How do I invest 1000 dirhams? (The best methods in detail)

How do I invest 1000 dirhams? (The best methods in detail)

How do I invest 1000 dirhams?

The UAE market is one of the best markets in which you can invest and double your capital.

Although 1000 dirhams is a very small amount, it is actually possible to invest and achieve a good return from it.


First, you have to decide whether you want a safe or high-risk investment.

For me, I always prefer low-risk investments.

Therefore, my focus in this topic is on those ways in which you will not have to take big risks.

Now let me tell you…

The best ways to invest 1000 dirhams in the Emirates

Start with the least risky methods, but the return may be low.

Therefore, if you want greater returns, all you have to do is graduate in the methods.

1- Investing in bonds, sukuks and mutual funds

Bonds are one of the safest investment instruments.

Sukuks are also good as a low-risk investment.

As for mutual funds, they are an investment tool with a somewhat higher risk than the two investment tools above.

The nice thing is that you can invest 1000 UAE dirhams in any of the methods above and you will get a return.

But in most cases, the return you get from these investments will not be the highest.

In most cases, all tools are the same: 

  • Bonds
  • Instruments
  • Mutual funds.

Even deposits…

You will not get an annual return exceeding 10% of the value of your investment.

This means that when you invest that 1000 dirhams, within a year your investment will (in the best case) become 1100 dirhams!!!

Is this the return you dream of?

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2- Investing in gold

Some people talk about intelligence as a good investment.

But from my point of view, gold cannot be considered an investment under any circumstances except in countries with a fluctuating economy.

Therefore, gold has always been considered an investment for the weak who do not have any investment ideas from which they can achieve a good annual return.

Gold is certainly considered the best, but that is when considering it as a tool for preserving value or saving.

That is, its primary and most important goal is to protect your money from the monster of inflation.

If you want to invest, or more precisely, save gold, you will most likely turn to 24-karat bullion.

So that you realize the size of the return on your investment, let me explain to you the price of the 24 Abar in the Emirates in November 2022 and so far in February 2023:

  • In November: The price is 210 UAE dirhams per gram.
  • In February: the price is 220 AED.

Let us assume that you have already purchased 5 grams, so the return now in 3 months on your investment is 50 UAE dirhams.

This is certainly before deducting workmanship…

Let us assume that you now wait until the end of this year, and the price rises again and your profits become 100 UAE dirhams.

After deducting workmanship, you will usually find your net profits to be approximately 50-70 dirhams.

This is 5-7% annual profits on your investment.

Is this the return you are looking for?

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3- Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks is the third way through which you can exploit $1000 and obtain a distinguished annual investment return.

But be careful with me!!!

Here I am talking about investment, not speculation…

The confusion here is very simple:

  • Investment: It is the acquisition of high-value stocks with strong brands behind them, and keeping them for a long period of time, and therefore it is a long-term investment.
  • Speculation: It is the exact opposite, and is intended to exploit market fluctuations and buy and sell in short periods of time.

Speculating is high-risk trading, unlike investing, which limits your losses significantly.

For example, if you decide to invest in Apple shares, then you are investing, but when you buy shares of emerging companies, the matter tends towards somewhat speculation due to the lack of data about the company.

In speculation, you may see quick profits, but unfortunately most investors lose most of their capital when they turn to these ill-considered speculations.

Bonus: You can invest in well-known stocks that distribute dividends to investors. I have already found a good guide that provides you with the best investment stocks that distribute dividends . I advise you to check it out.

So as not to be long for you, you can check out:A guide to stock trading for beginners .

Through it, you will learn the most important basics so that you can move to the next step and start trading on your own.

4- Invest in an electronic blog

Now you have two ways to invest 1000 dirhams in an electronic blog:

  • Buy a ready-made blog to earn a monthly profit from it.
  • Start a blog from scratch.

The return in the first method is faster, but 1000 dirhams is a small amount and you will not find a blog that generates a good monthly income at this price.

Mostly, the blog will be sold by multiplying (monthly profit * 15), and therefore the blog that you can buy with this amount has a monthly profit of 70 UAE dirhams.

A good return, but not the best, and in most cases you will not find a blogger who sells his blog only when he achieves this income.

Second solution: Start a blog from scratch.

Here the return is somewhat distant, but you can plan everything yourself from scratch.

