What is the best small business project in Egypt? (Profitable Ideas 2024)

What is the best small business project in Egypt? (Profitable Ideas 2024)

As a young man who wants to improve your income, your question about the best small business project in Egypt is normal.

As you know, most commercial projects have now accumulated and one project has become repeated dozens of times in one region.

Therefore, finding an idea for a profitable business project may be difficult.

First, you have to define the meaning of the word “small” that you mean here….

Is your capital more than 25 thousand pounds or not?

This topic includes some small business projects that you can do in Egypt for this minimum amount.

Most importantly, I tried as much as possible to avoid traditional ideas, so I hope you find something useful here.

Here the topic will be divided into two main parts: 

  • Small online business projects suitable for Egypt
  • Small commercial projects in Egypt on the ground.

If this is your goal from the beginning, let us quickly learn about…

The best small business projects in Egypt online

Since they are commercial projects, the methods available now are few.

But all of them are excellent methods and the income coming from them is the best of all.

The most important of these projects are…

1- Create a page to sell products with commission on Facebook

Facebook pages are one of the best and very profitable small business projects in Egypt.

The most important advantage here is the small capital you can start with.

Once you have 1000 pounds , you can definitely start and sell.

The nature of the project here: 

Obtaining commissions by marketing various products (that you do not own) on your page through paid advertisements.

Project steps: 

  • First, you need to learn how to launch advertising campaigns on Facebook (there are many free courses on YouTube that you can start learning from).
  • Or you can appoint a professional and he will receive a percentage of the financing amount, usually 20%.
  • The most important thing you need is to find one or two products that are distinctive or different and at the same time in demand (search the affiliate sites that you have previously placed for these products).
  • Now you have to create a distinctive page on Facebook and start putting some posts on it.
  • Invite all your friends to the page to increase the number of likes.
  • Finally, launch your advertising campaign and be sure to promote only products that have distinctive images.

Note: The most important selling factor here are professional photos, because they are the first factor that attracts the eye, so be sure to choose photos very carefully.

2- Create a professional Instagram account to sell expensive products

Instagram is the best project for any brand that wants to sell products whose prices are somewhat high.

One of the things known among marketers is that Instagram is the platform that contains the largest number of A-class customers.

So your project can be present on this platform.

Project nature:

Selling an excellent product at a high price through Instagram or affiliate marketing for high-priced products.

Unlike Facebook, which we explained above.

Project steps: 

  • Look carefully for an excellent product, with a high price, that you can sell for a commission or a large profit.
  • Now go to Instagram and start constantly posting content about this product.
  • If it’s a hair product, start posting hair care tips for a long time and so on..
  • Make sure that the designs you publish are excellent.
  • After that, all you have to do is promote the product you chose above in your story or in the post.

Note: The more your followers trust you, the more you will be able to sell, because high-priced products require patience to be sold at the desired rate.

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3- Create an online store specialized in a specific field

Most online stores do not make purchases from them in Egypt like in other countries.

Perhaps the main reason for this is that a large group of people do not trust new sites, in addition to the inability of some to deal with technology and purchasing steps well.


Some groups, especially young people, can do this.

Therefore, all you have to do is find a field that has a target audience that can deal with online purchases.

Project Idea: 

Selling or affiliate marketing products that have an audience that knows how to deal with online stores.

The best stores in Egypt that operate in this way are stores that specialize in selling Apple products.

The target audience here knows well how to buy online through an online store, so creating a store in this field is excellent.

Brands specializing in sportswear are also an excellent idea that you can work on.

Project steps:

  • Finding the idea on which you will build your online store project.
  • After that, you must learn how to create a professional online store (or choose the Expandcart platform, which will help you design a ready-made Arabic store with just a few clicks and at excellent prices).
  • Now you have to photograph your products in excellent quality and upload them to your store.
  • It is also important to learn some of the basics of SEO in order to get buyers for free through Google (SEO is improving your website pages to appear in search results).
  • Finally, make some ads on social media sites in order to attract buyers faster.

4- Design your own electronic product and sell it

You may think that this project requires you to have skill and experience in a certain field.

And in fact it is.

But there are also some electronic products that you can create and sell without having any skill.

All you have to do is invest in an idea and hire professional people to do it for you.

For example: 

Fouad Badawi created many electronic products himself, but in the end he hired a team to help him create more.

Project Idea: 

Find a specific field that a large number of people are interested in or a specific product that many people use, then start working on an excellent version of it. After completing it, you must start promoting it in the appropriate place.

