8 inexpensive projects in the Emirates (best return)

8 inexpensive projects in the Emirates (best return)

Looking for inexpensive projects in the UAE?

How much capital do you have?

I have previously shared several projects starting from AED 500 , which may be suitable for you.

But here…

I will share with you another group of projects that you can start in the UAE at a very small cost.

Here I will share with you a group of ideas based on my personal experiences or the successful experiences of others.

But you need to start researching and digging deeper into each project before starting.

Now let’s get to know…

The best inexpensive projects in the Emirates

I have always been convinced that electronic projects can cost much less than projects that are started on the ground.

So let’s start with the first project which is…

1- Online content creation project

The next era is the era of content creation.

In my personal opinion, the most profitable field of freelancing on the Internet is content creation.

So let’s start your next project as a content creator.

In a previous article, I talked about the best online projects in the Emirates , and I talked about more than one way in which you can exploit content creators.

But let’s talk briefly about this project.

In the beginning, you can create content via: 

  • Websites: Here we are talking about blogs through which articles are published.
  • YouTube: You can start a channel and profit from it with ease if you follow the steps I shared in the previous article.
  • Social media: whether Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter.

But what I highly recommend is YouTube, given the profits of the YouTube channels I have already shared.

After you start creating content for a while, you can start generating revenue from your project by:

  • Ads: whether from brands or adsense.
  • Affiliate: Affiliate marketing for others’ products.
  • Sell ​​your own product.

A content creation project can begin in two basic ways:

  • Appearing yourself and sharing content: Here the cost becomes the cost of equipment.
  • Creating content that does not require exposure: Here you invest in people to implement this content for you.

Now to the next project which is…

2- Photography project

Whether you decide to photograph for:

  • Products.
  • Parties and events.

This project is one of the distinctive and inexpensive projects that you can start in the Emirates.

Your project capital is divided into 3 parts:

  • Purchase photography equipment: camera and lens.
  • Learning: Obtaining professional courses to teach you photography.
  • Marketing yourself: through social networking sites.

The best thing about this project is that it is an inexpensive project, but the worst thing about it is that it depends heavily on you.

Therefore, you will not be able to rely on others in your project.

The cost of the project will start from 3,000 dirhams to approximately 8,000 dirhams.

3- Online teaching project

If you have a specific skill and want to transfer it to a project, this is also possible.

You can start from your home without needing anything except a good laptop and special scientific materials.

Although you can teach anything, even if it is very simple, you can also purchase content and turn it into a unique course.

Start with:

  • Search for a professional freelancer in the field of content writing.
  • Ask him to write content on specific topics related to a specific skill.
  • Next, find someone who prepares courses.
  • Send this content to him so he can start converting it into a course.
  • After obtaining the course, you can upload it to course sites such as the Udemy platform, and achieve monthly revenues from selling your course.

You can find freelancers through freelance sites , but I highly recommend that if you intend to turn this into a project, you rely mainly on Fiverr.

4- A simple store project

Starting a specialized online store is an inexpensive project in the UAE and other countries.

With as little as 1,000 dirhams, start a professional online store.


You need to specialize so that the project does not require a huge cost.

Let’s say you’re starting a store: 

  • Selling women’s clothing.
  • Sports equipment trade.
  • Selling accessories.

As for purchasing the products that you will sell on your store, you have two options:

  • Importing from China through sites such as Alibaba and Aliexpress.
  • Buy from wholesalers.

After that, you can use platforms to launch your store within a few clicks, such as:

  • Shopify.
  • Expandcart.

5- Affiliate marketing website project

An affiliate marketing website project is one of the inexpensive projects in the Emirates that can provide you with a very good return on your investment.

We have many examples in foreign and Arabic content.

But among the most popular affiliate marketing sites of all are sites such as:

  • Provider
  • Groupon

Here, these sites market discount coupons for hundreds of brands, and every time someone uses the coupon allocated to them, they receive a commission starting from 1% and up to 50% of the product price.


Starting a coupons or offers website, or even a traditional blog, but relying on marketing products that are in huge demand, is considered one of the best simple projects to increase income .

6- Car recycling project

Buying and selling used cars is an inexpensive project in the UAE.

You only need the price of one car, and then you start selling it for a small price difference.

Then you move to the other car and so on…

In this way, your project capital doubles, and you can then rotate more than one car at the same time.

You can find a lot of used cars through open markets such as:

  • dubbizzle
  • open market.

The selling stage depends mainly on promoting the cars among your acquaintances.

Or you can simply start promoting on different social media sites.

Thus, you can achieve a good income and speed up the sales process.

7- Driving education project

If you already own a car, the driving education project is one of the inexpensive projects in the Emirates that I recommend starting to implement.

But that’s only if you already own a car.

If you do not have your own car, this project is expensive, because you will have to buy a good car to start this project.

Promoting this project is very simple and also depends on social media.

You can target the area where you live and start offering your driving education services.

8- The moving happiness car

The Happiness Car is a small business project that is not expensive at all.

This project depends on owning a caravan or moving vehicle, through which you start selling various happiness products such as:

  • Ice cream.
  • Chocolate.
  • Waffle.
  • Coffee.
  • And others…

The cost of this project does not exceed 5,000 thousand dirhams, and it can achieve a distinguished monthly return.


You need to choose the location of the car and the places where it moves carefully.

It is important that these sites have a large number of children to buy your products.

Thus, we have completed 8 inexpensive projects in the Emirates that you can start now.

Now tell me…

Which of the previous projects do you think is most suitable for you, and which you can start with?

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