The most important ideas of the book: 

  • Financial levels of investors
  • How do you get cash flow?
  • Ways to get money quickly
  • Types of people depending on how they earn their income.
  • The best types.
  • 4 layers and steps to reach financial freedom and an explanation of the flows model.

My experience with the quadrilateral model: 

In fact, I only read simple parts of this book, but I found the model excellent, practical, and applicable, so I think it is very suitable for creating cash flow for yourself based on a good financial foundation and culture.

7- Money book, mastering the game

The money book, Mastering the Game, is one of the books that every person who wants to develop his financial intelligence should read.

Here Anthony Robbins teaches you practical steps to master the game of getting rich and creating wealth.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

If you want to achieve your financial freedom, you must always start by creating a system that brings you money while you sleep.

The most important ideas of the book:

  • You must determine whether you are an investor or just a consumer.
  • To master investing and become a strong investor, you must first master its basics.
  • Investing without analyzing statistics is a failure. Learn to analyze numbers, study them, and benefit from the game as much as possible.
  • Know where to put your money, and choose the most appropriate place for it to grow and multiply.
  • Your long-term financial plan is essential, so you must learn to create it.
  • Why not start now?

If you want to develop your financial intelligence, you should consider any book written by Anthony Robbins.

Robbins’s style is very distinctive, so I highly recommend this book.

8- The book of rules of wealth

Richard Templer is one of the good authors, and his book The Rules of Wealth is one of 10 other books he has written.


The rules of wealth is the focus of our conversation today since it is about money, which is what you want.

The main idea in the book: 

To create wealth, there are basic rules that if we can follow, the path to achieving it becomes easier.

The most important ideas of the book: 

  • How to think like a rich person
  • How to become rich

Each of the two parts above includes approximately 20 chapters, each of which has rules that will lead you to wealth (according to what he said).

The book includes about 100 different financial rules that Richard believes are among the rules of wealth that every person who wants to get rich must follow.

9- The book The Millionaire Next Door

This book was co-written by two authors, Thomas Stanley and William Danko (who were not millionaires at first), but after the book they both became millionaires.

This book is considered one of the most famous financial culture books ever, even though it was published in 1996.

More than 3 million copies of the book have been sold.

The basic idea of ​​the book: 

Self-made rich people who started from scratch have better chances of retaining their wealth than those to whom the wealth was transferred.

It is also important to live at moderate levels and save and invest very wisely.

Stanley was very passionate about comparing both types of rich people, so he studied many millionaires until he arrived at many important ideas.

Other important ideas from the book:

  • Save more of your earned money than you want to live.
  • It will also teach you how to calculate your retirement age and your future wealth through a simple equation.
  • The book also presents many characters who started from scratch and became millionaires.
  • The difference between income and wealth.
  • The importance of setting long-term goals.
  • The importance of anticipating what will happen in the market

The book has not been published in Arabic yet, so if you are not good at English, the books above are a good start.

But we definitely advise you to develop your English, because it is part of developing your financial intelligence.

These were the 9 best books about money that you can read and benefit from the information in them to develop your financial culture.

Now tell me…

Which book on this list did you find to be the best for you to start with?

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