How much is the price of a lion on Tik Tok? (in dollars and riyals)

How much is the price of a lion on Tik Tok? (in dollars and riyals)

How much is the price of a lion on Tik Tok?

Why is it considered one of the most expensive TikTok gifts a content creator can receive?

You must have already witnessed the great joy of any TikToker when this gift is sent to him on a live broadcast.

You will discover that this exaggerated enthusiasm is normal if you recognize the true value of this gift.

In reality, apart from the huge amount of money that this lion is worth, there is a huge benefit that both the supporter and the content creator get.

I will tell you about it at the end of the article, but for now here is the preferred answer about the price of the lion in various currencies.

Starting with…

How much is the lion worth on Tik Tok in points?

As we all know, sending gifts on a Tik Tok broadcast appears in the form of points, and in order to know how much the price of a lion is, it is important to know the price of those points.

I talked about this in detail before in a previous topic about: Tik Tok points and how to calculate them .

But, in short, for every 200 points, Tik Toker gets $1.

As for its value, Al-Assad provides approximately 30,000 points to the content creator.

How much is the price of a lion on Tik Tok in dollars?

The value of the lion in Tik Tok in dollars is the basic value on which all prices in other currencies depend, which is $150 for the content creator, and approximately $450 for the supporter.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, you will want to know the price in Saudi riyals.

So let me tell you…

How much is the value of the lion on Tik Tok in Saudi riyals?

The value of a lion on Tik Tok in Saudi riyals is approximately 562.5 riyals for a Tik Toker, while the price for a supporter is 1,687 riyals.

It is important to know that this price may change depending on the exchange rate in currencies other than the dollar, depending on the dollar exchange rate in your country.

How much is the price of a lion on Tik Tok in Iraqi dinars?

According to the current exchange rate at the time of writing this article, the value of a lion in Iraq to the content creator is estimated at 220 thousand dinars, while the supporter needs to pay approximately 660 thousand Iraqi dinars.

Now with the price in Egypt…

How much is a lion worth on Tiktok in Egyptian?

When withdrawing and transferring points, they are automatically converted into dollars, but you can withdraw them in Egyptian, and the value of the Tik Tok Lion for you as a content creator will be approximately 4,650 Egyptian pounds, but if you are a supporter, you can buy those points for approximately 14,000 Egyptian pounds.

Note: In the current period, there is a continuous change in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, in addition to the commissions that are deducted during online purchases, so you may find a continuous difference in the price above, which represents the current price.

How do you send a lion in live broadcast?

In order to send a lion on Tik Tok to your favorite content creator, the steps are very simple:

  1. Create a TikTok account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. You can now recharge the balance either by going to Settings, then Balance, then Recharging the Account.
  3. Or, you can enter a live broadcast and try to send a gift in the broadcast, and you will be transferred to buy oil at the same price as the gift, which is approximately 29,999 points for Assad.
  4. After that, all you have to do is click on the gift sign at the bottom right of the screen and choose the lion from the gifts in the list.
  5. Now, click the send button and your lion will be transformed into your favorite content creator.

Note: It is better to send your gift to the content creator through uploaded videos and not live broadcast, because in this case the value of the lion will be $300 instead of $150.

How to convert Lion value into money and withdraw it?

If you are a content creator and want to convert the lion that was transferred to you into real money and then withdraw it, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your TikTok account settings.
  2. I go to the balance.
  3. Now on to the live stream giveaways.
  4. You will find a collection of diamonds and their value.
  5. You can now add your bank account and then request a withdrawal.

Note: The minimum withdrawal limit varies depending on your account and its activity, and this limit starts from $30.

What is the benefit of sending or receiving a lion in broadcast?

Have you ever wondered what a supporter benefits on Tik Tok ?

Or besides the financial value that a TikToker gets, what else does he get when he sends a lion to him on the broadcast?

It’s simple, the real value here is: fame.

In any live broadcast, you will find some people recording those broadcasts and reposting them as video clips on their accounts.

These clips often reach Explorer and are viewed by millions of people.

From here, both the supporter and the content creator gained fame and more followers for their account.

I hope this information was valuable to you, and you learned what you wanted to know.

Now tell me…

Are you a supporter or content creator? Do you have any additional questions about TikTok?

If so, feel free to reach out and leave your comment, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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