Quick profit from the Internet (11 ways to profit quickly) 2024

Quick profit from the Internet (11 ways to profit quickly) 2024

How can I make money online quickly?

What are the best ways to make quick profits?

What is the best site to make some money very quickly?

I get a lot of questions that I really don’t know how to answer in a way that satisfies all parties.

I am not a fan of quick profit methods, but I know this feeling very well, so this was what I always sought in the beginning.

So, after 4 years of experience in this field, perhaps it is time for me to put you on the right path, which I wished someone would have put me on in the beginning.

Before ways to make quick profits from the Internet

You should know that things are calculated with reason and thinking, and every stage you want to reach requires some bold decisions from you.

If you want ways to make a quick profit from the Internet or elsewhere, you should know that these methods require you to take risks because you will most likely need to invest.

That is, all of these methods contain the possibility of loss

Fortunately for me, you are here now, and fortunately for you, I have already gone through that crisis.

So I will also help you get the money you will need to take risks.



If you have some money and want to take a risk and think that these quick profit ideas are suitable for you, then start taking risks and put in a small portion that you can afford to lose in these ways.

You may not like these words, as you are here for profit, but I want to be as honest with you as possible so that you do not find yourself in the end in a dilemma that you regret entering into.

Note: You will not find fraudulent gambling sites or fraudulent quick investment sites where you put your money and leave it.

Here you will work on each method yourself.

Did you think I would tell you that?

Let’s move on then…

Real ways to make money online quickly in 2021

I have many ideas for making quick profits from the Internet, but I will only tell you those that do not require huge risks because I know that you are at the beginning of the path.

The first method will be a group of carefully selected sites to help you raise capital.

So make sure to work on them until you collect some sufficient money (which you will be able to get quickly from these sites).

If you want to save your time and money, go to the second method directly.

The last method is very special, so make sure to read the topic to the end, or before you close, read this method.


1- The best Micro tasks sites (to collect the money needed to start quick profit methods)

The Micro Tasks website is considered your first choice if you want to make a quick profit from the Internet and at the same time do not have enough money and are considered beginners .

The types of sites vary depending on the nature of the site’s work, but the general rule is:

It is a group of sites that pay you in exchange for completing a specific offer or task. Whatever the offer.

For example :

  • Website owner who wants to collect subscriptions (pays for your subscription)
  • A company that wants information (pays for a survey)
  • Certain offers such as downloading applications and others

I do not wish to prolong this part because it has already been explained in boring detail in the topic of profit from tasks .

The best quick profit sites from my personal experience:

They are two sites through which you can register on different sites and earn money, or for example, subscribe to a YouTube channel, watch a video , or complete various tasks.

The best thing about the two sites is the possibility of earning excellent sums of money (some people make up to $25 a day) from any country in the world, especially Egypt, unlike most of the other sites available to the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia to a greater extent.

I explained the two sites in previous topics, so I will not talk about them much, and if you want to know more, read:

Review the Timebucks website in detail
Review the Picoworkers website in detail

My preferred choice for the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia:

It is a site for making money from surveys. You can join them and answer a survey that lasts approximately 10 minutes and get 5 or 10 dollars simply.

I also explained these two topics, so if you want to know more about them, read:

Review of the Ysense website for quick profits in Saudi Arabia

Now let’s move on to the second and favorite method for me.


2- Trade digital currencies in my own way

Trading in general is not easy, but it requires great knowledge of the market in which you want to trade.

Despite the diversity of investment areas in this method, including:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Other ways


However, trading digital currencies is my favorite method when I want to make a quick profit from the Internet.

This picture above is from my account within Payeer Bank.


 You can notice some important things in it.

But let me first tell you the method in simple steps:

  • First, you must have a bank account (do not worry if you do not have an ID if you are under 18 years old).
  • After that, you can charge your account through several different methods, which you will find in the explanation of Payeer
  • After that, you must go to the Trade option in the dashboard.
  • Finally, you can select the currency and purchase.
  • Wait until the price rises and then sell

Wait, the topic is not
rosy , as you can see in the picture at the top right in the small black rectangle, the purchase price is 0.29 and 0.28 for the currency.

If you look carefully at the current price of the currency, you will find that it is $0.27 .