Project steps: 

  • Search for a required electronic product such as (WordPress plugins – WordPress templates – applications for designing applications – ready-made WordPress templates – ready-made video templates – etc.)
  • Next, you need to identify a product idea that is similar but has some distinctive features to it.
  • Now go and hire some freelancers from freelance sites to help you finish your project.
  • Finally, know where your customers are located, then put your product in front of them, whether (with free or paid promotion).

Examples of projects that you can invest in without skill: 

  • E-books in a specific field.
  • Short electronic courses.
  • Sites that have distinctive ideas (recruitment sites – microservices sites – etc.)

5- Business buying and selling project

Buying and selling business, or in English, business flipping, is one of the best profitable commercial projects in Egypt and the entire world.

Instead of starting a project from scratch, all you have to do is invest a certain amount in purchasing a ready-made project that will generate a monthly income.

Project Idea: 

Buying a blog, website, YouTube channel, or social media account that generates a monthly income, waiting on it and improving it for months, then reselling it.

The most important thing here is the correct estimation of the buying and selling price of the business.

Project price: The commonly accepted price in Egypt is the monthly income of the project * 15, while abroad it reaches the monthly income * 45.

Meaning, if the project’s monthly income is $100, the purchase price is $1,500.

Project steps: 

  • You buy the project, let’s say, at a price of $1,500 (monthly income of $100).
  • Then you improve the site and add some articles or videos to it.
  • Over the next 6 months, the site improved and I earned a total income ($650) and about $110 per month.
  • I decided to sell now. Selling price = 110 * 15, i.e. Hawally ($1650)
  • Therefore, your profit now is $150, the price difference between buying and selling + $650 in the 6 months that you waited.
  • Therefore, the return on investing $1,500 was $800 in 6 months (about 55% in a short period).

You can adhere to these same steps when purchasing any service website or YouTube channel.

Important note: The secret of the project’s success here is choosing the right business and correctly estimating its price by analyzing its real data.

6- Reselling services (Drop servicing)

Dropservicing is one of the distinctive business projects that you can start with a small capital in Egypt .

Here it is very simple and I will explain it to you in detail.

Project Idea:

Finding services that are in high demand (video design – logos – content writing – etc.), then finding professionals who will provide them, and finally reselling them at a higher price.

This was the basic idea, now let’s talk about…

Project steps: 

  • Look for services that are related to each other and have somewhat high or moderate prices.
  • Now design a professional website, Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Now present these services and skills as if they were your personal skills or as if you were a company that provided these skills in a professional manner.
  • Start promoting these services and skills with paid ads on social media now.
  • When a request comes to you, all you have to do is go to the people who already provide these services on the various freelancing sites, ask them to implement the service, and provide them with all the instructions that the client gave you.
  • The client will most likely pay you at first, and then you will pay the freelancer when he finishes the service.
  • Once you receive the service, you deliver it to the customer.

A very important note: In order to succeed in this business project, you must always think about two things:

  • The quality of service provided by the freelancer you deal with.
  • That your customer pays a good price, and this happens when marketing products that are bought by foreigners, not Arabs.

The best commercial projects in Egypt on the ground

7- Establishing an advertising services office

Advertising services offices are one of the best projects in Egypt.

Although it is not directly considered a commercial project, it is one of the small projects that may bring you some good profits.

Many shops or people in your area often need to create advertisements to publicize their business.

Therefore, owning an integrated advertising and advertising services office is a very profitable project that does not require large capital.

Project steps: 

  • Renting a medium-sized shop and creating a distinctive decor for it.
  • Determine the advertising services that you will provide (paper ads – social media ads – designing websites for them – etc.).
  • Start promoting yourself as a professional in this field.
  • During promotion, work mainly on the strengths that you will provide for each business type.
  • Also rely on mentioning what any business will lose by not dealing with you.

Note: It is important to look for people who are professionals in some fields and not do the entire work alone (you can start alone only if your skill is excellent in all skills and you do not need your time for other matters)

8- A very specialized clothing store project

A clothing store that specializes in selling only one product or category may be considered by some to be an unprofitable idea.

But the truth is quite the opposite.

Specialization is the best at all times and for all projects, simply for the following reasons:

  • Specialization means more varieties of the same type and more models
  • The cost of a specialized store is much lower than stores that sell all types of clothes.
  • The meaning of specialization is that you buy larger quantities of the same type and thus obtain discounts from merchants.
  • Specializing in one product means selling to different ages, which compensates for the diversification of varieties.

