How to profit from – $1000 and more per month

How to profit from – $1000 and more per month is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, but how can you profit from it?

Profit from is made through Souq’s affiliate program (affiliate marketing)Updated 2020

After the cessation of the affiliate marketing program for Souq in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, applications have been opened again for the affiliate marketing program for Saudi Arabia under the name Amazon SA, and registration for the private marketing program will be opened In Egypt again in the coming period.

Profiting from Souq Affiliateis considered one of the most famous affiliate programs in Egypt and the Arab world. Some people have actually been able to achieve profits exceeding $5,000 per month, butdo you think that this happens between day and night?Definitely not

Thus, it is considered one of

the best affiliate programs

First of all, is it really possible to earn $100, $200, or $1,000 from Souq? 

If you think that the title of this topic is just an attention-grabber and I urge you to read it, please see these profits and judge for yourself, and then focus very much on the topic because you will benefit and you will get the summary of great experience and months of study. 


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Complete the topic with me and focus for just ten minutes 👀😉What is Souq’s affiliate system?

Souq’s affiliate marketing system, like any other affiliate marketing system, is a program made up of 3 parties:

1- The seller (in this case the website or the merchants on the site)
2- The marketer (you)
3- The buyer

The role of the marketer It is limited to being the link between the seller and the buyer
– the marketer brings buyers to the website, and when the buyer executes an order to purchase, the marketer gets a commission (its percentage varies depending on the commodity you are marketing)

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What do you need to start profiting from 

1- An affiliate account on the website, and you can create the account easily from here.
Create a Souq affiliate account  2- Choose the products that you will market (mobile phones – clothes – shoes – electrical appliances – cosmetics – ….)
3- Know the commission for the products
Commissionsthat you would like to market from here4- Start attracting buyers for the goods that you are marketing (blog – YouTube – Facebook page – Instagram – …..)

The most important characteristics that must be available in the product before marketing it 

1- The site should contain a large quantity of the product so that you can promote it (preferably renewable)
2- The product should be consumable (
it is used constantly)3- The price of the product is average
4- A product that can be purchased online without feeling risky (some goods are not preferable People buy them online. Try to avoid those goods. Think about what goods you will never buy online

5- The product must have

the shipping by feature(very important because the products shipped by Souq have been inspected and conform to the specifications)

How do you profit from affiliate marketing for a product on

In order to start marketing a product and get your commission, the buyer must order the product through your

link.Therefore, when the order is executed, the product is calculated as being through you.How do you get your affiliate link?

1- Log in to the
Souq.com2- Choose the product that you will be marketing for
3- Take your product link and go to your affiliate account from within your account. You will find the dashboard as in the following image

Profit from

4- Go to marketing tools, then choose link builder, and from here put the link for the product, then click on generate affiliate link 

Explaining profit from affiliate

5- A link for the product will appear for you. Copy that affiliate link and go to theBitlyand shorten your affiliate link (a very important step because sometimes when using the link directly some errors occur and therefore your commissions are not counted).


How to market and publish your affiliate links? 

Products are marketed in two ways: through
Direct marketingof your link, where the buyer enters the link and carries out the purchase process himself (mostly only a small number of people make the purchase due to the weak culture of online purchasing)2-

Indirect marketing,in which case you Executing the customer’s request and purchasing from the Souq website through your link by creating an account for the customer and requesting the order using his data (which is the most profitable method)

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Important steps when indirect marketing for 

The method of indirect marketing by completing the offer to the buyer is a method that is not accepted by Therefore, you must be careful and take some important precautions to avoid closing your account. The most important of these steps are

1- Create a Gmail account for each customer and create an account on for him
2- Save your customers’ data in Sheet or Note (in case you return to user accounts to make a return for any of them)
3- Execute your orders from an incognito browser or using a VPN that provides an Egyptian IP
4- After each set of orders, restart the router. To change the IP:
5- Make a positive evaluation of the products after ordering them and reaching the buyer


How to market products and profit from affiliate? 

The best way to market products is through Facebook, which is considered the largest social networking site and has the largest number of users.

There are other very effective ways to market products, including
* creating a blog to make reviews of different devices or products
* creating a channel on YouTube and making comparisons and reviews For some products and placing your affiliate link at the end of the video
* Create an account on Instagram and start publishing pictures of the products and placing your marketing links.

All of these methods are effective and bring in sales, but we will talk about the first method of marketing products, which is through Facebook.

Products are marketed via Facebook. Book through two methods,

the free method

– You can market your products through

Facebook’sMarketplace. Placing the products on Marketplace is done for free. This method has proven effective in achieving large sales, and a friend of mine was able to Through Market Place and without making any ads, you can earn more than

$150in less than 15 days, with sales reaching 75 products. Also, by creating your own group and inviting a large number of your friends, you can also market many products.

The idea of ​​groups is a very special idea for girls. Some girls’ groups reach hundreds of thousands of users, and therefore you can make very large sales and thus make very large profits.

The second method

It is considered the best, fastest, and most profitable method, but it requires capital in the beginning, and this method requires you to do the following:

Create a page(page) interested in a specific field (related to the products that you will market)2- Choose
the best picturesof the products Which you are marketing for (electronic marketing depends on images. The better the images displayed, the greater your sales)3- Writing good content and description for your product
4- Making a sponsored advertisement on Facebook (

the most important step and you must learn it if you want to profit and not lose anything Money)The best products that you can start marketing

If you looked at how to earn from the Souq affiliate and listened to a series of videos, you would find that the most commonly used product that you can market is coaches, and almost all the people in the field of affiliate marketing for the website work on coaches, but what other consumer products can you also work on?

1- Coaches
2 – Men’s accessories (wallets – belts – watches)
3- Men’s vests and T-shirts (no expensive products)
4- If you have a girls’ group, keep cosmetics and girls’ accessories
5- Today’s offers from Souq are very important (choose an offer and market it the same day)
6- Bags are a great commodity for marketing before entering schools and colleges.

How to withdraw profits from the website

The minimum amount for withdrawing profits from the website is

$30, and your due profits are transferred after the 25th day of each month.Withdrawal of profits is made through

your bank accountand this is done after your profits are converted into due profits, after a period of up to 25 days from Receiving orders

How to profit from

After saving your payment information, you can go to

Request paymentand request payment to your account. Souq’saffiliate has been suspended indefinitely during this period: Go to the best affiliate marketing networks

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