Everything you need is in the guide: Create a blog and profit from it, in which I have already published my experience in this investment.

But before you start and launch your blog….

Is investing in a blog a profitable investment? 

6 months ago, I started another blog, and I invested approximately 900 UAE dirhams in it, and now the blog brings in a monthly return of approximately 125 dirhams.

As I invest these monthly returns in purchasing more articles and improving the blog, this monthly return will continue to increase.

In addition, the value of the blog itself increases, because, as I told you, it depends on the monthly profit.

Thus, I was able to double my investment in more than one way.

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5- Invest in a YouTube channel

Here you can invest in a YouTube channel in 3 ways:

  • Buy a ready channel.
  • Invest in yourself and photography equipment and start a new channel on your own.
  • Finally, invest in ready-made videos and start the Cash Cow channel.

I definitely do not recommend buying a ready-made channel, as there are a lot of scams in selling channels.

So you now have two other options…

Wouldn’t you rather start a channel yourself and film videos and other things?

The solution here now is to start your own Cash Cow channel.

What are cash cow channels? 

These are the channels through which you can share content without appearing.

There are many channels on YouTube that work in this way and achieve huge monthly profits, the most famous of which are:

  • Alux foreign channel
  • Did you know channel (in Arabic).

I always prefer YouTube, simply because you can make profits faster through it.

Is this a profitable investment? 

  • The cost of launching the Cash Cow channel is approximately 1000 dirhams initially.
  • The cost of one video is approximately 40 dirhams.
  • This means that you will be able to release 25 videos on your channel.
  • These videos may enable you to achieve the terms of profit from YouTube if they are distinctive content.

If one video only achieves 500 views per month, this is approximately 7,500 monthly views for all videos…

Given that the average YouTube profit per 1,000 views is approximately 7.5 dirhams in Arabic content…

If the return on investing 1,000 dirhams in a YouTube channel is 50 dirhams per month, you can reinvest this amount in more videos until you achieve a distinctive monthly profit return.

Want to get started? Here are some guides to help you:  

6- Invest in affiliate marketing

In a previous topic, I talked about my experience with affiliate marketing and how I made more than $2,000 with a very small investment.

But what is affiliate marketing ?

As is clear from the name, here you promote some products, and with every purchase of the product through you, you receive a commission.

But where is the investment?

Investment here boils down to two things:

  • Invest in your expertise in selecting the desired products.
  • And investing in launching advertising campaigns for these products.

What is unique about this field is that you are not limited to a specific country. If you want to market to the Emirates, you can do so.

If you think that marketing in Egypt is easier, you can do that too.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose affiliate program that offers good commissions (product)
  • Register on reliable affiliate site
  • Learn to launch advertising campaigns on the platform you have selected and where the audience for these products is located.

7- Investing in Forex

Forex is one of the areas in which you can invest very small amounts, even less than 1000 dirhams!!!

But the problem in this area is the very high risk.

Forex is: 

Trading foreign currency pairs…

This is the simple definition, but if you want a simplified explanation, all you have to do is read the Forex trading guide for beginners .

What’s special about Forex?

What is distinctive, and what also makes it very risky, is the financial leverage .

It is a tool provided by various trading platforms that enables you to multiply your transaction amount up to 1000 times.

For example:

If you want to enter a trade worth 2 dirhams, you can use 1000% leverage and convert the amount you are trading with to 2000 dirhams!!

Do you believe this!

Forex is indeed a strong investment opportunity, but even professionals who study the markets for long periods also fall into many losing transactions, which sometimes may lead to you losing most of your capital.

Beware: Forex is a high-risk field, never start it unless you have some extra money that you have no problem losing.

The best investment with a capital of 1000 dirhams

And now, quite frankly…

How do I invest 1000 dirhams?

Are the methods above really profitable and have a good return on investment?


And the..


All of the investment areas above are good and profitable, but they may cause you huge losses.

Therefore, the best way to invest your amount is to divide it into two main parts:

  • 200 dirhams: to invest in yourself and your knowledge of the field in which you intend to invest.
  • AED 800: for your chosen investment method.

In the end, you should know well that the best investment of all time is investing in yourself.

Without my investment in myself, my bread and my knowledge in blogging, I would not have made any profits.

This was a somewhat requested answer to: How to invest 1000 dirhams.

I hope I have answered some of your questions.

And now…

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

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