How to profit from Tik Tok 2024 (6 real ways)

How to profit from Tik Tok 2024 (6 real ways)

Who among us now does not know the famous Chinese application Tik Tok? Often when we start explaining a method of
making money from the Internet,we define the method and talk about that method and try to explain it in the simplest ways, but who among us does not knowapplication Tik Tok, which has become one of the most famous social media applications. In our Arab world, therefore, we may talk about it only a little in the introduction to know its history and how, where, and when it began, but in a very brief way.But some still wonder how to makemoney from Tik Tok?

If makinga profit from Tik Tokis possible, what are the methods available to us? This is what we will talk about in detail in this topic.


Tik Tok quick introduction in points 
* Tik Tok is an application for sharing and creating short videos 
* The application was released in 2017 by a Chinese company 
* The application has received more than 500 million downloads from the Google Play Store
*More than one billion videos are watched daily 
* It has become one of the most widely used communication platforms globally 

What do you need to start earning from Tik Tok?

In order to start making a profit from Tik Tok, you must first take some important steps, the most important of which are those that we will put for you below. 
* Attract a large number of followers 
* Interact with these followers 
* Create content on an ongoing basis 
* Create a distinctive Tik Tok profile 
How do you build a large audience on TikTok? 
In order to be able to get a large number of your followers on Tik Tok, which is considered the most important thing you must do to profit from the program, you must take these steps, which we strongly recommend to you, to increase your audience. 
Follow a lot of people and then unfollow. 
* The best way to start gathering an audience for yourself on TikTok is to follow a lot of people on a daily basis, then after they follow your account, unfollow them. 
* People will not be notified that you have unfollowed them, so do not worry 
* The best way to do this is by entering the accounts of celebrities or people who have a large fan base, then entering the followers and following each of them, then unfollowing them. 
*You must wait a period of time between each follow-up (a few seconds) 
Use the hashtag strategy (#)
* Like Instagram and Twitter, using hashtags to bring followers to you is considered one of the best ways to increase your audience. When you upload a video, use hashtags related to the video. If they are comedy videos, use hashtags such as (funny – entertainment – ​​comedy) 

* It is preferable to use 3-5 hashtags on each video you create and download 

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Download unique content regularly 
In order to be able to maintain your audience and gain a new audience, you must produce new content on an ongoing basis. Whenever people find you, you constantly provide content, they will join you. But if you cannot continue to provide content, do not wait for a large audience, and therefore do not wait for any profits. 
Like and comment on videos of celebrities and non-celebrities 
One of the best ways to attract more followers to you is by liking and commenting on some other videos 
Spend some time exploring other people’s videos and then comment on the video 
Give likes to the comments of others who commented on the video, so they will go to your profile and visit it, and if you provide good and distinctive content, they will definitely follow you. 
Choose a unique picture for your account
The best way to make sure that you are a professional person is through your personal photo. If you create a profile on TikTok and your videos are good and you have a good profile picture, be sure that you will attract a large number of followers. 
Link your TikTok account to your social media account or YouTube channel 
If you have a channel with a good audience on YouTube, or you have a page on Facebook, or an account on Twitter or Instagram with many followers, link those accounts to your Tik Tok account, which will make you increase your popular base on Tik Tok and thus contribute to increasing your profits. 
Interact with fans 
One of the best ways to ensure that your followers continue to follow you and bring more of their friends to your account is to interact with them. If you can interact with your followers, then you are guaranteeing yourself an increase in your audience and thus increasing your chances of profiting from Tik Tok. 

How to profit from Tik Tok? 

Can you really make money from Tik Tok? This is the appropriate question  
You cannot profit from Tik Tok directly, meaning that you are not rewarded from Tik Tok for the number of followers, your views, or anything else. But what is the purpose of creating an account on Tik Tok if it is not possible to profit from it directly?
Fameis the main gain from Tik Tok. Achieving spread on all social media sites by creating videos on Tik Tok is the primary goal of using Tik Tok, and therefore you can profit through all the methods that we will present to you in this topic.


1- Profit from TikTok and timebucks

Timebucks is one of the sites that enables you to earn sums of money in exchange for completing some tasks, such as watching advertisements for downloading applications or others, but it also provides another way to profit, and that is through the famous Tik Tok program.

