27 small business projects (best ideas)

27 small business projects (best ideas)

Looking for a profitable small business?

What do you think of 27 commercial projects suitable for various Arab countries?

In this guide, I have collected for you the best ideas that you can implement with a small capital and achieve a good return from them.

I have only listed projects that involve buying and selling, so you will only find commercial projects.

Some projects I have actual experience with, others were done by other people and achieved good profits.


If that’s what you’re looking for let me help you get some ideas.

But first let’s get to know…

How much does the best small business cost?

Due to the difference in currencies in Arab countries, let us agree on the cost of the projects that I will mention to you in dollars, and you can then convert that value to your country’s currency.

Most of the projects we will talk about will not cost more than $2,000.

Many of these projects cost much less than this amount, but you will find some that cost as much as $2,000 or a little more.

Hence, whatever amount you have, you will find a suitable idea that you will be able to implement with it.

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Top 27 small businesses

Trade is not limited only to a store or site through which you sell.

You can start a small business online and make excellent returns from it.

So let’s start first with the simple electronic projects that you can implement.

Starting with…

1- Website template reselling project

Reselling templates is an excellent small business venture.

A theme like Divi costs approximately $249 after demos, and you can sell it as many times as possible.

divi template price

Let’s take a simple example from the Fiverr website:

Example of a template reselling project

As you can see in the previous picture, these people provide Divi template installation and design services for huge sums of money.

The strange thing is that the cost itself is very high.

Some provide this service for $50, and more than one person provides it for more than $100.

So mold reselling business is the best small business you can start.

Here you can: 

  • Selling the template license to one site for only $5, for example.
  • Or you can professionally deal with the template, design it, and sell your services for amounts of up to $150 per site.

Personally, I will provide this service in the coming periods on the Fiverr website. I have already purchased the template and will start learning to use all its features.

Therefore, I strongly advise you, too, to purchase the template and start learning to use it, then resell it and provide services related to it through Fiverr or other freelancing sites.

Buy divi template

2- Blog business project

Blogs are content sites. Through it, articles are published with the public.

Yes, like the one you are reading this article on now.

I talked before about the project of creating a blog and making money from it.

But here we will not talk about that. Our topic now is about trading in these sites.

The work system here is as follows: 

  • Looking for a good blog that generates monthly income.
  • You are purchasing this blog.
  • We are working on improving it and adding some new articles to it.
  • That blog sold after 6 months.

Thus, you will have achieved a monthly income during the 6-month period, in addition to the price of the blog, which is higher than the price at which you purchased it due to the improvements you have made.

The cost of buying and selling the blog is calculated in the following way:

  •  In Arabic blogs: average monthly income over 6 months * 12 to 20.
  • Foreign blogs: Average monthly income over 6 months * 30 to 45.

Certainly, trading in foreign blogs is better, but due to their high prices, it is preferable to start in Arabic blogs, and when you collect sufficient capital, you can start trading in foreign blogs.

You can find blogs to purchase through: 

  • Facebook groups for website owners.
  • Flippa website.

You can learn more about this field through this article:  https://www.ryrob.com/how-to-sell-a-blog/

3- Affiliate marketing store project

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important areas of freelancing online.

Here we sell third party products in exchange for a small commission on every purchase.

You can start this project in several ways, including: 

  • Create an Instagram account and start selling through it.
  • Paid marketing through various social media ads.
  • Create an online store, upload products to it, and market your store in any appropriate way.

But before starting this business project it is important to look for: 

After that you have to: 

  • Learn to create paid advertising campaigns.
  • Or pay someone to do it for you.

The project is good, and my experience with it was excellent when integrating it into a blog.

Affiliate marketing has made me over $1000 marketing just one program.

Therefore, affiliate is considered a very successful and profitable small business project.

4- A store project that sells handmade products

Handmade products are one of the successful and profitable projects for women .

What is special is that it is a project for women that can be implemented from home , without the need for a store or headquarters for your project.

But before you start this project, you must first determine the most important products that you can manufacture yourself.

