Working online 2024 (real ways for hardworking people)

Working online 2024 (real ways for hardworking people)

For most people, especially Arabs, unfortunately, the Internet is nothing but a means of entertainment and amusement, and perhaps interfering in the affairs of others through social networking sites, but some people, and they are few, are the ones who found the Internet as a real means of work, so these few are the ones you find searching for ways towork on The Internetis different and you are certainly one of those people who realize the importance of the Internet as a very effective means of achieving monthly income or perhaps independence and financial freedom.So let me take you on a tour and learn about the most important ways that you can work on the Internet.


Maybe now I should ask you what skill do you have? What can you do? But I know that you may not have any skill or experience in a certain field, so in each method that I will explain about working on the Internet, I will mention the most important sources from which you can learn that method and the most important additional steps to raise your value in that method (double what you get). He has money) but you have to decide from now on whether you will learn or not! If you decide to work, move with me now to the most important profitable methods.  

Perhaps you will find on many other sites very many ways to work on the Internet, but everyone will provide you with those methods without telling you where to master that method, which is what we will teach you and focus on.

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Real ways to work online 2020 

These methods that we will put here include, in order, the best methods of working on the Internet for beginners, then the best methods of working for those who have special skills, whether programming or design. Therefore, if you are a beginner or someone with experience, you will find what suits you.

1- Work on writing articles 

Writing articles is considered one of the most in-demand fields on the Internet. Due to the large number of bloggers and website owners, the demand for content writers is increasing day after day.
Therefore, when talking about the best way for beginners to work on the Internet, there is nothing better than the field of writing.Although the authors of the articles ask for writers with experience in this field, if you have linguistic skill and can use a strong and distinctive style, then you will be able to enter this field with full force.
Working online

in the field of writing is very special, as this field is not limited to men, but women have taken a large part of this field, so it is an opportunity for both genders.How do you learn to write articles?

If you really want to work on the Internet, the first step for you is to learn. When I created this blog, I did not know how to write a topic, but trust my personal experience, your writing style will constantly improve. 

The best way to learn writing is by reading.

A good writer is essentially a good reader, so my advice to you is to go to Google and write any title that comes to your mind, then go to the first 10 topics on the search page all together and observe the way of writing, how they format the topic, and what are the words. Which they use a lot in the subject. If you do this, I am sure that you will become a distinguished writer and perhaps better than these writers, but every method of work requires learning and effort in learning, and thus you will acquire the required skills.Where do you provide your services

? You may now be asking where you will be able to work in writing. Articles?
Where will you offer your services and market yourself?There are many places through which you can display your work and get clients

– Facebook groups: The various Facebook groups are a great opportunity to double the sales of your services and obtain new and sometimes permanent clients.
The most important groups that you can join if you want to work on the Internet, especially in the field of writing articles, are (groups of bloggers and website owners – freelancing groups – marketing groups). Type (blogging – website owners – SEO – AdSense – freelancing) in the search. On Facebook, you will get groups specialized in that

– Khamsat website: This site is considered a treasure for those who want to work on the Internet. You may have heard about it before, as it is one of the most important freelance sites. Work on Khamsat is not limited to writing articles, but you can display any skill you have on the site and you will get clients and sales. To serve you if you follow some important steps, which you will find in

the comprehensive guide to working on Fiverr  – the Fiverr website: If you can write in the English language, then the Fiverr website is considered the best opportunity for you to work on the Internet, but I think that writing English articles is very difficult, especially for beginners, so perhaps you should start. Pay attention to Arabic articles

Learn more through the comprehensive guide to making money from writing articles


2- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the strongest fields of work on the Internet if you want large sums of money, but you must first know that the field of affiliate marketing is not an easy field that you can master overnight and start making profits through it.

In order to maintain the greatest amount of credibility,

working onlinein this way by 90% requires sums of money to carry out marketing campaigns and purchase customer analysis tools and other tools. Perhaps you will need to purchase some courses, but this does not mean that you cannot enter this field. And make money without paying money, but in order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will need some paid tools.Where do you learn affiliate marketing?

Fortunately, we have explained a large part of

the basics of affiliate marketingin this blog, and it is free information that will not cost you anything, but this information is the cornerstone that you must build upon and constantly develop yourself throughvarious marketing books, and you can also benefit from various affiliate marketing courses.How to get started? At work ?

Now you have to get to work, right?

If you want to work for free or paid and learn about this field, you can read the first step that we advise beginners to do, which isprofit from affiliate marketing for this topic, you will find the most important information you need in order to work on the Internet and profit from For free, or you would like to speed up this process and invest some money in this method.

3- Social media marketing 

With the noticeable spread in electronic commerce and the large number of business owners, the demand for marketers on social networking sites, especially on Facebook, has increased.
But unfortunately, in the recent period, we have noticed the spread of this service in a very large way on the Internet, and perhaps unqualified people are using it. The positive side of this issue is that you can compete and succeed despite all these competitors.Therefore, I consider this method one of the best waysto work on the Internet.How can you compete with so many people doing the same work?!

