Profit sites by watching ads (top 11)

Profit sites by watching ads (top 11)

Looking for sites to make money from the Internet by watching ads?

After reading many articles on Arabic websites in order to avoid repetition…

I found that many of those sites that are shared with you are either:

  • Not honest.
  • Or not suitable for Arabs.

Therefore, in this guide I decided to share with you the 11 best sites for making money by watching ads.

Through these sites, I was able to withdraw more than $1,500.

do not believe?

Here is some proof:

My earnings from timebucks

My profits from the ysense website

Therefore, when I tell you that you can profit from the sites in this article, rest assured that I have already tried them.

This article is for you, especially if you are a beginner and cannot start in areas of profit that require skills.

First, let me tell you a simple overview of these sites and the nature of their work…

What are the sites for making money by watching ads?

These are sites that provide you with the possibility of earning money by viewing advertisements or pages for a certain period in exchange for obtaining some money, usually 0.001 cents.

One site provides 15-20 advertisements per day, and some sites offer the possibility of profit through other methods, such as:

  • Profit from tasks.
  • Profit from games.
  • And profit by renting referrals (people who register through your link).
  • And certainly opinion polls.

Now let me tell you….

Advantages and disadvantages of profit sites by watching ads

Start with the features:

  • Ease of work.
  • No skill required

As we mentioned above, many people do not prefer advertising viewing sites as a means of profit for many reasons, including:

  • The return from these sites is low.
  • Some people consider this method a waste of time, as you are wasting time that you could have used to learn other useful things.
  • Some sites scam users.
  • It is difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal limit by relying only on advertisements.


Is it possible to earn money from watching ads?

Yes, it is certainly possible to make money from advertising viewing sites, but the amounts that can be achieved by relying solely on this method are less than relying on it as your daily or monthly source of income.

So that you have an idea of ​​what can be achieved, it can be said that at best you can earn $1 per day in this way.

Is the profit from watching ads real?

Yes, the profit from advertising is real, but the amounts that can be obtained are very small, so many content makers do not prefer to talk about this method as one of the ways to increase income from the Internet .

Now let’s move on to the most important part of our topic, which is…

Sites to make money from the Internet by watching ads

At the beginning of 2017, I began my journey in the world of the Internet, and the beginning was with these sites.

I spent several months on these sites.

And the surprise!!!

My profits at the end ($2).

do you believe that ?!!

More than two or three months and the profits are only $2.

So I put in this topic the honest and best sites.

Always start with…

1- Timebucks website

Timebucks is considered the best site for making money by clicking on ads, as it does not only contain ads.

Rather, it is considered a comprehensive site with many other profit methods, where you can earn money through: 

  • Watch ads
  • Watch videos
  • Solve captcha codes
  • Various tasks
  • Polls
  • Create LIKES and FOLLOW on social media sites
  • Weekly competitions, 30 winners are selected to win financial prizes
  • Profit from referrals is 15% of the profits of people who register through you
  • You can earn 20-30 cents from the site in a quarter of an hour
  • Minimum amount to withdraw profits: $10
  • Methods of withdrawing profits : Skrill – Bitcoin – Payeer – Airtm
  • Unfortunately, this site does not provide withdrawal of your profits via PayPal.

Register at timebucks

2- Cointiply website

Cointiply is a hidden treasure that is not talked about much in the topics of making money by watching ads.

Perhaps because it actually offers more than just this method, as it contains about 10 other earning methods, such as timebucks above.

The only difference between them is that this site enables you to obtain digital currencies instead of traditional money.

  • Sadiq website withdraw profits from $3.5.
  • Dogecoin and BTC withdrawal methods.
  • It offers a profit of 5% annually (and the return is added weekly) on your funds in your account once they exceed $3.5.
  • You can earn approximately $1 to $2, but this depends on the tasks, surveys, and videos it provides.

Register at cointiply

3- Ysense website

ysense is considered one of the best sites through which you can make money if you are in one of the Gulf countries.

  • Established in 2007.
  • It is one of the most reliable earning sites on the Internet , but it does not depend on watching ads, but rather on tasks.
  • Watching ads was canceled and it became dependent on performing tasks and opinion polls .
  • In particular, it is considered the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is only $5.
  • You can withdraw profits via : (Paypal – Skrill – Payoneer – Amazon cards).

Register with ysense

4- Keep rewarding website

I discovered this site by chance and it is really special.

Although it is relatively new compared to other sites, it provides hundreds of profit methods.

You can profit from the site by:

  • Watch ads
  • watching video
  • Offers (thousands of them)
  • Simple tasks
  • Polls

As for withdrawing profits, you can withdraw once you reach the minimum amount of $1 (110 points) via:

  • Paypal
  • Amazon cards
  • walmart cards

If you register now from our link, you will get 25 registration bonus points

Register for keeprewarding

5- Coinpayu website

If you are looking for guaranteed profit sites that contain a lot of advertisements and offers, this site is the ideal choice.

  • Coinpayu , unlike other sites, is considered
  • You can earn between 300-1000 satoshi per day from ads only.
  • You can earn 10,000 satoshi and more from offers daily.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.
  • You can withdraw via ( Payeer – Bitcoin – Faucetpay wallet – Litecoin – Ethereum).
  • Referral profits 10%

Register on coinpayu

6- Adbtc website

The adbtc website is considered the best site for earning Bitcoin from watching ads at all. I advise you if you are a beginner to register with it.