You have several options that you can work on, the best one for me is to make and sell natural leather products.

Why leather products?

The secret is simple: natural leather products are very expensive.

Therefore, the profit margin in this project will be more than excellent.

In terms of selling, the best methods of marketing and selling are:

  • Social media, especially Instagram.
  • Electronic shop.

5- The Happiness Cart Project

The Happiness Cart is one of the best successful small projects for young people .

Here all you need is a small wooden cart, and a good idea for your cart.

The Happiness Cart is a project that I personally invented and is a project to sell happiness products, such as:

  • Waffle.
  • Ice cream.
  • Potatoes with Nutella.
  • Dumplings.
  • Hummus Al-Sham.
  • And others…

The best thing about this project is the very small capital.

You can get started at almost no cost.

Once you find a great location for your cart, you will ensure good sales of your products.

Especially if it is of sufficient quality.

6- Small grocery store project

Trading food and grocery products through a small shop is the best small business venture for young people.

The best thing about grocery stores is how quickly you turn over your capital.

The profits in this project are also good and may reach 20% of the capital.

The most difficult step here is to find a store in a good area to rent and start your project.

So I look for a good location and start the project.

7- Poultry selling project

Selling poultry is a very profitable small business venture.

But it needs a lot of equipment for cleaning and other things.

As an idea, the project was good and profitable, but unfortunately the project spread widely and prices began to fluctuate.

Therefore, you may encounter some difficulties in this project and you may find sales less than expected.

8- Abaya selling project

Selling abayas is one of the good business projects that the Kingdom and the Gulf countries are famous for.


If you are looking for the most profitable business in Saudi Arabia, I highly recommend this project to you.

Here we will rely on one of two methods: 

  • Rent a small shop in a good area.
  • Avoid the cost of rent and launch an online store.

Since you are looking for a small business, I think starting with a store would be a more economical solution.

After that, you should search for the best wholesalers to buy some abayas from them and start promoting them on your store.

In the end, when your capital doubles, you can start manufacturing abayas and launch your own brand.

9- Carpet selling project

Carpets are indispensable goods in almost any home in the Arab world.

One of the experiences of a client I know personally was in the carpet backing business, and his profit margin was approximately 200%.

And the sales were huge.

So I highly recommend this project.

But perhaps you do not have enough money to start, and here comes the solution in trading carpet accessories such as covers, cleaning tools, or other simple, lower-cost products.

After that, he set out to promote it on social media.

10- A specialized clothing store project

Naturally, I would highly recommend trading in all types of clothing.

But since your capital is small, my advice is to open a clothing store that specializes in selling only one commodity.

for example…

A store that sells only women’s trousers, or a store that sells classic clothing for young people.

And so on…

Thus, the cost of the project will be lower, and the residents of your area will know that you are the first source they should go to if they need the clothes that you sell.

One of the stores in our area is the one that sells the most trousers, because it specializes only in selling women’s trousers.

So I know very well that it is a good business venture.

11- Herbal medicine project

Selling perfumery is a very profitable small business venture.

It is one of the distinctive projects in the villages .

The best thing about this project is the small capital. Here you can start with an amount not exceeding $500 and make a daily profit from your project .

First, get to know the types of perfumery in demand around you, buy small quantities of them in bulk, and start retailing them.

You can start this project from home if you do not have a good location for a shop.

12- Grain trade project

I started this business myself not long ago and the cost of the project was approximately $2000.

The truth is that this trade is one of the most profitable trades I have ever started.

All you need is to rent a good space in any of the villages or farming sites.

And start buying and selling agricultural crops.

Some crops, when stored for periods, increase in price and thus obtain double profits.

Now let’s move on to another project which is…

13- A project to sell perfume formulations

Many people prefer to buy perfume formulations.

At one time I used to buy formulas as well, due to their better stability.


I highly recommend investing your own amount in purchasing perfume formulation equipment, and learning how to formulate perfumes correctly.

Fortunately, you will find a lot of videos on YouTube from which you can learn a lot.