The answer is simplyexcellence. About 80% of the people who work in this way want to make a profit by providing real and tangible results that make the customer want to work with them continuously.Therefore, my most important advice to you, if you want to work on the Internet as a marketer through social networks, is to study and experiment (your own experiences). I also advise you to search for successful advertising campaigns carried out by people, which are widely available on YouTube, and study those campaigns and know their strengths and points. Weakness in it.Sources for learning marketing via social media:

It is natural that I advise you to register in one of the courses for social media marketing, but in most cases you do not have enough money and do not want to start paying money (

I advise you to pay, of course, if you want to learn in an organized and more rapid manner), so I will put some videos here. The distinctive Facebook marketing that you can listen to on YouTube for free and it is very good for learning the basics– the first video
– the second video 

Experience is the best teacher after learning the basics 

Where do you market your business?

Certainly on the platform that you will use to market to your customers. If you want to market on Facebook, after carefully studying the method of making ads on Facebook and conducting your personal experiments, you must do the following:

– Create a page (page) on Facebook and choose an attractive name (it works in the language). English is more professional)
– Upload your personal experiences (which you have done before and succeeded) in a new post and then promote this post via Facebook
– You will find many people asking you to promote their work, offer your services and the return you receive. You want it

* Of course, the same steps if you decide to master marketing on any other platform.

Additional tips

– When starting with a new client, offer your services (download one for free), where the client only pays the cost of advertising (you will be amazed that these clients want to work with you continuously when See your results)
– Learn constantly because this field is constantly talking

4- Create blogs and sell them 

Many people want to
createtheir own blog, but most of these people do not want to go into technical details such as installing templates or creating pages. Rather, they want ready-to-write blogs, and this is what we will rely on in this method ofworking on the Internet.Creating an electronic blog is not difficult, and you can learn to create a blog with ease. In the beginning, you have to know:
– There are two basic platforms for creating electronic blogs (Blogger – WordPress), each of which has advantages and some disadvantages.
Some people want to blog on Blogger and others on WordPress, but WordPress is more difficult, so you can earn much larger sums of money than creating a Blogger blog.

Learning sources

for Blogger: There are many sources that you can rely on, including:
– Our guide to
creating a Blogger blog in simple steps  – YouTube videos. All you have to do is write “Create a Blogger blog” to find thousands of free videos and courses

for WordPress. You can watch these free courses on YouTube:
– The first course:– The second course:

How to market your work

The two best ways to market your work are:

– Fiverr website and Khamsat website: Offer your service there, as they are the two largest freelancing sites in the world
– On the profit-from-the-internet groups found on Facebook, there are thousands of people who want to create blogs for the purpose of profit and not They have the required skills

5- Create your own blog 

I always remember that creating your own blog is the cornerstone of any method of

working on the Internet. If you want to profit from the Internet in any way, whether marketing, selling products, or even creating your own online store, you can use your blog to market it or one of your skills, whether translation or other skills. Secondly,I will not talk much about blogs because I have talked about them constantly in previous topics. If you want to learn how to create an electronic blog and profit from it, all you have to do is read these topics

How to create an electronic blog in simple steps from scratch  All the ways to profit from blogs in 2020.

I must emphasize once again that creating your personal blog is the best investment and the best way to work on the Internet if you want to create a real business that will bring you money continuously, even after you stop working on it. 

6- Working online as a translator 

Translation is considered one of the most important skills that are in high demand on the Internet, but working on the Internet in a field such as translation requires you to be proficient in the languages ​​between which you are translating. If you decide, for example, to translate from English into Arabic, you must ensure that you are proficient in both languages ​​and largely avoid mistakes. Linguistic, grammatical, or errors in sentence structure.

How do you master the English language?

I will now talk about the English language as it is the most important language used in translation. You can search for sources to learn other languages ​​if you want, of course, or you can ask us in the comments about the best and we will answer you

– Memrise website
– British councel
– duolingo application and website

Where do you showcase your skills?

The best way to work in the field of translation is through:
– Freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Fiverr, and display your services well if you want good work and many clients.

7- Profit from Facebook pages and groups 

Are you one of the people who spend many hours on social networking sites?
What do you think about using your regular activity as a means to work on the Internet and make very good amounts of money?I will not talk here about the methods that you can use to profit from Facebook, but I will talk about the simplest method of

working on the Internetand Facebook, and the most important thing that distinguishes this method is that it is very entertaining and does not require any effort or any experience. Just do what you love and earn money. .What should you do?

First, you must determine the field of your page. Choose a specialty to build your page or group on
. Create a page or group and give it a name related to the page’s specialty
Invite your friends to like the page or join your group
. Start providing content continuously and you will be surprised by many People join your group or page.

How does it work?

