Profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash (Top 10)

Profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash (Top 10)

 Are you looking for profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash? 

Don’t search too much, you have come to the right place.

Here I will present to you the best ways to profit from the Internet and withdraw Vodafone Cash with ease.

In addition to other methods, Vodafone does not provide cash as a means of withdrawal, but…

I will tell you a simple way through which you can simply receive these profits to your wallet.

So I want you to pay close attention to me until we get started…

are you ready?

Before thinking about profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash 

Before working on any of the sites or methods found here…

You must definitely create a Vodafone Cash wallet and activate it. All you have to do is the following:

  • Owning a Vodafone line.
  • Go to the nearest Vodafone branch with your card.
  • Tell the customer service representative that you want to create a Vodafone Cash wallet.
  • It will complete all the procedures and once completed, you can use your wallet.
  • Save your wallet’s password well and do not tell anyone.

The best profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash 2023

As I said before, there are many profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash.


In this list you will find the best and truly reliable ones that we have tried.

Therefore, you may find many sites in other blogs, but the ones that we have put for you here are the best that you can work on.

If you want applications, here is a group of the best applications that pay via Vodafone Cash .

Let’s start quickly with…

1- Getpaidto website

The getpaidto website is one of the profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash and other mobile wallets as well.

It is a GPT site, that is, a site for making money by performing some different tasks such as surveys, offers, watching videos, and other ways of making money for beginners .

Here are some details about the site:

  • The website is Arabic
  • The site has been running for years and pays.
  • The site has many positive reviews.
  • You can earn money by playing some games.
  • You can withdraw your profits to your Vodafone Cash wallet, starting from only 32 pounds (10,000 points on the site).
  • There are other ways to withdraw your profits, such as ( Paypal bank – digital currencies – bank transfer – Skrill – Amazon cards)

What I do not prefer about the site is that the profits from tasks are not large compared to other sites.

But in general, the location is quite good.

Register at getpaidto


2- Getsurl website

Getsurl is considered one of the most famous sites for profit from shortening Arabic links, if not the most famous.

The idea of ​​​​the site’s operation depends on your choosing a link to a specific video or article that is useful or needed by others, and you place it on the site, and the site shortens it and gives you another link. This link contains advertisements that the visitor passes through before arriving at your article or video, then the number of visits is calculated and You will be given profits for these visits.

Here is some information about the site: 

  • You can withdraw via Vodafone Cash directly from the website, as the website provides it as a payment method.
  • The site is honest and very popular.
  • The site gives you $5 for every 1,000 people who visit your link from Egypt.
  • Profits are withdrawn on a monthly basis, meaning that January profits are transferred in February.
  • The site provides other withdrawal methods, including ( Bitcoin , PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Neteller).
Register on getsurl


3- File-upload website

This site is considered one of the oldest and most famous sites for earning money from the Internet and withdrawing Vodafone Cash.

The site is honest and makes payments, but it is sometimes delayed.

The way to profit from this site is to upload files .

Although I do not prefer this method, it may be suitable for you.

Uploading files is a way that enables you to profit by uploading books, films, videos, or pictures to the site. A link will be provided for you to send to interested people, and you can profit through each download of your file.

For-profit sites that work this way often provide the same profit rates.

In fact, they are all low…

Here on this site, for example, you will get only $2/1000 downloads for your file if your audience is from Egypt.

This is definitely very annoying.


This method, as well as shortening the links above, is very suitable for owners of blogs and YouTube channels.

I remember that 3 years ago, I placed shortened links on my blog and it earned me about $1 a day .

 But because it was annoying to visitors, I decided to dispense with this method of profit.

Currently, in the current state of my blog, if I use these two methods, I may be able to earn at least $5 a day .

But I decided not to bother visitors with ads in these two annoying ways.


If you wish, you can readthe guide to creating your blog from scratch and making a profit from it in 2021

Register for File-upload

4- Timebucks website

For Egyptians, I always prefer this site, Timebucks .

Although it does not provide Vodafone Cash withdrawals directly.

However, it is one of the distinguished profitable sites, and I will simply tell you how you can get your profits from this site simply through the Vodafone wallet.

But let me tell you some details about the site: 

  • It is one of the most reliable profitable sites and I was actually able to withdraw about $150 from it .
  • It contains about 10 or more earning methods, such as ( adsvideos – shortening links – registering on websites – downloading programs – Tik Toksurveys – etc.)
  • The minimum withdrawal amount from this site is $10.
  • The site pays on a weekly basis.
  • Methods for withdrawing profits from this site are (Payeer Bank – Bitcoin – Airtm)

How can you withdraw via Vodafone Cash?

  • Create an account on Payeer Bank (no problem, it does not require any proof of identity or anything else)
  • Receive your profits from the site through Payeer.
  • Go to one of the trusted brokers (Best WebTalk community – our broker’s website also has a good reputation – our group ).
  • Offer your balance in exchange for Vodafone Cash and you will get it at a good price, sometimes higher than the market price.
Register at timebucks


5- cointiply website

It is not among the list of profitable sites that pay directly via Vodafone Cash, but…

In the same way as before, you can withdraw your profits through Payeer with ease.