After that, the most important step that you must take care of is marketing the perfumes well on social media sites and among the residents of your area.

This will ensure that you get some sales at the beginning of your project.

14- Food products distribution project

Distributing food and grocery products to small shops in villages is a unique small business venture.

Everything you need is here:

  • A means of distributing products: a cart or tricycle.
  • Buy products in bulk.
  • Start distribution.

The profit margin from this project is excellent, and the capital turnover is very fast.

Therefore, I highly recommend this project.

15- Fruit selling cart project

In many previous articles I talked about the fruit vending cart project.

Specifically, a cart that specializes in selling only one type of fruit.

This is for several reasons, including:

  • Possibility of purchasing good quantities at lower prices.
  • Sell ​​your products at higher prices, because buyers will see that you are an expert in your field, and your fruit is the best.

This happens to many of us already.

I often want to buy a specific fruit, and I always go to those carts that sell only that item.

16- Coffee trade project

Coffee has its lovers in various countries in the Arab world.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the most famous for loving coffee and searching for it and its various products.


There is no better small business than coffee trading, especially if you are a coffee lover who already knows its value.

You can start with a small cart, a rental shop or you can sell coffee through an online store.

Lots of ideas you can implement, and they are all good and needed.

17- A project for a shop selling bee products

In the area where I live, we have a shop that specializes only in trading honey and other bee products.

I don’t need to tell you his sales volume, right?

In Saudi Arabia and Egypt, honey consumption is very huge.

Hence starting a honey business makes sense.

Whether you intend to contract with apiaries and buy wholesale quantities from them, then sell them through a store or an online store.

Or you intend to create your own apiary and start the production process from scratch.

In either case, expect good profits from your project.

The beautiful thing about honey is that it does not spoil, and therefore there is no fear of expiration or losses from the project.

18- Pigeon breeding and selling project

About 8 years ago, I bought 3 pairs of pigeons and began raising them in order to multiply them.

I learned a lot about raising pigeons and started a small project from home in a small room on the roof of the house.

After 6 months I have about 12 pairs of pigeons.

From this stage, the process of producing other pairs of pigeons began to become faster.

Specifically here I started selling production and the project brought me a good return.

I won’t tell you that it’s the best, but it was really good and worth it given my young age at that time.

What I want to tell you here is that pigeon business is a profitable and worthy business venture, so you can start with 10 pairs or more and consider it as your business and start selling from its production.

19- Plastic materials trading project

Here what is meant is the trade of single-use products such as:

  • Dishes.
  • Spoons and forks.
  • Plastic and paper cups.
  • And other simple products.

This project is considered an excellent project to start, especially if you have medium rather than small capital.

20- Women’s shoe store project

Women’s shoes and bags are among the best-selling products in the world.

It is known that women consume these products more than men.

Therefore, starting a business selling shoes is a step that may help you provide more than good income for yourself.

When you specialize in selling only footwear product, the cost is lower.

But if you want more sales, combining shoes and bags may contribute to that.

21- Accessories selling project

I have a friend who started a business selling accessories and cosmetics.

When we discussed the cost of the project and the profits generated through it, his speech was positive.

The start of this investment was at a cost of 50 thousand pounds, and currently the project capital exceeds 400 thousand after only approximately 3 years.


The cosmetics and accessories trading project is a very successful and profitable small business project.

But the secret to the success of this project depends on renting a shop in a good location, with constant traffic, especially from girls and women.

If you find a site like this, I highly recommend you start this project as soon as possible.

22- Medical supplies trade project

Medical supplies trading is a small business venture that can achieve excellent profits and a huge return on your investment.

You can start with a small rental shop next to a hospital or doctor’s office (especially orthopedic doctors).

After a period of time in the project, you can enter the field of wholesale trade and start selling to pharmacies.

This ensures quick turnover of your capital.

23- Used equipment sales project

Trading used devices, especially Apple products, is an excellent business that you can start selling.

The cost of a project like this may be somewhat higher than the maximum we talked about above.

But there is always a solution.

