How do I make my account private on Tik Tok? (with pictures)

How do I make my account private on Tik Tok? (with pictures)

How do I make my account private on Tik Tok?

This is what you are looking for an answer to, right?

If you are a new user of Tik Tok and want to maintain your privacy, making your account private is imperative.

Especially if you are a girl and do not want your videos to be shown to everyone.

Therefore, in this topic, let me share with you in detail and with illustrative pictures the steps that you must take to maintain your privacy on Tik Tok.

But in the beginning…

Is there a private account on Tik Tok?

What’s special about Tik Tok is that you can control almost every feature the app provides…

For example: 

  • You can make your account private so only your followers can see your content.
  • You can also make certain videos private for you only, so that even your friends cannot watch them.
  • You can also your Tik Tok account
  • You can also know the visitors to your TikTok account , and of course you can turn off this feature, so no one whose account you log into will be able to know about your visit to his account.

Therefore, Tik Tok certainly provides you with the ability to control whether your account is private or public.

Using a private account will help you protect your content that you do not want anyone else to see except your followers.

But this certainly will not provide you with that privacy from the followers who are already on your account now.

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Now for the most important question…

How do I make my account private on Tik Tok?

You can make your Tik Tok account private in 3 simple steps like no other:

  • Log in to your account and go to your profile, then from the three dots at the top, choose Settings and Privacy as in the following image: 

Log in to your TikTok account and choose settings and privacy

Once you do this, another window will appear, from which we move to our second step…

  • Go to “Privacy” as in the picture: 

Privacy settings in Tik Tok

From here you will find yourself inside another window, at the beginning of which is our third step, which is…

  • Change the account status to a private account or private account by activating the button in the image below: 

Convert your account to a private account on Tik Tok

Once you do this, your account will automatically convert from a public account to a private account.

Note that: The videos in the private account will be seen by your followers unless you select the option for them to be private videos for you alone.

Now that you know the steps on how to create a private account on Tik Tok…

Tell me, did you benefit from the topic and find your answer?

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