The comprehensive guide to making money from writing articles 2024

The comprehensive guide to making money from writing articles 2024

Is it really possibleto profit from writing articles?

Of course,it is possible to profit from writing articles, and this method is considered one ofthe best ways to profit from the Internet.Writing in general is a very enjoyable thing, so profiting from it will certainly be more enjoyable.

* Although

making a profit from writing articlesdoes not require special skills or experience, like any method of working on the Internet, it requires:– continuous learning
– patience
– diligence in work,
and these requirements are necessary in any method of working on the Internet or work in general.

* In the beginning, you should know that at the beginning of entering this field, you may not achieve large profits or the desired profits because you do not have sufficient experience, but trust from personal experience that over time you will become a professional in writing and blogging like professionals, and you will achieve very large profits, so with effort and effort. With patience and learning, you can achieve everything you want.

Therefore, if you are a fan of writing and are passionate about constantly knowing and learning, complete this topic with me to learn how to profit from writing articles

* In this topic we will talk about: –

1- What do you need to start earning from writing articles
2 – What are the best ways to profit from writing articles
? 3- The best advice before starting to profit from writing articles

Learn about the best ways to profit from the Internet  

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How much does it cost to write an article? 

One of the most important things that those who want to profit from writing articles but are still new to the field are looking for is the price of the article. How can you determine the price of the article that you are writing?

What are the prices of articles that people ask for?All of these are good questions, but in reality they depend on several factors, the most important of which are:1- Your personal experience and your style of writing articles
2- The language of the article
3- The number of words the article contains

These are the most important factors on which the price of the article depends.

If your article is in Arabic and consists of 500 to 1000 words, the price on social networking sites is from 20 to 30 Egyptian pounds per article, but if it is more than 1000 words, the article can reach 40 pounds per article. In the end, this matter depends on how proficient you are in writing and the quality of your articles, while on free age sites such as Khamsat, you can submit whatever you want at the appropriate price for you, and in most cases the prices are $5 for every 2 articles consisting of 500 words.
* As for the price of foreign articles, there are sites such as Fiverr where you can provide your service and get $5 for one article consisting of 500 words.

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What do you need to start earning from writing articles?  

1- Learn the basics of writing articles (blogging) 
* Choose topics of interest to a large group of people 
* Choose an attractive title that forces the reader to click on your topic 
* Divide topics into paragraphs and choose subtitles for those paragraphs 
* Using pictures in topics (very important in attracting the reader) 
* Use statistics in your topics and write numbers and dates (most readers prefer topics that contain statistics and numbers) 
2- Sources for your topics  
Because we, as Arabs, are not able to keep the original source for the topics other than rarely (in huge advertising checks), so we resort to foreign sources for our topics. The most important thing to focus on is formulating the topic in your own style without any Copy Best transfer. 
Look for sources for the topics you want to write about. You will find them very popular on search engines, and here in the Profits Expert blog, we will provide you with the best sources on various topics so that you can start making profits from writing articles as quickly as possible.  
3- A computer, smartphone, or tablet to write on 
4- Participate in any method of profit from writing articles, which we will discuss in the rest of the topic  


The best ways to profit from writing articles 


In the methods that we will discuss in this topic, you will find professional methods, average methods, and other simple methods. You can choose the method that suits you and begin to profit from writing articles. Not all methods are suitable for all people. You may find methods that are suitable for one person and not suitable for the other person, and so on. Therefore, try and choose what suits you.

After the great spread of blogs and websites on the Internet, there has become a great demand for blogs to buy exclusive articles, so there are many opportunities in this field, but in order to start relying on this work as a job, you must develop your writing skills and constantly educate yourself on

the best ways

to profit from writing. The Arabic articlesare as follows:* Profit by offering your services to work groups on the Internet (there are many website owners who request article writing services in the Arabic language and many blogging groups for website and blog owners. You just have to search for all of those groups and we will put a group for you in the coming days. *
Joining profit-sharing sites and getting a percentage for visits to your topics on those sites
* Offering article writing services on freelance sites (many people are looking for Arab writers in order to write topics for them)

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1- Profit from blogging (creating an electronic blog) 

You can start profiting from writing articles by creating your electronic blog and working as a freelance writer. Profiting from blogging and writing your articles in the field you want on your website or blog is very enjoyable and very profitable, but it also requires continuous learning and gaining experience all the time, following your competitors, and knowing what they are thinking. And how they write 
* Profiting from creating your own blog is my favorite way to profit from the Internet, so if you do not have a blog yet, do not worry, as the topic is very easy and only requires a few minutes. You can read how to create a blog and profit from it.
* If you want to know how you can profit from writing articleson your own blog, you can see this topic:All ways to profit from blogs 

2- Profit from writing articles on profit sharing sites  

What are profit sharing sites? 
Profit-sharing profit sites are sites that provide you with the ability to write for them without having a site. You can write and publish your topics, and they will display ads in your topics in exchange for a percentage that is in most sites (80% for the publisher and 20% for the site) and may change in the future. Some sites

consider profit from profit-sharing sites to be one of the best waysto profit from writing Arabic articles, as there are not many sites that offer the service of writing Arabic articles in exchange for money, as is widespread on the foreign web. Therefore, sharing AdSense profits is considered one of the best ways to profit from writing articles. Arabic
What are the conditions for participating in profit sharing sites? 
* Do not copy topics from other sites or forums 
* Writing topics of high quality and distinctive content (some sites provide a training period before subscribing to them) 
* Mostly having a regular AdSense account and not a hosted one (some sites have solved this problem through dedicated channels) 
* The site may request some articles from you to review in order to ensure the quality of your topics 
What are the most popular AdSense revenue sharing sites? 
There are a group of sites that are considered among the most famous AdSense revenue sharing sites and have been operating for a long time, the most important of which are: –  