This means a loss of 2 cents per currency , and if you look at the picture above, you will find that I bought about 134 currencies, meaning a loss of about $2.70 .


This is not my first time. As you can see in the red rectangle below, the trading operations were successful.

Most of those trades were losses initially.

The point here and the most important factor that you need to enter this field to achieve quick profits is patience and not being led by the inner voice that will tell you all the time that this deal is a loss. Sell now before you lose more.

You will also find in the picture the following:

  • The highest currency price in 24 hours: $0.29
  • The lowest price of the currency within 24 hours: $0.27

That is, you will be able to earn 2 cents from the Ripple XRP currency in one day if you buy it at the right times and sell it at the right times.

Let’s assume that you will invest $10 and buy this currency:

  • That is, you will be able to buy approximately 37 exact currencies?
  • Each coin will increase in price by about 2 cents .

So your profits in one day will be $10, or 160 pounds (37 currencies * 2 cents) $0.75.


This is an estimated return on investment of 2737% annually . There is no other investment that can achieve this return for you.

Note: The price of this currency now, after 25 days, is currently 45 cents (this is an investment return of about 80% in a month)

Note 2 The price of Ripple is currently $1.82.

My special advice if you want to make quick profits and minimize losses


  • Follow carefully the currency prices on the Coinmarketcap website and important news on it.
  • Trade with small amounts at first until you become familiar with the basics of this field.
  • Start with currencies with small prices and good daily trading (Ripple for example and others)
  • Never neglect trading the most famous currencies such as (Bitcoin – Ethereum).
  • There are other very good platforms that you can work on, the most important of which is Binance .

Taking risks is one of the most important components of a successful person, so take risks, but be sure to consider this risk well.

Now let me take you to the fastest way through which you can profit…


3- Trading in binary options (Iq option)

Options (binary options) are the fastest way to profit or lose.

You can win thousands of dollars and in return you can also lose thousands of dollars.


the more you determine the budget you want to try with, the more you will be able to control both your losses and your profits.

For example , I set a budget of only $50 per month that I can risk every month.

Therefore, if I lose this money, I do not deposit again, and if I manage to win $50, I withdraw my money and do not trade again until the end of the month, and so you can also control this method.

How to work on this method:

In this method, you specify:

  • Currency pairs
  • Metals (gold – silver – copper -…)
  • Company shares
  • After that, you specify the trading duration, which is usually 60 seconds, 30 seconds, and so on.
All you have to do now is follow the chart (the indicator of the item you chose).

And predict whether the price will rise or fall in the chosen period??

  • If your prediction is correct (you get your amount in addition to 60 to 90% of the amount), that is, 60% profits as a minimum in the prediction.
  • If your prediction is wrong (you lose the amount you decided to trade with)

This is simply what you have to do.

Why do I recommend Iqoption in this way?

There are several reasons that make me go to iqoption when I want to make a quick profit from the Internet in this way, the most important of which are:

  • A binary options trading platform trusted by many regulatory authorities
  • The interface used is very easy.
  • It has a mobile application.
  • You can deposit starting from just $10.
  • You can trade and open a deal for $1 .
  • Most importantly, you can register on the site and try it, and the site will give you a fake balance that you can experiment with until you become good at this method and decide to make a deposit.


Register on iqoption


4- Forex sites

Forex is the market for currency pairs on the Internet and is one of the best areas for profit from the Internet .

For example you want to trade the Euro and Dollar pairs EUR/USD.

  • If you expect the price of the euro to rise, for example (you buy).
  • If you expect a drop in price (sell), yes, even if you do not own it, you can sell.

Although the topic is more complex than the information I mentioned above…

However, you can make thousands of dollars quickly through Forex, and there are even some traders who have already made millions of dollars.

All you have to do is learn Forex from good sources and understand the basics.

This will require a lot of effort from you in the beginning and perhaps months to master.

But after that, you will be completely convinced that Forex is one of the best ways to make quick profits from the Internet.


5- Stock trading

Trading in stocks is also considered one of the most important ways to make quick profits on the Internet.

In the past, you had to work through a brokerage company. You contact them and they do everything for you.

