How many reports are required to close a Tik Tok account?

How many reports are required to close a Tik Tok account?

How many reports are required to close a Tik Tok account?

What is the correct way to report an account on Tik Tok?

Whether the person is impersonating you, providing content that is offensive to you, or even inappropriate content, you can definitely report him and action will be taken against him.

With a large number of reports, the natural result will be the account being closed by TikTok management.

Now let me answer your question…

How do I report a TikTok account?

Reporting an account is very simple and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Go to the person’s account, select the three dots at the top of the screen, then click Report:

Steps to report a TikTok account

  • After that, you must specify the type of report about a person, as in the picture: 

The second step is to report a TikTok account

  • Finally, all you have to do is choose the reason for reporting, which is one of the reasons in the following pictures: 

Choose the reason for reporting the Tik Tok account

Once you report, TikTok will thank you, and a message will appear asking you whether you want to block the account or not.

It is important to choose the real reason for reporting the account and ensure that all reports are for the same reason.

Because once you do this, the TikTok administration will review the account, and if it finds a violation, the procedure will be as follows: 

  • warning
  • Then a temporary ban.
  • Finally, a permanent ban and closure of the account.

Now to the most important part that you didn’t wonder about…

How do I report video content on Tik Tok?

Like any content platform, TikTok cares about the content and its quality more than anything else.

Therefore, it is natural for the platform to show more interest in the reports that come about the content.

Therefore, it is important that you report the content provided by the account, because TikTok’s policy interacts with the content more strictly.

The reporting method here is very simple: 

  1. Access one of the videos uploaded by the account.
  2. Click on the arrow sign (share)
  3. Choose report
  4. Then choose the main reason for reporting the content.

Mostly, action will be taken within a day or two at most, so this is definitely an important step to help you close any violating Tik Tok account.

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How many reports are required to close a Tik Tok account?

The number of reports required to close a TikTok account is something that is not stated in TikTok’s privacy and usage policy.

But you need a good number of reports, ranging from 20 to 50 reports, for action to be taken.

According to Like Tok , the important thing is not the number of reports, but the reason for the report.

The stronger the reason, especially regarding offensive or dangerous content or any content related to children, the faster the procedure will be, even if only one report is submitted.

This was the most important information about how to report accounts on TikTok, as well as the number of reports required to be closed.

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