There are many ideas for specialized clothing stores, but the best are: 

  • Women’s underwear stores
  • A store that sells girls’ trousers.
  • A store that sells girls’ home pajamas
  • Selling classic clothing for young people.
  • And others…

The most important thing is to form good relationships with customers and provide the best in terms of treatment and quality of the products that we sell.

9- Organizing various events

Organizing events is also a good project to start in Egypt with a fairly small capital.

Although it is not a commercial project either, the occasions never end in Egypt.

So perhaps you should start learning how to organize different events now.

In all classes of society, events are organized:

  • wedding parties
  • birthdays
  • Engagement parties.
  • And others…

This project is considered one of the distinctive women’s projects that girls can start with.

Note: It is very important that you follow up on everything related to organizing parties and decorations so that you can be creative in organizing.

10- Mobile accessories store project

You may think that the project spread widely and did not become small business .

But the truth is that most stores that sell mobile accessories, which often have someone who repairs phone problems, are operating and selling in good quantities.

Although the return from the project is not the best, now this is mainly due to the very small capital that you can start with.

However, your profit from one product may reach 100%.

The nice thing here is that you can add an Fawry machine to the store and start selling recharge cards and paying for various services, thus making an additional profit.

The project is also suitable as a village project that you can start in any village and you will find little competition.

Project steps: 

  • Look for a small store in an area with good population movement.
  • Now I am looking for suppliers to buy various accessories, including cases, screens, hand frees, and others.
  • After that, start preparing your store well and placing unconventional products in the storefront.
  • Then make offers and start promoting your store on Facebook for your area.
  • When your income from the store becomes good, appoint another person to solve software and other problems for phones.
  • After the situation improves further, you can start buying chargers and even the phones themselves and selling them.

11- A fruit shop or cart project

Small fruit shops or specialized fruit carts are considered a profitable small business venture in Egypt.

The stores have buyers and they pay, but they require more expenses and a higher quality of the fruit.

As for the carts specializing in one or more types of fruit, their cost is much lower, but despite that, they achieve almost the same profit, even if their prices are low.

Therefore, if the capital you want to invest is 5,000 pounds, perhaps you should start with a fruit cart, but if it exceeds 20,000, then starting to prepare your store is the right step now.

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12- Happiness Arabia Project

Happiness Arabia is a very simple idea that relies mainly on trading in simple foods that make others happy.

The most important of these simple foods are:

  • Dumplings
  • Ice cream.
  • sweets.
  • Coffee
  • Even potatoes

Creativity in an idea for a vehicle has no limits.

You can develop anything to suit the area you have chosen to place your cart in.

For example, some girls in Cairo were able to launch coffee carts and rely on them as a source of income.

Some people sell dumplings and potatoes with Nutella in some areas that have fairly high classes.

Project steps: 

  • Think about where you want to place your project.
  • Then determine what this site specifically needs.
  • Now design a wooden cart in a distinctive way to attract buyers’ attention.
  • Make sure it appears very clean.
  • Finally, think about how you will present your product in a distinctive way to every person who buys from you.
  • The most important thing now is to leave a very positive impression so that the person will come to you again.

We have now completed 12 small commercial projects in Egypt, whether online or on the ground.

But let me give you my personal recommendations for what I find to be a special opportunity to start now….

What is the best small business project in Egypt? (My nominations)

The best small business project in Egypt is the project that is most suitable for you, but it is also a creative project that is considered a somewhat new idea, even if the idea is old, but only some things have been modified and improved.

So if you want advice or what would I choose if I were you?

If I were you, my choice would be two projects, one online and one offline.

  • The best online business project is: designing your own distinctive product and reselling it
  • The best commercial project on the ground is: a store that specializes in a specific product.

These ideas are not new, but they are not widespread, and the most important thing here is that they are proven and achieve excellent profits.

For example, for the online project, there are some Arab influencers who have done this and achieved huge sales, the most important of whom is Fouad Badawi, founder of tielabs, who created several paid templates for WordPress, the most famous of which are Paradise and Sahifa.

As for the specialized clothing project, the secret here is to reduce the cost and avoid huge competition.

If you have a lot of products in the store, you will need a huge budget and you will also not be able to buy a lot of models.

Therefore, you will not satisfy many of your customers.

In the area where I live, the most famous store that sells girls’ trousers is a store that specializes in trousers only.

Therefore, practical experience tells you that this idea is successful.

This was my answer to the question: What is the best small business project in Egypt?

Of course, there are many other commercial projects that may be good, but these are what I find to be the best and most suitable for 2022.

So if you have any questions or other ideas, do not hesitate to leave your comment.

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