But now…

You can trade, sell and buy any foreign stocks you wish to buy simply through your computer.

There are many online trading companies that provide the ability to trade stocks.



If you want an easy and reliable company, we here recommend the Etoro platform .

You can work on this platform, copy the strategies of successful investors, and apply them simply and without the need to know complex matters.

But we definitely recommend that you learn analysis methods and trade on your own.

Because no matter how successful the person you imitate is, he may make mistakes.

In addition, the experience will teach you a lot.

So the advice now:

Learn and try so that you can trade on your own and achieve that quick profit you are looking for.


6- Affiliate marketing

One of the fastest ways to profit that you may find most suitable for you because the risk rate is significantly lower than that found in the methods above.

The affiliate model, in simple terms, is promoting a product to someone in exchange for a commission.

What’s special about affiliate marketing in general is that you don’t buy the product, you just recommend it to other people in exchange for a commission.

We have previously created a whole series explaining the ways in which you can profit.

But I advise you now, if you want to start, to learn at least the basics of affiliate marketing.

Explain the method simply and use examples from Egyptians:

  • Let us assume that you purchased a product and found it to be very good, for example (a wallet – a bag – a shoe – etc.)
  • One of your friends told you that he wants to buy a coach like the one you bought yesterday.

All you have to do now is go to the store owner before going with your friend to him and tell him that you will tell your friends about his store, and for every purchase made by you (your friends) you will receive a commission from him, let’s say 30 pounds.

This is exactly what affiliate marketing is.

But fortunately, you will not have to go to any stores because you can find everything on the Internet.

There are actually a lot of sites and networks that allow you to register on them and start promoting their products , and every time you bring in a sale, you get a commission.

I made a list of many affiliate sites and networks that you can go to and register with. Be sure to read this topic.

What will you need in this method?

In order to be able to make money quickly from this method, you will need to spend some small money in order to attract a large number of people to your product.

Mostly everyone starts with Facebook ads and most likely you will too.

You will find many videos on YouTube that explain to you how to understand and make these ads from scratch.

But if you want to fully master these advertisements, you need an intensive course with different expertise and case experiences.

I can recommend two of my favorite courses:

The biggest advice now is: Do not start marketing before making sure of the following:

  • The product is excellent.
  • Product required.
  • The commission is appropriate and covers the cost of advertising and generates profits.
  • You have determined your audience and the appropriate advertising method.

Once you make sure of all these things, start spending on promotion and you will get good sales, and most importantly, you will be able to make a quick profit.

Profit from this method is quick because once you learn everything and master it, you will see profits from the first day you promote it.

7- Drop shipping

One of the best ways to make a quick profit from the Internet at all, but it requires you to have a medium budget in the beginning.

This type of work in brief is the following:

Place products that you do not own on your own online store and send visitors to your store to purchase, and once they purchase, you order the product for them from your supplier with the price difference (your gain).

Is it that easy?

If it were, everyone would be doing it by now.

But it requires a lot of research and study from you.

This topic is to present to you the most important ways to make quick profits from the Internet and not to explain each method in detail.

So if you want to start in this field, tell me in the comments.

I will speed up the process of writing my dropshipping series, which contains a lot of important information that you will not find anywhere else.

What do you need to profit from this method:

  1. A minimum amount of money is $500 (so you can continue).
  2. Choose a suitable product (not all products are suitable for this trade).
  3. Mastering a specific promotion method (many people rely on Facebook and influencers).
  4. Create your own online store to place products on it (everyone starts with Shopify).
  5. Communicate with suppliers and choose the best supplier (from major trade sites such as Aliexpress)
  6. Track your buying and selling transactions and have a bank account to receive your money.
  7. Know the risks of this trade and that there is a very high possibility of loss.
  8. Learn from mistakes and turn them into gains.


I advise you not to take risks and start dropshipping unless you have money that you can compensate for, and not to start before you master the above matters.

The best learning resources for this method:

  • Our series of topics (not because it is our own, but because we will refine the information on the Internet and share our experiences to provide the simplest and best).
  • The free course on the oberlo platform.
  • Many courses on Udemy (paid).

