Explaining the link shortening site getsurl (and why I don’t prefer it)

Explaining the link shortening site getsurl (and why I don’t prefer it)

Looking for an explanation of the link shortening site getsurl ?

A detailed explanation containing all the information about the site, including advantages, disadvantages, etc.?

This is what you will find in this topic…

Despite the popularity of the site, there are some important things that I would like to share with you.

So if you are ready let’s start with the first question…

What is getsurl website?

As is clear from the title and introduction, the getsurl website is a link shortening website through which you can profit.

Unlike many of these widespread sites, getsurl is an Arabic site, specifically originating from Egypt.

It is considered one of the oldest sites on the Internet that works in this way.

As usual, you need a specific link (let us assume the link to this article) and you register on Getsurl and shorten it there to get a link like this ( https://gurl.pw/lcYK ). Then you copy the new link and publish it with other people and in… Every time someone skips the link, you get a percentage of the profits.

Now let us move on to learn about the second important part of this explanation, which is…

Is Getsurl a scam?

No, Getsurl website is not a scam.

In fact, I currently do not use short link sites , but I used to use it before, and it is a really honest site.

Before I wrote this topic to you and updated it, I went to see what many people were saying about it…

Most of the reviews, whether Arab or foreign, were in favor of the site.

So if you want to register on the getsurl website and are worried that you will not get your money….

Rest assured, the site is honest.

Register on the site from here


Now to the important part of explaining the site, which is…

getsurl prices 

I will not be able to give you geturl prices in all countries, of course.

Therefore, I will tell you the prices of our Arab countries, because you will mostly target these people, in addition to the prices of visits from the United States.

These are the rates offered by the site:

  • Egypt – Morocco – Turkey ($5/1000 visits)
  • Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman – Qatar ($8 / 1000 visits)
  • Saudi Arabia – UAE – United States ($ 6 / 1000 visits)
  • Algeria – Jordan (2 dollars only)
  • Iraq – Yemen ($3.5)
  • Sudan – Syria – Tunisia ($3)
  • Libya ($1.5)

Now I will tell you what I like and why I don’t prefer the getsurl site….

Features of the link shortening site getsurl

Let’s start first with the features and then move on to the part of the site that I don’t prefer.

The most important of these features are the following:

  • The site is honest and reliable and pays on fixed dates.
  • The prices of the geturl website for Arabs, especially Egypt, are high, which you will not find on other shortcut sites.
  • It contains dozens of payment methods, including Vodafone Cash .
  • Its skip page is not as complicated as other sites.
  • The minimum payout is low.

These were the most important features of the site, and now let me tell you that I do not prefer the site.

Disadvantages of the link shortening site getsurl

There is only one reason why I do not prefer the site at all, and that is…

Payment deadline.

It is assumed that shortening links is a quick way to profit from which you can get profits quickly.

But when we come to the payment deadline on this site, we find that it sends the profits the following month.

This means that when you earn $5, for example, in February, the site sends it to you in the last week of March.

This is what makes me somewhat wary of working on it.


The site provides the ability to withdraw your money every 3 days only if you can earn at least $50.


Now let’s talk a little about…

Referral system on the link shortening site getsurl

If you are a blogger or YouTube channel owner and you have your own audience.

Or if you have friends who want to make a profit from the Internet in this way, you can recommend the site to them and you will get a percentage of their profits ( it will certainly not be deducted from their profits ).

The percentage offered by getsurl is 15% of your friends’ profits.

I think it is a very good percentage compared to many other sites.

Payment methods on the site

Now we move to an also important part in explaining the getsurl website, which is receiving your money.

Because it is an Egyptian website, it provides many payment methods designated for Egyptians.

But this does not mean that it does not provide other methods, as it provides PayPal , Payoneer, and even Bitcoin.

Look at this picture to learn about the payment methods and the minimum amount for each method >>>

Ways to withdraw profits from the getsurl website



Register here


This was an explanation of the link shortening site Getsurl and the most important details that you may need before starting.

Do you have any questions ?

If there is something you would like to ask about or there is something we did not discuss.

Do not hesitate to contact us through comments or through our Facebook page.

Good luck.

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