Explanation of the YouGov website for making money from surveys – the 7-day guide

Explanation of the YouGov website for making money from surveys – the 7-day guide

YouGov website for earning profits from surveys. If you search for this site on Google, you will find hundreds of topics that tell you how to earn $50 from the YouGov website easily and without any effort or strategy. Earn $100 or $200 from the YouGov website or other attractive titles, but do you This is true. Can you actually earn hundreds of dollars from the site every month? In this topic, we will learn about the 7-day guide on the YouGov website.

: The topic is a personal experience I had on the site, and it may be that many people had a different experience with the site, but here I will speak in all impartiality through the (Egyptian) account. Other Arab countries may have a different experience, but the topic will benefit anyone and anyone who has a different experience with the site. I hope he will share his experience with us in the comments

after reviewing many people in various Arab countries. The Yougov website works well in various Arab countries and contains many surveys. Therefore, if you are in any Arab country

other than Egypt, I advise you to register on the site and start answering surveys and collecting points.

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The main points in the topic:

1- What is the YouGov website
2- How to register on the YouGov website
3- How to profit from the YouGov website
4- The minimum limit for withdrawing profits and the method of receiving profits
4- A special review of the profits expert

A comprehensive explanation of the YouGov website for making money from surveys 

1- What is the yougov website? 

YouGov is one of the most famous sites for profit from surveys, especially in the Arab world, as the site has gained very great fame among Arabs and foreigners.

* The company was established in 2000 and its main headquarters is in the United Kingdom.
* The site is a survey site specialized in market research in Europe and the United States. The Middle East and other countries include many countries

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2- How to register on the yougov website 

* Log in to the yougov
 Fill in the data in this image 
How to register on YouGov

* Click on Join using Gmail 

Or you can log in via Facebook 
* Confirm your email  
Go to your email and click Confirm 
Thus, you have successfully completed the registration process on the yougov website 

3- How to profit from the yougov website 

YouGov works on a points system, meaning that when you answer surveys, the site gives you a set of points as a reward. These points may be 50, 100, 200, or 300 points depending on the type and duration of the survey. 
* Initially , when you register on the site and access it for the first time, the site offers you a welcome survey worth 50 points. The goal of this survey is to learn some general information about you, such as:
The number of family members, your income, your marital status, and so on 
There are two main ways to profit from the YouGov website: 
The first method: 
It is done by answering the surveys that are presented to you every period, and each survey has a specific number of points that you get when you complete the survey. 
The second method:
It is through referral ( referral ). Every person you refer to the YouGov website (register from your link), youGov gives you 200 points in your account.
Points are given to you after the person who registered through you completes 5 surveys
(not counting the welcome survey) 

4- The minimum limit for withdrawing and receiving profits from the YouGov website 

The minimum amount for withdrawing profits from the YouGov website 
In order to be able to request the withdrawal of profits from the site, your balance must be 5,000 points, which is equivalent to 50 US dollars.
How to receive profits from the yougov website 
The site sends your money via Western Union Bank 
I notice 
You must provide your personal information correctly (such as what is on your ID card) when requesting a withdrawal, because if incorrect information is sent, re-sending the amount may be delayed by several months. 
The site also allows you to donate money to charitable organizations when you reach the minimum level 

5- Review the Yougov website for the profits expert 

* This review was conducted from Egypt (Egyptian account), so the rate of surveys may differ in other Arab countries.

After a week of waiting on the YouGov website in order to obtain any surveys or any questionnaire, even if it was simple with a few points, I was surprised that I did not obtain any surveys
after the questionnaire. Welcome

* YouGov website is not an opportunity for work and fixed income
* You need a lot of time to be able to reach the minimum, which is 5000 points,
due to the lack of surveys that you can do* You can register on the YouGov website, but do not expect a lot of profit from it
* The site is honest according to For the opinions of users and the various proofs of payment that people provide, but the obstacle to the few surveys remains.

This was a detailed explanation of the Yougov website for making profits from surveys.
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