  • Through the site, you can earn a lot by watching ads only (about 600-1000 satoshi per day).
  • Bitcoin’s price increases over time, and this site provides you with a great opportunity to earn Bitcoin .
  • The site pays continuously within 3 days.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 3,000 satoshis for your Faucetpay wallet and 50,000 satoshis for your regular wallet. The site has provided ways to earn rubles through which you can withdraw.

Register with adbtc

7- neobux website

Neobux is the leader in the field of profit from watching ads and the most honest of all, but its profit rates are very low.

The site has provided tasks that you can do, so making money has become easier.

  • The company was established in 2008.
  • The payment methods are Nettler, Skrill , and PayPal.
  • The site has approximately 10 advertisements per day, each advertisement is 0.001 cents (approximately one cent per day of advertisements).
  • Payment on the site is made immediately upon requesting a withdrawal

8- Wad Ojooo website

One of the best sites for making money from watching ads, which is very different from others.

  • A branch of the famous Ojooo company, which is a company that has a search engine and Android applications and many other fields.
  • The company was established in 2013.
  • You get paid by watching ads, completing tasks, and referrals.
  • You can rent a number of referrals and benefit from them.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $2.
  • Bitcoin is currently the only way to withdraw.
  • You can reach the minimum withdrawal limit easily, but the withdrawal may be delayed for a week or more.
  • The site is honest and paid me.

9- picoclix website

A relatively new site for making money from watching ads.

  • The site offers about 25 ads daily.
  • The cost of advertising is high compared to other ad viewing sites, as there are ads that cost $0.004 each and ads that cost $0.002.
  • You can earn approximately 5-10 cents per day from watching ads.
  • The profit percentage from referrals varies depending on the type of membership, but the profit percentage usually amounts to 50% of your referral profits.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $2.
  • Profits are withdrawn via Payeer or Perfect Money
  • After the first withdrawal of profits, you must submit proof of withdrawal to the site’s forum and also to the netbusinessrating website in order to receive your second profits.

10- GET PAID website

Get Paid is considered one of the distinguished sites in this field for the following:

  • The site has been in operation since 2005 and is still running.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is very low, $0.5.
  • The profits from the site are very small.
  • There are many payment methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards from Amazon, and money transfers.
  • There are many ways to profit from it, either through the various tasks you perform, opinion polls, or by clicking on advertisements.
  • It provides profit through referrals (the person who registers through you).
  • The site is honest and paid me personally.

11- gptplanet website

  • One of the sites for making money from watching honest and distinctive ads.
  • There are multiple payment methods, as it pays via Payeer, Skrill, Nettler, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $1.
  • Profit is made by watching the many advertisements on the site, which amount to about 30 advertisements. The advertisement value is 0.001 cents, meaning you collect 3 cents daily.
  • Profit is also made by renting referrals or via direct referrals.
  • The website is the second by its founder after the Scarlet Clix website.
  • I tried the site for a while but did not finish it, but many users have proven payment and receipt of money from the site.

The best Arab sites for making money from watching ads

Some people prefer to work online through Arab sites because of the payment methods that these sites provide that are suitable for everyone.

So let me present to you the two best Arab sites for making money from watching ads.

12- divbux website

Divbux is one of the sites for watching Arabic ads that many channels have talked about.

Even here, I have made a comprehensive explanation of making profits from the divbux website , but let me share with you the most important details about the site.

First, it is important to know that the site pays via CCP and also Vodafone Cash.

So it is definitely a good option for those who do not have bank accounts.

  • The site is honest.
  • Its profits are somewhat small.
  • It provides several ways besides watching ads to earn money, such as tasks and surveys.
  • Unfortunately, the site does not provide an application.
  • You can withdraw your funds once you reach just $0.3.

13- Get paid to website

The get paid to website did not clearly declare that it is an Arabic website, but it provides the possibility of payment through several Arabic methods, such as:

  • Vodafone Cash.
  • Egyptian post.
  • Algerian Post.
  • And others…

So I assumed that the site was Arabic.

The site is primarily a site for tasks, but it also provides the possibility of earning money by watching various ads.

As is usual for most Arab sites, the profit rate from the site is low compared to all the sites above.

  • The site is honest.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is low.
  • Various ways to earn.

To be honest with you, I do not prefer profit sites in the Arabic language, but in the end it is up to you to decide.

And now to you…

Tips before you start watching ads

  • Sites that make money from watching ads are not a way to achieve a fixed income.
  • If you decide to subscribe to any of the sites for making money from watching ads, I advise you to continue until you reach the minimum level and withdraw your profits.
  • Start earning from watching ads by specifying a specific amount you want to reach, then stop wasting your time.
  • Sites that make money from watching ads will not continue to make money from them if you want to make a real profit from the Internet .
  • After making some money from this method, why don’t you learn how to create a blog and profit from it ? This will bring you very large profits.

Do you have any questions?

If there is something you would like to ask about, feel free to tell us in the comments.

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