  After you are able to gather an audience for your page or group, go to one of the large groups of website owners and display your page.
Page prices usually exceed 5,000 pounds if you exceed the barrier of 100,000 people

** An additional bonus for you **

after collecting The audience for your page: Create another page or several pages and download content on those pages, then share this content on your page (the same audience). Thus, you are enlarging a large number of pages, which will bring you very huge profits.

8- Working in the field of digital currencies 

Digital currencies are the investment of our time for many, but perhaps you have never heard of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin.
You should know that the labor market for digital currencies on the Internet amounts to billions of dollars daily.
The most important thing that distinguishes working in this way are the prices of those currencies, as investment in those currencies depends on the continuous change in the price of those currencies. Perhaps I will simplify that picture more by talking about my personal experience.

When I startedworking on the Internetin 2017, the price of Bitcoin was ($3,000), and now, at the time of writing this article, that is, after 3 years, it has broken the $11,000 barrier, meaning that if you invested $1,000, it would have become $3,500, or about aninterest rate. 100% annually.Can you imagine the amount of profits?!

If you want to invest in this risky and not guaranteed method, you must do the following:
– Own a Bitcoin wallet
– Learnhow to obtain Bitcoin. 

9- Working on YouTube 

Who among us has not used YouTube one day, whether for learning or for anything else?! YouTube is one of the best methods currently used by a large number of people to work on the Internet. Whether you have experience in creating videos or not, you can profit from YouTube. All you have to do is film some videos (your own whether you are in the videos or not) and then upload them to your channel that you create with ease.


Learn about:

YouTube profits after studying 149 channels.How do you profit from this method?

  I will not talk much about this method since we have provided a comprehensive explanation of all

the ways to profit from YouTube.Check it out to learn more.

10- Working in the field of binary options 

This method is for risk lovers who can invest their money in very risky ways. Although I do not recommend using this method in
working on the Internet,there are some people who prefer this type of investment, so I mentioned it in this topic. Warning: If you cannot bear the risk, do not Try this method because 90% of people lose their capital.

Binary options are deals very similar to Forex deals, but the main difference is that in binary options you have only two choices (two predictions): –
As for the rise in the price
– The decrease in the price.

If your prediction is correct, you can profit. Up to 99% of the amount you enter a deal with, but if your prediction is wrong, you lose the investment amount. The

best binary options company

is consideredone of the best reliable and honest binary options companies that I have worked with for a period. The most important characteristic of this company is the following:– Limit The minimum deposit in the company is very low, only $10
– You can withdraw your profits at any time and the minimum withdrawal is $2
– Payment methods on the site (Visa – Skrill – Bitcoin – Neteller)
– There is a mobile application for the company
– You can create a demo account that is provided to you Fake money you can practice using

to register on the site here: Iqoption

11- Work online as a graphic designer

Do you think you have good design skills?!
Even if you do not have any skills, you may be ableto work onlineand earn money from graphic design.But how is this?Maybe you should learn design skills and start working directly.Many website owners request special logos for their blogs. Some people want to design some images, others want designs on T-shirts and perhaps wedding cards.

You can learn all these skills easily and without any effort, and then profit through these designs.Learning sources:

There are many sites that you can go to to learn design, the most important of which are:

Canva(the best site for designing a free logo that you can rely on)– Creativebloq

how to work

– Freelance sites are one of the best ways to showcase your design skills
– Website owners’ groups on social media
– Sites for profit from designing and selling T-shirts (Teespring – Cafepress)

12- Working online as a voice over commentator 

One of the most important skills required in working online, as some YouTube channel owners want people with distinctive voices to comment on their videos.
If you have a distinctive voice, you can offer your services on one of the freelancing sites, as this service is one of the required jobs.

13- Working on the Internet as a motion graphic video designer

is one of the required skills is creating motion graphic videos. Many business owners or those who own products or even YouTube channel owners They want some videos of this type, as they are the favorite videos as they get the customer’s attention.

Therefore, working as a video graphic designer is one of the best ways to work on the Internet in this period.Learning sources:

The best courses for learning motion graphics from the beginning


14- Working online in the field of programming 

Programming is the most important skill required in the 21st century. It is not only a means of working on the Internet, but it is considered the strongest and most important field of work in the world.
The fields of programming are very diverse and the programming languages ​​that you can learn are very many.Mostly, the salaries of programmers when employed in a company range from $10,000 to $50,000 per month, and that is in companies. What if you could program your application or website and then make it public? Imagine how much you could profit?!The best programming languages ​​to learn
– Python
– C#
– Html

Learning sources

– W3school
– codeacademy
– github

You may want to know the 16 best sites for learning programming

15- Working on the Internet in the easiest ways 

If you want to work on the Internet and do not want to make an effort, perhaps you may benefit from our topic in which we talked about

the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, but the less effort or skill, the less profits. Therefore, these methods are for earning a small amount of money compared to the methods above. Did you like the topic?

We have tried as much as possible in this topic to present the best methods
for working on the Internet  and explain each method in detail. Therefore, if you liked the topic and found one of the good methods, perhaps you canshare this topicwith your friends or family so that everyone can benefit.

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