Videos ready for YouTube 2024 (very professional at nominal prices)

Videos ready for YouTube 2024 (very professional at nominal prices)

So you want to get videos ready for YouTube?

In the past period, I searched a lot for people who offer this, so I buy videos from them for more than one channel.

But as you know, when you try to reach people who do this, you will face two basic problems:

  • Either you will not find what you really want and they will provide you with a completely different quality than what you had in mind.
  • Or their prices are too high.

Therefore, I decided to share my experience with you after extensive research, so that you may benefit from it.

But first you have to know that…

This topic will not provide you with: 

  • Ideas for the videos you want to create on your channel.
  • Or videos without royalties, because I have previously talked about them in detail (you can view it in detail).

But here you will find the best ways through which you can purchase ready-made videos for your YouTube channel.

But I will not only provide you with sites and methods, but also a nomination for a group of the best people at the best prices that you can get.

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If you’re ready to get started, let’s get to know you…

How to get videos ready for YouTube?

There are a million other ways you can get ready-made videos, but these are my favorite ways and my favorite people.

So if you find another better method or site, you can definitely share it with me so I can add it to this list.

Now let’s start with…

Get ready-made foreign videos

In our free YouTube course,

Especially if you intend to work on Cash Cow channels.

Here I will make it much easier for you and give you the best services that you can purchase from freelance sites .

Specifically, Fiverr

There are thousands of people from different countries of the world who provide services for creating ready-made videos for YouTube on the Fiverr website.

Whether you would like: 

  • Motion graphics videos.
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Screen capture.
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • A person speaking in front of the camera on behalf of your brand.
  • And even cash cow videos in which clips are used without rights.

And others…

You will find all of this easily on this platform, our favorite of all.

But so that you do not search and compare (and it is certainly up to you if you want to search), here are the best services that you can rely on:

  • Converting articles (scripts) into video : The price is only $5 / 500 words, and a free audio commentary and short videos will be added, as well as music, pictures, and subtitle.
  • The channel is completely managed by Ryan and his team : Here you will not do anything except adding the service provider as a manager in the channel, and according to the plan that you will request from him, he will provide you with everything. Although its price is somewhat high, it is considered the best and most professional second plan. (Which I consider to be the best) You pay $550 and 14 more than professional videos will be created in the English language in the field you choose, with a duration of (5-8) minutes. The channel’s SEO is prepared, the description and title are written, and everything.
  • Whiteboard video : The most professional service I have found here. 120 seconds of animation in 4K quality is provided for only $20, along with an audio commentary, illustrative pictures, etc.
  • Converting images to video : One of the most professional services in this specialty is on Fiverr and its prices are very good, but I do not think it will be suitable for all fields on YouTube.

There are dozens of other people offering different types of ready-made videos, but this one was the best fit in terms of our budget for many of us.

You will certainly find other professional services, but their prices are somewhat high compared to those found here.

Ways to get ready-made Arabic videos

Now, if you want videos ready for YouTube, but in Arabic, this part of the topic will definitely be very useful to you.

As I mentioned above, there are also many types of ready-made videos that you can request in Arabic content.

But since very few provide these services, let me tell you the best services that I found on the Khamsat website .

  • Screen recording and editing video : One of the best services on the site, and it is the one I buy for my YouTube channel. The price of the service is $5, and the video design and editing is very good (Alia is one of the best people I work with).
  • Whiteboard video design : 30-second videos for only $5. These are the cheapest prices I found, but without audio commentary. In addition, it offers discounts for videos longer than 3 minutes.

These are approximately the services that I was able to extract from among the thousands of other video design services available on Khamsat.

In fact, I don’t know why having professional people design videos is so difficult.

But I hope that one day we will find someone who provides these services professionally, even if their prices are moderate or high.

Now if you want something free, let’s talk about other ways through which you can…

Get free videos

So, are there ways through which I can get ready-made videos for YouTube for free without paying a single cent?

In fact, yes, there are some sites and methods, but they are not guaranteed at all, and you may find yourself in the end exposed to copyright violations and stopping the activation of profit from YouTube, which is definitely something that you do not want.

So here I will put some simple methods, but investing in your channel to increase subscribers and views, and thus profits , is something you should do one day.

Now let’s move quickly to those sites and start with…


You can easily obtain ready-made videos through YouTube through what is called the Creative Commons feature .

Get ready-made videos for free from YouTube

It is a feature that channel owners do when uploading a video, enabling anyone else to reuse the video without claiming rights from the video owner.

But here there are some problems like: 

  • The owner of the video may activate this feature by mistake when uploading the video and then change it.
  • YouTube algorithms have begun to recognize these videos and not show them to many people.

Therefore, you may not find a huge result from re-uploading such videos.

The solution here is the following:

  • Choose videos that were published a long time ago (a year or more) to avoid claiming rights.
  • It is better to have some skill in editing videos and add some things to them. website

It is a huge archive that includes hundreds and thousands of articles, videos, and photos that were published a long time ago and were deleted.

Everyone believes that these videos are completely copyright-free because it may be considered their first time publishing.

But surely you are not the only person who will go and download these videos and repost them.

So make sure that these videos are copyright-free.

More importantly, if you intend to use it, perhaps you can modify it or avoid using it at all, and this is my personal opinion.

These were the best ways to get videos ready for YouTube.

Now, do you think that there are certain methods that this topic needs to include?

Have you tried other methods or sites and they were useful to you?

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