Now let’s move on to another method, which is…

8- Resell dropservicing services


Drop servicing is a method very similar to drop shipping, and it is indeed one of the distinctive ways of making quick profits from the Internet, which I highly recommend at this particular period.

The difference between this method and dropshipping is the following:

Here you resell services, not products.

Examples of services you can sell:

  • Articles
  • SEO services
  • Logos design
  • Video design
  • etc.

Where can you find these services?

There are many freelance sites where you can find people providing these services:

  • Fiverr website
  • Seoclerk (one of the cheapest sites in terms of prices)
  • Khamsat website (if you want to target Arabs)

Where can you promote these services after adding your profit?

If you want to make a quick profit from the Internet through dropservicing, I now recommend only these two methods:

  • Promotion on Facebook page (paid Facebook ads)
  • Create your own website and use (Google Ads + SEO + FB Ads)

There are other ways in which you can work in this way, but they will not be quick and will take some time.

So I didn’t add them here.

Now let me take you to another distinctive method, which is…

9- Rotate Instagram accounts

One of the quick methods that I don’t know why is not popular is buying and selling Instagram accounts.

In fact, profit from Instagram is considered the primary source of income for many people.

Not just buying and selling accounts.

But there are many ways, the most important of which, in my opinion, is paid advertising.

Here you can get accounts for sale in two ways:

  • For free by creating a new account and enlarging it in different ways (it takes time).
  • Paid (to save time). You can buy accounts, work on them for a short period, and resell them.

There are two sites through which you can buy and sell accounts:

Fameswap (to buy at low prices)
, prices are higher here)

The best advice now is that if you want to make a quick profit from this method, you should:

Always make sure to create an Instagram account in a specific niche because that distinguishes your account.

10- Buying activated YouTube channels for profit

Have you read our topic about YouTube channel profits ?

If you haven’t already, it’s essential that you read it because we studied about 149 channels.

The results in the topic will truly amaze you.

the important!!

Profiting from YouTube is truly the best thing you can do on the Internet.

But if you want to make a quick profit from the Internet, it is not better to create your channel from scratch.

Because you will most likely have to wait a long time until impossible conditionsprofit from AdSense .

Therefore, purchasing a channel that is already profitable may be a very special option for you to start earning quickly.

Channel prices vary depending on:

  • Channel field.
  • Number of subscribers.
  • Its monthly profits.
  • Ways to profit from it.
  • Public language for sure.

Therefore, make sure to buy a special channel and do not forget the following:

  • Using a mediator is essential.
  • Make sure the channel is in the original account.
  • Check the actual profits of the channel.
  • Choose the channel that suits your budget and the viewing method you prefer.
  • Stay away from channels that contain offensive content.
  • Make sure to receive the channel’s AdSense account with it.

Now let me take you to the best way to make a quick profit in this matter…


11- Rotate blogs

I left the best and highest in terms of investment and return for the end.

Many people ask me about the best way to make a quick profit from the Internet, in my opinion.

In fact, my answer is:


I am not making purchases, I am creating the blog from scratch .

This is because I am not in a rush to see the profits now.

But if you want to see quick profits, you should buy a blog that actually makes money.

In short, blogging is considered the best way to profit from the Internet for many reasons, the most important of which for me is that through it you can combine dozens of profit methods (affiliate, advertising, selling products, etc.).

When purchasing a blog, make sure of the following:

  • Know all the details about the expenses that we pay.
  • Know all the details about traffic sources (search engine visits are the most valuable).
  • See proof of profits from the blog in the past 3 months.
  • Ensure that articles on the site are not copied.
  • Ensure that the site is not penalized by the search engine or Google AdSense.
  • Knowing the date the blog was created and the age of the domain (the older it is, the more valuable it is).
  • Use an intermediary in the purchasing process to avoid the possibility of fraud.

Where can you buy blogs?

  • Bloggers groups on Facebook (trusted only)
  • Flippa website.
  • Sedo website.
  • Empireflippers platform.

The 3 sites above are the best ones to buy to avoid scams.

But the prices are kinda high for them.

This was an explanation of the best ways to make quick profits from the Internet.

Now I want you to tell me..

Which quick profit method did you choose and do you think is suitable for you?

Do you have another quick method that we did not mention in the topic?

Share your opinion with us, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us.

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