You can start with regular electronic devices, and after making some good profits from your project, you can increase the volume of your trade.

The best way to market, reach more people, and sell faster is through paid ads on Facebook.

So my advice is…

  • Search for used products for sale on sales sites such as dubbizle or Facebook Market.
  • Then make an ad for the product at a different price than the one you found.
  • Once you find a buyer, you can now contact the seller, purchase the product from him, and then resell it.

24- Sports supplies trade project

In the current period, the trend towards sports has begun in a huge way.

Whether through gyms, or purchasing tools for use at home.

You can start a store or account on any social media site and start selling wholesale sports products.

The best products I recommend to start selling are: 

  • sportswear.
  • Sports accessories.
  • Some simple devices.

This ensures that your project is cost-effective.

You can also rent a simple store and start selling these products in your area or neighborhood where you live.

25- Drop servicing trade project

Do you remember the affiliate marketing project we talked about above and how we sell other people’s products in exchange for a commission?

What do you think of another business venture in a very similar way?

Here we will not sell products, but we will start selling services and skills provided by other people.

This time we will not sell them for a commission, but for a spread.


I found a client who needed a writer to write 3 articles for him for $60, meaning the price of one article was $20.

All you have to do is go to microservices sites and search for a professional writer who will write the article for $10.

Purchase the 3 articles that the client needs from him.

Then present it to the customer.

Now you have received $30 without paying anything.

You can implement this project in several ways, including: 

  • Research and make a list of the best service providers and skilled people on freelancing websites.
  • Create a professional electronic services website and offer various services on it, such as: writing, design, editing, etc.
  • After that, start launching paid ads to target customers according to the services you provide on the site.
  • Once you get the client and he pays you, go to Freelance and ask him to implement the service according to the client’s requirements.
  • Send the service to the customer, and if he requests modifications, request them from the freelancer.
  • Thus, you have started a project with a capital not exceeding $500.

Other methods can be summarized as follows: displaying skills as if they were your personal skills on another freelance platform, at a higher price.

26- A project to sell phone accessories

Who among us does not have a phone these days?

Everyone owns modern phones, which need a lot of accessories such as:

  • Headphones.
  • Cases.
  • Chargers.
  • Protection screens.
  • And others…

Therefore, it is natural to exploit the huge demand for these products by starting a small business such as a phone accessories store.

You can add an Fawry machine or some payment methods and charge the balance to increase the return from the project.

Unfortunately, this project has spread widely, so you will find the competition a bit strong.

27- Maqla Tasali Project

Nuts and snacks are among the commodities that are in huge demand in various Arab countries.

This is something you certainly know well.

Then making a store to sell snacks is a very successful business venture .

I have a friend who already owns this project, so I’m telling you that the demand for these products is great.

The problem here is finding a good source from which you can buy good quality products.

Therefore, you have to search extensively for the best wholesaler you can buy from to attract some customers in the beginning.

Once these customers find that your products are good, each one of them will start telling more and your project will spread and generate good income for you.

Now let’s get to know some of the steps you need to take in the beginning before launching your next business project.

Basics before starting business projects

Before starting any business project, whether small or large, it is important to initially prepare the project.

The most important steps to start are:

  • Market study: to know the size of the demand for the product that you intend to start trying.
  • Determine the target group: who will buy your product, and what specifically needs it.
  • Choosing a project location: Commercial projects need good residential locations to start with, so carefully respect the location of your project.
  • How will you reach your audience?: Here we are talking about marketing methods for your project. Will you use social media, advertising banners, or any method?
  • What are the expected profits from the project?: Study the project and the target market through which you will initially know the amount of income from your project. Is this return suitable for you or not?

Identifying all of these things will help you get started on the right foot, and avoid many problems that may occur after launching the project.


I highly recommend you invest some time to get detailed answers to these matters above.

Thus, you have learned about 27 ideas for a successful small business project.

Now tell me…

What idea do you think is appropriate for the area you live in now?

Do you need any help with any of the projects above?

Never hesitate to reach out.

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