Explanation of the Adfly website (complete guide 2024)

Explanation of the Adfly website (complete guide 2024)

 Do you need an explanation of the Adfly website before starting to work on it?

Everyone may tell you that making a profit from this link shortening site is difficult…

Or they will tell you that you can’t even make money from it.

This is actually very wrong.

Although what is said about the small profits for the Arab public is true.

However, I consider it the best site for making money from shortening links .

I will tell you why in the rest of the topic.

 But now let’s get to know first…

Explanation of profit from the adfly website


What is adfly and how does it work?

Since you are looking for an explanation of the Adfly website, you probably know very well that the way to profit from the site is by shortening links and publishing them.

This is really the only way to profit.

It is a website that was launched specifically for this purpose.

But did you know that it was launched about 12 years ago??

In contrast to the sites that we find that appear and disappear in a very short period of time, Adfly has continued to provide the service and people have continued to profit from the Internet through it all this time.

This is the first reason why I prefer making money from Adfly over any other short link site.

Now let’s talk a little about something else…

Is adfly a scam?

My answer is in the first part of the topic.

But let me ask you….

Can the Nisab website continue to provide service for 12 years?

of course no.

Therefore, you should know that the Adfly website is honest and pays all users without any problems.

But of course this is so far and we do not know what may happen in the future.

What are the prices (profit rates) of Adfly?

One of the very important things that I must tell you in explaining the adf.ly website is the rates that you will get from visits to your short link.

In fact, I will say again that the prices are actually lower on Adfly than on any other site.


In return, you will get a landing page that is very easy to skip. See this short example by them: http://apticirl.com/8UMi .

You will definitely not find this on any other site.

The secret here is that:

  • If you send 1,000 people to a shortened link full of annoying ads, you will only get a maximum of 200 people from it.
  • However, if they are sent to a shortened landing page via the Adfly website, most likely all 1,000 will skip it.

When you calculate your profits from the two sites, you will often find that they are very equal.

Prices here are as follows for Arab countries / 1000 visits:

  • Egypt ($0.50)
  • Morocco ($0.70)
  • United Arab Emirates ($2)
  • Qatar (only 1 dollar)
  • Saudi Arabia ($1.5)
  • Kuwait ($1.25)
  • Oman ($0.95)
  • Libya ($0.75)
  • Turkey ($)
  • Syria ($0.45)

The rest of the Arab countries have the same profit rates.

As for the United States, the price here is: $8 / 1000 skip the link.

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Now let’s talk about what I prefer and what I don’t prefer about the adfly website…

Site features

As I told you, I prefer Adfly over all other sites, so perhaps I will be somewhat biased in this explanation.

But in brief, the most important features are the following:

  • Adfly is one of the most reliable link shortening sites on the Internet.
  • Skipping its links is very easy (you can block annoying pop-up ads).
  • The minimum amount to withdraw your profits is very low.
  • It provides tools for website and blog owners, as well as applications, to convert all their links into shortened links with a small code.
  • You can control your profit rates by controlling the types of ads (while shortening the link).
  • Profits are paid on a daily basis.

As for what I don’t like about the site, let’s find out…

Site disadvantages

In fact, there are only two drawbacks that I can add to the explanation of this adfly website, and they are:

  • Prices per 1000 visits are lower than most sites.
  • There are not many ways to withdraw profits.

Now let’s get to know you quickly…

How to withdraw profits from the adfly website

Now towards the most important part of our explanation, which you are definitely waiting for.

Withdrawing your profits from the Adfly website takes place on a daily basis, as I mentioned above.


The first time you withdraw from the site, the month’s profits will be transferred on the first day of the following month.

For example: You were able to earn $30 in the month of February, which will be transferred to you on the 1st of the following March.

As for the methods of withdrawing profits from adfly, they are as follows: 

  • Paypal Bank : The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 .
  • Payoneer Bank : The minimum is $10.
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Now let me tell you the last thing in explaining this adfly website…

Referral system on the Adfly website

Would you like to invite your friends to work with you on the site?

Adfly allows you to increase your profits through a percentage of your friends’ profits (without deducting anything from their profits).

This ratio is 20 %.

Not only that, but if you have friends who want to advertise on the site, you will be able to get 5% of their deposit.

Now let me move with you to my personal opinion…

Is Adfly worth subscribing to?

Adfly a website worth subscribing to.


If you want my personal opinion, I will tell you that shortening links in general is very difficult.

But there is only one way to get profits without getting tired of it…..blogs

You don’t just profit from this simple method…

There are hundreds of ways to profit from blogs, and putting the adfly script on them and profiting automatically from them is one of those ways.

Therefore, I definitely advise you to learn how to create your own blog and start working on it from now.

This topic was to explain profit from the adfly website in detail.

I hope you have benefited from the topic…

Do you have any questions?

If there is something you would like to know and I did not mention it, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments or our Facebook page.

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