1000 daily income project for women (top 5 profitable)

1000 daily income project for women (top 5 profitable)

What is the best project with a daily income of 1000 for women?

Not all professions and projects are suitable for women, so if you want to start a project and do not know where to start, and are confused…

This guide is definitely for you.

What is the best and most suitable project to earn at least 1000 income per day?

I am here to help you!

Through this article, I will suggest to you the best projects to achieve an income of at least 1000 riyals daily…

A daily income project of 1000 for women

There are many projects that will earn you a daily income of more than one thousand Saudi riyals. Here I will try to present only what achieves this amount.

In the next part, I will share with you 5 ideas that you can choose from.

Starting with…

1- Dress rental hall

To begin with, of course, any project requires capital…

For a party dress rental project, you will need a capital of at least $5,000 to implement it.

These costs include:

  • Rent a place to display dresses.
  • And buy various dresses.
  • Designing the store’s interior decorations.
  • And so on…

You can definitely try launching your own online store and rent and sell dresses through it and save the cost of renting the store.

Although the cost of the project may seem large, it generates profits of more than a thousand riyals per day !

Requirements for equipping a dress rental hall:

  • Determine a place to hold an exhibition of dresses, whether rented or purchased.
  • Designing interior and exterior decoration for the place.
  • Purchase dresses of various colors, sizes, and models to suit different women’s tastes, provided that the quantity of dresses is sufficient.
  • Then you will have to promote your project, and it is advisable to run paid advertisements so that everyone will know about the store.
  • Don’t forget to hire a girl inside the store to work!

Get to know:

The next project is…

2- Restaurant project

In fact, this project is considered the most important project with a daily income of 1000 riyals for women.

Although its cost may be higher compared to many of the projects in this guide, it is really worth starting with.

Here are the steps to implement the project:

  • First, you must determine the type of food that will be served (Western restaurant, Eastern restaurant, fast food, seafood…)
  • Make an economic feasibility of the costs of opening the project and determine the capital.
  • Choose the appropriate place where you will set up the restaurant.
  • Focus on the interior decoration of the restaurant because it is important to attract customers after the quality of the food served.
  • Work with a suitable graphic designer to design the restaurant’s logo, menu brochure, and more.
  • Search for employees for the staff (chef, sous chef, comic, cleaning worker…)
  • Post street and online ads to promote it and accompany them with eye-catching food photos.

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3- Women’s sports club project

This project is considered a successful and profitable project, and what makes it more suitable for it to be managed by a woman is that it is intended for women only.

Equipment required to open a women’s gym:

  • Determine the location and location of the project, provided that the club is located in a densely populated area and is easily accessible, that is, not far from residential areas.
  • The club area must not be less than 100 meters in order to accommodate sports equipment and increase room for movement.
  • The place must be well-ventilated, and air conditioning and fans must be provided.
  • The gym also requires some things, including:
    • Employing an experienced trainer in the gym.
    • Hire a cleaning lady to keep the place always clean.
    • Providing speakers to play exciting music.
    • Sufficient mirrors in various corners of the club and in front of each equipment.
    • Creating a private bathroom for women.
    • Posting instructions for exercises and how to play the instruments.

What is the expected total cost of a women’s gym project?

The total cost of the project ranges between 5,000 – 10,000 US dollars.

And now with the third project, which is…

 4- Women’s beauty salon project

Although the cost of opening a women’s salon is expensive, it generates significant profits.

Steps to open a women’s salon project: 

  • Choose a suitable location for the salon, provided that it is in an upscale area because most women in these areas are more concerned with themselves, and the price of the service may be raised.
  • The area of ​​the place must be sufficient and exceed 100 meters to accommodate chairs, appliances, a special corner for waiting, etc.
  • The place must also have air conditioning and a waiting area.
  • Employing a professional team specialized in beauty and hairdressing.
  • Hire a cleaning lady to take care of the cleanliness of the place.
  • Promotion of the project.

Requirements for opening a women’s beauty salon: 

  • Buy cosmetics of various types and they must be of high quality.
  • The salon must also have a good selection of skin and hair care creams, dyes, oils, etc.
  • Purchasing basic tools such as: special chairs, mirrors, styling equipment, hair dryers, manicure tools, etc.

The cost of opening this project is approximately $10,000 to $20,000.

5- Candy store project

What I mean is opening a store that sells Eastern and Western sweets. Isn’t that an amazing idea!

There is a great demand for purchasing various sweets…

But you have to look for an expert pastry chef, his assistant, and a delivery person as well.

In this case, your task remains only management.

Where is the right place to open a candy store?

It is preferable that the location be in a popular area or within a commercial market, and that the area of ​​the store be medium and have sufficient ventilation…

Requirements for opening a candy store:

  • Two refrigerators must be provided in the store, one to store sweets and the second to display sweets.
  • Purchasing the necessary materials to make different types of sweets in sufficient quantities, such as:
    • Ghee.
    • eggs.
    • oil.
    • Sweets decorations.
    • chocolate.
    • Picnic powder.
    • Vanilla.
    • precise.
    • Fresh fruits and dried fruits.
    • Nuts.
    • Sugar.
    • And others…
  • You must buy a good oven and stove.
  • Kneading machine.
  • You must also purchase two or three whisks for whipping.
  • Molds of various sizes, shapes and types.
  • Various kitchen tools such as knives, trays, spoons, plates, etc.

Here, dear reader, we have reached the conclusion of this article.

Through which I have suggested to you more than one project with a daily income of more than 1000 Saudi riyals for women!

Now tell us…

What project did you choose?

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