3- Profit from writing foreign articles 

For those who can write articles in the foreign language, there are many sites that pay between 20 – 50 dollars per article once your article is accepted, but writing on those sites and ensuring that your article is accepted requires a lot of effort and learning in order to write a high-quality article.  
What are the most popular sites for making money from writing foreign articles? 
1- college humor  

A comedy website that offers funny articles. If you are one of the people who enjoy a sense of humor, you can register on the site and send the topics to them. 
* You will wait until your article is accepted. If your article is accepted, they will pay you $35 for one article, and it may reach $50 if it is a long article. You can view the site’s terms and registration from here. College Humor  
2- sitepoint 
Every month, the site focuses on a topic that you can learn about and write about. This topic is considered one of the sites for profit from writing distinguished foreign articles.  
* The site is originally considered one of the important sites in the field of programming and website design, so it is preferable that anyone who wants to blog on it be a programmer or website developer.   
You can view the site terms and register from here sitepoint  
3-ux booth 

The site is originally considered one of the sites concerned with design and seeks to provide topics that can help improve the user experience 
* The articles you submit to the website must be between 1,100-1,800 words  
You can visit the website, view the details, and register here: Ux Booth  
4- strong whisper  

Choose a topic you would like to write about, then send the name of the topic and the main titles of the site. If your topic is accepted, you will be allowed to write on the site. 
* If you have a website or blog, they will ask you to put a link to your website or blog in order to learn about your writing style. 
* When you are invited to write articles on the site, you can write the topic you want, then it will be sent for review. If it is a good topic, it will be published and a message will be sent to you accepting the topic. If it is not good, it will be rejected and a message of rejection will be sent to you. 
* When the topic is accepted and published, money will be sent to you via PayPal ($50-$150) per article. 
 You can visit the site, learn about the terms and conditions, and register through this strong whisper link 
5- psych center 

It is a website specialized in public mental health. In order for you to add your topic, it must be an exclusive topic that is being discussed for the first time on the site. 
* The size of the articles on the site’s blog must be between 650 and 900 words only 
You can visit the site and learn about the terms and payment methods and everything related to public health through this link psych center 

4- Profit from writing articles and selling them on freelancing sites 

What are freelancing sites? 
Freelance sites or freelance sites are sites where you can offer your small services, and those interested in those services will buy them from you for a sum of money, usually ($5). 
* Freelance sites are considered one of the best ways to profit from writing articles, because after the widespread spread of blogs and websites, website and blog owners resort to purchasing these small services (articles) to display them on their blogs.  
I notice 
Freelancing sites have increased in number of people wanting to work on them, so you will find that the competition is intense, so you have to work hard and learn constantly in order to provide exclusive and distinctive content that makes people want to buy your topics at any price.

Freelance sites are also considered a wonderful opportunity for Arab bloggers through which they canprofit from writing Arabic articles.Where they can offer these services and obtain profits. There are some Arab people who have made thousands of dollars by writing Arabic articles and selling them on sites such as Khamsat and Mustaql.
What are the most popular freelance sites that you can start with?
Arabic websites 
* Fives 
* Independent 
* Any service 
Foreign websites 
* fiverr 
* freelancer 
Work requirements on freelance sites? 
*You need a bank account in PayPal or Payoneer to start receiving your money 
* Display your services in a distinctive way that attracts buyers 
* Write professional articles and submit them so that service buyers can vote on the quality of your services

5- Working as an assistant blogger on major blogs 

Some major websites and blogs offer jobs to bloggers and hobbyists who have a distinctive and exclusive style, in exchange for a monthly wage in exchange for writing a number of topics per month. 
* This method is also considered one of the ways to profit from writing distinctive articles, as you can rely on it as a job 

What are the conditions for working on these sites and blogs?
In making a profit from writing articles, the working conditions in all methods are almost the same, which are: 
* Exclusive, non-copied articles 
* An easy and simple style, and at the same time useful for visitors 

* These sites often ask you to send more than one blog post of your own to find out your writing style and whether these topics have been copied or are they exclusive and in your own style.

6- Profit from writing articles through these sites.

The group of sites that we will present to you below are sites You are offered profits for every article you write, often ranging from $5 to $100 per article. Some of these sites accept Arab countries and others do not accept articles written by residents of the Arabic language

*  *
https://*  *


The most important tips that should be taken into consideration before starting to profit from writing articles (Profit Expert Blog Tips)

1- Write about common topics that interest everyone 
2- Choose appropriate and attractive titles for your topics 
3- Use pictures in your topics 
4- Divide the topic into paragraphs and choose main and sub-headings within the topic 
5- Make sure to use statistics and numbers in your topics (using numbers is very important for people, so if you are writing about the amount of profit from your site, blog, or job, write, as it works to encourage others and that they can achieve this) 
6- Provide useful information to your readers 
7- Try as much as possible to make the style easy, but maintain the meaning and purpose of the topic.
8- A good blogger is essentially a good reader.

Read a lot about the topic from different sources before you write about it. Continuous reading will always make you develop your style and become a professional in writing.
9- After writing the topics, review them in terms of formatting and wording to ensure that there are no mistakes.
10- First, have someone do the reading. Your topics will be evaluated in terms of ease and usefulness, and with time they will develop and you will not need anyone to review your topics

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* This was a comprehensive explanation of making a profit from writing articles and what are the best ways to make a profit from writing articles and tips before starting
* I hope I was able to provide you with information on this topic. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive all the new topics.

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