All you have to do to start earning is the following:

* Create an account onTimebucks

* Log in and then go to

earnas in the picture below

Profit from Tik Tok

* After that, click on Tiktok 

* After that, add your account on TikTok by clicking on

Page setupas shown in the following image.

Profit from Tik Tok

* In order to start profiting from the content that you download, you must add your personal account to the site, but how? After you click on the setup page, it will appear as shown in the following image.

Earn money from Tik Tok

In step 3 in the previous image, the site will give you a number or code that you put in your profile to verify that it is your account.

In Step 4, choose the specialty for your account (entertainment – commercial – medical – etc.)

In Step 5, put your username on the TikTok application.

After completing these steps, click on the green button Verify page setup

* After completing these steps and confirming your account You can start publishing the content that the site provides you and earn some money for it.

How much can I earn from Tik Tok and Timebucks?

I cannot determine this until I know the number of your followers and some other things. So here is one of the users and how much they earn from their TikTok account.

About 22 dollars a day (10 thousand pounds a month) from his Tik Tok account, in addition to other profit methods, which are sure to bring him other profits daily. 

2- Profit from TikTok and sponsorship 
Sponsorship or commercial sponsorship is considered one of the most famous and best ways to profit from Tik Tok. It is not only the best, but also the most profitable way. 

When you obtain sponsorship from one of the major companies, you can obtain large sums of money, but to achieve this you need to build a large number of followers, sometimes reaching millions of followers. 

3- Profit from Tik Tok through sponsored content ads 

Sponsored advertisements, or as some call it, the influencer strategy. The summary of the method is that international or local companies or brands in your country contact you and ask you to make a sponsored advertisement for them in a video from your videos on your personal account, and in return you can get a certain amount that will be agreed upon. Or the company informs you that it will pay a certain amount for the advertisement.  
The method is considered an indirect profit from Tik Tok, but it also requires a large number of followers.
The amount agreed upon with the company or brand depends on the interaction of the followers and their number, not their number, but the more the interaction of the followers in terms of likes and comments increases, the amount agreed upon for the advertisement will increase, thus increasing the profit from Tik Tok .

4- Profit from YouTube and Tik Tok

Although you can increase your followers on TikTok through your channel or account on Instagram, through TikTok you can also profit from Instagram and YouTube. 
Profit from Tik Tok and YouTube 
YouTube is the second best source of profit from the Internet and is suitable for all societal groups, whether those with experience or ordinary people. 
If you can create an audience for yourself on Tik Tok, you can create a channel on YouTube, upload those videos to it, then send your followers and fans to your channel on YouTube, and thus profit from YouTube ads, which is considered the easiest way to profit, but if you want to know more ways to profit, you can read the following topic. 

How can you make money from YouTube 

Profit from Tik Tok and Instagram 
Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has gained great popularity and use, especially among young people. It is one of the platforms affiliated with Facebook and is considered one of the most famous platforms for advertisers. 
* When you are able to attract and create a large number of followers on Tik Tok, you can send this audience to your Instagram account so that they can follow you. 
* The most famous way to profit from Instagram is the method of influencers. When you gain popularity, you can go to international brands and companies and offer to make an advertisement for them in exchange for a sum of money. If you have a large number of followers, you will find those companies and others rushing to you to make an advertisement for them if you want to know. Other ways to profit from Instagram, you can see the following topic 

Is it possible to earn $1000 a month from Instagram?


5- Profit from Tik Tok by marketing products 

Let us assume that your account on TikTok specializes in bodybuilding and physical health videos, so it is natural that you are marketing a bodybuilding product or a course of your own on how to build muscles in 15 days or something else.

For example, if your videos are about cooking or eating, you can sell your own cookbook or even a cooking course, or market any kitchen tools.

These are examples that you can use to profit from your TikTok account.

This method of profit is called affiliate marketing, which we have explained in precise details about in our free course. You can view it here:

Affiliate Marketing: A Free Course for Beginners

6- Profit from Tik Tok through live videos

You can broadcast live from your account on TikTok, and you can profit from your audience directly if you have a large number of followers.

This method depends on the followers purchasing application-specific currencies with real money, then the follower donates those currencies to you, and TikTok divides those currencies with you at a rate of 80% for you and 20% for the company.

But you need a large number of followers who will donate to you, so you can earn good sums of money.

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