The best GPT sites (up to $299 per month)

The best GPT sites (up to $299 per month)

You have certainly searched for a long time for areas of profit from the Internet , especially if you are a beginner in this field, and perhaps some people have told you that you can start making money from GPT sites.

Despite the abundance of false information on the Internet, you can actually profit from GPT sites.


Because it is a method for beginners, it is natural that the profits from this method are relatively weak, that is, not in amounts that you can rely on as your primary source of income.

Mostly, you can earn between $1-$10 per day from the sites here.

But it depends mainly on your country and also the tasks you complete.

Let’s quickly move on to….

What are the sites for profit from GPT tasks?

GPT sites are sites that offer you points or money (depending on the method of each site) in exchange for performing some small tasks.

These tasks may be:

  • Watch a video
  • Watch ads
  • Answer surveys
  • Work as a data entry
  • Download apps
  • Use a search engine
  • And other offers that you can do

GPT is an abbreviation for the word (get paid to), which we explained above.

The best 8 GPT sites in 2023

We learned how to profit from GPT sites, and it is time to find out the best sites that you can work on.

There are hundreds of sites for earning money from tasks on the Internet.

This means that there are hundreds of fraudulent sites that do not pay users.

Therefore, we decided to collect the best sites for making money from performing honest tasks so far.

We have already received hundreds of dollars from these sites and we are still receiving money from them.

So let’s start quickly with the first site…

1- Ysense website

ysense is considered the best and most reliable GPT site ever.

You can profit from the site in many ways, including:

  • ysense surveys you can earn $5 daily from.
  • The many offers it contains.
  • Watch video ads (for those living in the United States of America only)
  • Download applications
  • the games.

If you want to earn good money in an easy way, you must work on ysense, as:

  • You can earn up to $200 per month from Ysense alone.
  • The site is the most honest ever and supports all countries with different and varied ways to profit from the site, including surveys and offers.
  • It offers different payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and Amazon cards
  • We have already withdrawn more than $300 from ysense.

Register with ysense

2- Timebucks

Timebucks should always be your first choice.

After more than about two years and trying sites for making money by performing various tasks, I was finally convinced that timebucks is undoubtedly the best.

But it is placed in second place in the topic because it does not provide PayPal as a withdrawal method.

  • The site contains more than 11 ways to profit, ranging from surveys to profit from tasks, as well as captcha, and watching ads and videos.
  • What I prefer most about the site is the weekly automatic payment, which you will not find on other GPT sites.
  • Minimum payment: $10 only.
  • Payment methods: (bank transfer – Payeer – Airtm – Bitcoin).
  • We withdrew more than $120 from the site even though we registered a very short time ago.

Register at timebucks

3- Picoworkers website

The picoworkers website is one of the truly distinctive sites that you may not find many sites talking about.

I don’t really know the reason for this, but in my personal opinion, it is the best because it provides an opportunity for profit for all countries.

  • There is no limit to what you can earn from the site.
  • Picoworkers contains more than 500 offers for Egypt. The cost of the offer ranges from 3 cents – 80 cents.
  • As for other countries, whether Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the Emirates, or others, there are more and more offers.
  • There are various ways to profit from the site, including (writing articles – advertisements – registering on sites – downloading applications).
  • The best way for me, which I explained in detail, is to watch videos .
  • Minimum payment: $5.40, payment must be made within 10 days of requesting payment.
  • Available payment methods (Paypal – Skrill – Litecoin).

Register at picoworkers

4- Taskpay website

If you want a GPT site similar to the picoworkers site above, but through which you can earn Russian rubles , then this site is your choice.

  • Sadiq’s website has hundreds of positive reviews.
  • You can profit from all the methods mentioned above.
  • The site contains more than 1,500 tasks that you can do.
  • Through the site, you can make a profit equivalent to $2 per day through tasks.
  • The withdrawal amount is very low, approximately $0.10.
  • Withdrawals are made via Payeer – QIWI.
  • The profits reach your account within 24 working hours.

5- swagbucks

Swagbucks considered one of the most famous sites for earning money from performing tasks and the one that pays users the most, as it has hundreds of offers.

  • The gpt website is very honest and is affiliated with the company that runs the ysense website.
  • The site was initially available to foreign countries only, but it was opened to Arab countries.
  • You can earn through several methods, but the most important are cashback and tasks.
  • You can only withdraw from $5 (via Amazon cards) and $10 (via PayPal).
  • Your profits arrive in your account within 3 days.

Register at swagbucks

5- cointiply website

If your desire now is to work on the GPT website, but at the same time you want to earn Bitcoin, then cointiply is definitely your choice.

There are many features that make you start using cointiply, not only because it enables you to obtain digital currencies , and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The site provides the possibility of making profits through its application, not just the site.
  • The ways to profit from the site are very diverse, including ( PTC – videos – surveys – offers – faucet – in addition to interest – and others).
  • You can earn about $1 per day from the site.
  • The site provides two ways to withdraw your profits: (Bitcoin wallet – Dogecoin wallet).
  • Withdrawal of profits takes place within a week of the withdrawal request and once it reaches $3.5 .

Register at cointiply

6- gpt1 website

gpt1 is also one of the gpt sites that has received very great fame in the field due to the many offers and credibility noted by users of the site.

  • The gpt1 website has been operating since 2012 and has paid large sums of money to users since its inception. The site is considered one of the most famous sites for making money from the Internet, especially in Morocco .
  • You can earn from $0.5 to $3 per day from offers. The minimum withdrawal limit is very low, only 0.16 euros.
  • There are hundreds of tasks you can do.
  • The site is honest and we have already checked it out.
  • Payment methods on the site (Skrill – PayPal – Neteller – Amazon cards)
  • Disadvantages of the site: The design of the site is primitive and unprofessional, and there are also fees for money transfer operations

7- clickworker

Clickworker is also considered one of the most famous and oldest GPT sites, and it can also be considered one of the freelancer sites .

  • Clickworker has been operating since 2005, so it is considered one of the oldest GPT sites.
  • The site is honest, has been running for a very long time and pays users.
  • Payment is made via paypal.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount from the site is low, amounting to 5 euros.
  • One of the disadvantages of the site is that it offers relatively few offers for Arab countries. It does not provide Bitcoin or electronic banks other than PayPal.


If you are looking for a website and application that is one of the best and most reliable GPT sites, then Featurepoints one of the best options in front of you.

  • Profit from the featurepoints website is done through surveys and also profit from performing tasks. You can also profit by downloading applications if you own a mobile phone and work from it.
  • There are some weekly and monthly competitions run by the site through which you can increase your profits.
  • Minimum amount to withdraw profits: $5.
  • Methods of withdrawing profits: PayPal – Visa – Bitcoin.


Tips after working on GPT sites

There are many ways to profit, there are some for beginners, such as GPT sites, watching advertisements, surveys, link shortening sites, and other methods.


These methods do not work for those who want to create a real business on the Internet that provides them with a respectable monthly income that they rely on as a monthly source of income.

If you are a beginner (and we were all beginners), learn another way to earn money for those with intermediate experience, for example ( writing articlesdata entry )

This will bring you very good profits.

But if you want to move to another level of profit, perhaps you should learn how to create a blog and profit from it .

If you have a skill, work on a professional method, such as programming or affiliate marketing .

These GPT sites are the most honest, but they are the most honest so far, and at any time these sites may be closed or become untruthful.

This was a simplified explanation of the best sites for earning money from performing tasks.

Do you have any questions ?

If there is an unclear matter or site that you would like to inquire about, do not hesitate at all to leave your comment or contact us on our Facebook page.

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