Secrets to increase AdSense profits by legitimate means in 2024

Secrets to increase AdSense profits by legitimate means in 2024

Many bloggers, especially those who have an Arab audience, suffer from a decline in AdSense profits, unlike owners of foreign content who have visitors from countries that have a large demand from advertisers. It is known that advertisers often target a foreign audience, and the decline in AdSense profits is due to many reasons, so I wanted to present You have all the ways that may enable you Increase AdSense profits.

The most important reasons for low AdSense profits.

There are many reasons that lead to low AdSense profits. Here are the most famous reasons for low profits

– low number of visitors to your site
– low CTR or click rate on your ads
– low-return ads
– website content.

Let’s talk about each reason and how to treat it. This is the reason in order to increase your profits from Google AdSense.
These are not all the reasons that lead to a decrease in the price of clicks, but they are the most famous reasons.

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How to increase AdSense profits 

In order to be able to increase the AdSense profits that you get from your blog, you must get rid of all the reasons that lead to a decrease in profits. Here are the most important solutions for each of those reasons, but
be careful,  these solutions are not magic. They will increase your profits now, but they require continuous effort and experiments from you

. 1- Decrease in the number of Site visitors:

If you are the owner of a new website or blog, you certainly suffer from the problem of low traffic. In the field of profit from AdSense or other so-called AdSense alternatives, profit from affiliates, or one of the ways to profit from the Internet. Visitors are the fuel of the site and the source of profit from any method

there. There are many free and paid ways to bring visitors to your site. We talked extensively in one of the topics about

the 30 best ways to bring visitorsto your site. You can review them and benefit from these methods. The more visitors to your site, the greater AdSense profits.2- Low CTR rate (click-through rate). Advertisements)

When using AdSense, there are two ways to profit from ads:
– CPM: which is the profit for every 1,000 ad impressions (low profits)
– CPC: profit per clicks (large profits compared to CPM), which is the method used for profit in most sites and advertising networks alternative to AdSense.

Many factors may help you increase AdSense profits by raising the CTR, such as:

* Changing the position and types of ads

Ad placement is one of the most important factors that help raise the CTR and increase clicks. Also, some types of ads may help you increase your AdSense profits

Ad placement

Some places on the blog are considered favorite places and produce very good results in increasing AdSense profits. The most important of those places that you should not neglect is the

header ad. The

header ad is considered the best ad in terms of the audience’s interaction with it, because it is one of the first elements that appear when entering any topic, so it becomes a possibility. Viewing the advertisement and interacting with it is high

– advertisement at the beginning of the topic.

Some bloggers prefer this type of advertisement (ads that are placed in topics) because it is considered one of the sensitive places that the visitor is sure to click on when landing to complete the topic, especially mobile phone users

– advertisement Sidebar

is one of the best ads that website visitors interact with from computers, because it is one of the large ads that is highly visible to the visitor, and its profits are good in terms of CPM.

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Type of advertisement:

One of the experiments I did to increase AdSense profits was to change some types of advertisements, and I was surprised by the increase in profits after using some types

– link advertisement.

After using link advertisements for a while on my blog, I saw a doubling of the profits that I was getting from the same number of visitors.

I placed a link advertisement. Below the header, the rate of clicks on ads increased incredibly.

Link ads are not monetized through CPM only. Profit is made through clicks on the ad

– Side Bar Ad (Large Sky Scriber)

is one of the best types of ads that can significantly increase AdSense profits. The Sky ad is distinguished Scriber means that it includes a large part of the visible content of the page, which increases the possibility of visitors interacting with the ad and clicking on it.

The 728 x 90 ad

is one of the best types of ads and the most widely used, especially when it comes to headers

. The identical content ad.

The identical content ad requires some conditions, which must be met. It is verified in the blog so that it is allowed to use identical content.

Matched content, which is a group of suggested topics, and these topics are from your blog or from other blogs and sites, increases the visitor’s stay on your site in addition to increasing the possibility of the visitor clicking on any topic, thus increasing the rate of traffic. CTR thus increasing AdSense profits

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3- Low-return ads

Low-return ads are one of the most important reasons for your low profits. Some ads have very little or almost no return. To increase AdSense profits, you must filter ads in order for ads that offer good profits to appear. This is done in two ways, both from within your AdSense account. With you and them:

* Blocking controls:

Although some bloggers use this method to filter ads and increase profits, I do not do it

through this method. All you have to do is block all ads that have nothing to do with your site’s field, because the profits from those ads are often low.

You can also Identify the price per click for each ad and remove ads whose cost per click is very low. Here are some sites that help you know the price of the ad

– Keywordspy
– Ispionage
– spyfu

. Place the ad link on any of those sites, then find out the CPC of the ad and block the ads that do not It brings you profits

* Ad Balance Rate

Through this option in your AdSense account, you can increase your site’s AdSense profits. Ad Balance works to show the ads that are most appropriate to your audience and that match the interest of the person who enters your site.

From my personal experience, I noticed that the Ad Balance Rate works to Increase AdSense profits significantly. Change the ad balance rate and choose the best balance rate that suits your site.

4- Site content

is one of the most important factors that work to increase AdSense profits and raise the price per click. This is the content of your site, and what is meant by site content is the following:

* The content of the topics you present on your site

varies. AdSense profits vary depending on the nature of your site and the nature of the topics you provide. Some topics have very high click prices that may sometimes reach $100, and some other topics have very low click prices, sometimes 1 cent and sometimes less.

Some topics are characterized by a high price per click.

– Insurance
– Real Estate
– Cars
– Forex

With the rise in the price per click in these fields, competition becomes intense to be at the top of the search engine in any of them,

the language of the site and the audience

You may be surprised at the relationship between the language of the site and increased AdSense profits, but quite simply, advertisers are willing to pay large sums of money for ads if the audience is foreign. This is because foreigners are more willing to pay and buy.

Therefore, if your site is in the foreign language and you have an audience from foreign countries, you will get very large profits. Compared to Arabic content, even if the number of visits was less than any Arabic site,

this was an explanation of the most important reasons for the decline in AdSense profits and the most important ways to increase profits.

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