I mostly recommend this site to those who want to get free digital currencies .

Because it is considered the best for beginners.

It is like the site above in terms of various profit methods, but the only difference is that this site only pays via:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Dogecoin.

Fortunately, Payeer has a wallet to receive Bitcoin. Copy the deposit address and put it in cointiply.

After this, you can exchange digital currencies from within this bank as well, then follow the steps above.

Among the features of this site are: 

  • Honest and pays.
  • Suitable for those who do not have any experience.
  • You can only withdraw from $3.5.
  • It gives you daily interest on your profits once they reach 35,000 coins ($3.5).
Register at cointiply

An additional bonus to increase your profits

Since you have already registered with Payeer Bank and received your profits from it.

Start trading, buying and selling currencies from within the bank.

 You can double the amount if you trade correctly.

The bank actually provides 8 currencies that you can work with: 

  • Dollar 
  • euro
  • Russian ruble
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple XRP


6- Binance website

In fact, this site is not one of the popular sites that pay via Vodafone Cash.

But I put it here so you can get to know it and use it in the future.

Binance platform is a website dedicated to trading in digital currencies .

In my personal opinion, this investment is the future.

Therefore, I advise you, if you have any amount of money or amounts that you have collected from various profit methods, whether in this topic or in Internet profit found here, to start investing in this method.

You do not need a very large amount to start seeing your profits. You can start by investing only $10 , but in my opinion, $50 is the most appropriate amount to see good profits (if you do not have the amount, start working on these methods until you collect it and then invest it). .

  • Binance is the most famous digital currency trading platform in the world.
  • A reliable platform that is worked on in huge quantities daily.
  • The platform contains hundreds of currencies that you can trade.
  • You need a VPN in order to work on it in Egypt.
  • If you have $100, you can buy a currency with it and leave it on the site, and you will be given profits of 7% annually (interest is calculated daily).
  • You do not need to confirm your identity, a photo of a card, or anything.
  • Secure your account well if you decide to start with this method.
  • You can transfer the currencies you own on the platform to an intermediary, and he will send their value to your Vodafone Cash wallet with ease.
Register on Binance

7- Kafeel website 

I do not mean the Kafeel website alone, but rather I mean all freelancer websites .

But because it provides profit and withdrawal directly via Vodafone Cash, I have set it as an example.

In fact, you can work on any other freelancing site, whether Fiverr , Fiverr, or other sites that do not provide Vodafone Cash, and you will also get your profits to your wallet.

Simply put, you can do this as follows:

  •  Go to one of the brokers I mentioned above.
  • Ask them to receive your winnings and that you would like to receive Vodafone Cash in return.
  • The broker will take a certain percentage from you (depending on the agreement) and give you his email via Paypal or any other method.
  • Place the broker’s account on any of the profitable sites you work on and request a withdrawal.
  • Once the money reaches the broker, he will transfer the amount to your Vodafone Cash number.
Register with Kafeel


8- Writing Arabic articles in exchange for Vodafone Cash (the best way to profit from the Internet and withdraw Vodafone Cash)

Writing Arabic articles is one of the most popular fields of work on the Internet , especially for girls.

You can do all the work in this way and you will get your wages through Vodafone Cash.

Distinguished in writing the following articles:

  • It’s a constant job.
  • You can work with many website owners as long as your style is good.
  • You can work from home, from an office, or even through various service sites.

Although I prefer this method of working because I have already worked in it for a while and I know how good it is.

However, you must know that the prices of articles are very low.

These prices usually range between 25-100 pounds for an article consisting of 1000 words.

Therefore, the more creative you are in writing and implementing what the site owner needs, the higher the price of your article will be.

Go to Facebook and type “write articles” in the Facebook search, join different groups, and start some of your services.

Make sure of the following:

  • Have examples of your previous work.
  • Don’t you write many articles without getting paid (receive your money and write again)
  • Review your articles before submitting them to the site owner.
  • Follow the site owner’s instructions, not what you want.

9- Graphic design services 

It is one of the most requested services on social media sites, for which payment is also made through Vodafone Cash.

If you have this skill (or want to learn it), then you can simply go to Facebook as well and offer your services to different groups.

Mostly, graphic design services will be as follows: 

  • Logo Design
  • Designing advertisements (which are the most requested according to our research and experiences)

10- Backlink service and publishing in forums

Website owners do not have time to do everything.


They search for specific people to help them publish their website in the forums .

In return, you get your money for doing this.

If you work away from freelance sites, you will most likely be paid via Vodafone Cash.

If you use freelance sites, you can receive your money through an intermediary, as above.

I put this method here because it is a very easy service and does not require any special experience or skills.

That is, it can be done by anyone.

In fact, you may think that this method does not work because it is easy, but if you go to the Khamsat website and search for “post in forums” you will find services that have been sold more than 500 times (the price of the lowest service is $4). This is 2000 dollars in sales.

This topic was to explain the best profitable sites that pay via Vodafone Cash. Here we have reached the end of our topic.

I hope this topic is useful to you…

Do you have any questions?

If there is something not clear about the topic.

Or would you like to ask about anything no matter what.

Do not hesitate to contact us through comments or through our Facebook page.

Good luck.

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