Customer Service Tasks (13 You Must Know)

Customer Service Tasks (13 You Must Know)

Want to start a business and looking for customer service tasks?

The tasks of the customer service employee are no less important than the tasks of the sales and marketing employees, on which the success and sales of the company depend.

If marketing and sales are what bring the customer for the first time to the company, then customer service is what keeps the customer and his continuity in requesting the company’s services.

In other words, customer service’s primary mission is to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) as much as possible.

In order for you, as a professional customer service employee, to be able to do this, you must perform a set of secondary tasks.

Now let me tell you in detail…

What are customer service tasks?

In the previous part, I talked about the customer service representative, and his role in keeping the customer and continuing to buy for as long as possible.

However, often times your role as a customer service employee may be to convince a new customer to buy for the first time.

This occurs mainly as a result of your ability to correctly and motivatingly answer all of the customer’s questions.

Now let’s move on to the first task required of you, which is…

1- Responding to the customer’s questions

Your primary role as a customer service employee is to answer all customer questions.

Whether these questions are about the brand you work for, the product, or any other inquiry regarding what the company offers.

And therefore…

It is important that you know all the details about the products offered by your company or the bank you work for.

After that, we come to the next task that you must perform, which is…

2- Solve customer problems

In many customer service jobs, customer inquiries may be limited only to complaints.


Your second most important role as a customer service employee is to solve those problems facing your customer, or pass them on to your manager if it is a problem larger than your authority.

However, it is important to show the customer that you are really trying to help him, that any error that occurred is mostly unintentional and that the company is trying as much as possible to avoid such errors.

It is also important to apologize to the customer in this case.

in another meaning…

You should try as much as possible to retain the customer even after the problem is resolved.

3- Assisting the client in implementing various operations

One of the customer service tasks you should expect in your next job role is helping a customer carry out some rather difficult processes.

For example…

If you work in customer service for a telecommunications company and the customer contacts you looking for a specific package, you must help him subscribe to this package.

If he decides to cancel a service and does not know how, it may become your turn to cancel it on his behalf.

For example, let us assume that you work in customer service for a store. You may need to help the customer with some payment operations and explain the steps to him in an easier way.

And so on…

4- Confirm customer requests

This task is mostly limited to purchases, especially online.

Here the role of the customer service employee is to communicate with the customer and confirm the order he made on the company’s website.

It is important to mention all the details of the order specifically, because some customers may purchase from more than one store at the same time.

So they don’t remember which product you’re talking about.

So introduce yourself and your company well, then talk about the details of the order and confirm it.

5- Communicating the company’s offers to the customer

Whether a customer contacts you looking for offers that your company offers, or you are assigned to communicate with customers, you should try to sell those new offers to the customer.

Here your role is to try to sell.

Therefore, it is important to be familiar with marketing and sales sciences so that you can convince the customer with new offers.

This skill is very important, although it is not widely spread in the Arab world.

6- Collect opinions and evaluations from customers

After a customer makes a purchase or you help him, it is important to try to get the customer’s evaluation of the service or product.

But not only that, you also need to get his assessment of how well he communicates with you personally.

Surely if you have contacted customer service one time, you will find a recorded message telling you to rate the call.

This happens in another way in some companies, which is when the customer service employee himself asks for an evaluation from the customer.

These are simple customer service tasks.

7- Respond to customer reviews

Often customers may evaluate a company’s services and products.

One of your tasks as a customer service employee is to start responding to these customer reviews and try to please them if the reviews are negative or thank them if the reviews are positive.

Although this is simple, it is one of the tasks directed to you if you intend to work in this job.

8- Converting information into content for the company

In many companies, customer service employees come with a lot of questions, and often these questions are very frequently asked.


One of the customer service tasks that may be directed to you is to convert these frequently asked questions into content that will be added to the company’s website in the form of questions and answers.

Here you summarize the questions that come to you constantly, and then answer them.

You can then send the answer directly to the customer instead of replying to them again.

9- Recommend other products to customers

If you intend to work in customer service for online stores or moderators on some online sales pages, you will need to recommend some other products to the customer.

Often these products are related to the product the customer is asking about.

This increases the company’s sales volume.

In banks, this happens all the time…

As a customer service employee at a bank, your role is to nominate some savings certificates or investment solutions to the customer when he contacts you.

10- Building good relationships with customers

I remembered a saying by one of the sales professionals who always said: “You are dealing with human beings, try to win them over.”

This applies to sales, customer service and other jobs.

Your first and last role to succeed in your mission is to build excellent relationships with customers so that they know you by your personal name.

I remember one time in a bank customers were asking for a specific customer service employee by name.

This person received many promotions in record time.

Therefore, you must learn soft skills, the most important of which is good communication.

11- Recording all customer complaints and suggestions

Your role is not only to receive customer complaints, it is important that you also record them and share them with your manager in order to convey them to other employees, so they can be avoided in the future.


I always care about recording important customer complaints for future reference.

12- Transferring suggestions and complaints to the customer service manager

I talked about this task above, but given its importance it is important that I share it again here.

You don’t work alone.

Therefore, make sure to share complaints with your colleagues and your manager so that any future problems of the same type that may occur with another client can be avoided.

13- Data entry

Data entry is an independent function, so it is strange to find it among the tasks of a customer service employee, right?


But sometimes you may need to enter some simple data that you request from the customer.

Therefore, it is important to focus on the professionalism of dealing with the platforms or programs that they rely on in your company.

In the end, customer service tasks can be summarized in communicating with the customer in order to:

  • Acquiring a customer by marketing products to him.
  • Maintaining the customer by solving his problems.
  • Record your communication with the customer.

Note: These tasks apply to all customer service jobs in various fields, whether banks, companies, or even online stores.

Thus, we have finished all the tasks that you have to do.

If you have any questions regarding any of the tasks above or would like to add anything else to the list, we would be happy to leave your comment and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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