The best Arabic application for making money (detailed explanation) 2024

The best Arabic application for making money (detailed explanation) 2024

I searched extensively for an Arabic application to make money, but I found only a few of them.

Although there are hundreds of money-making applications that I talked about before.

I don’t really know why, but all I know is that you won’t find many of these when you search on the Google Store or the Apple Store.

So in this topic I tried to find the two best applications for you.

The most important indicator for me to place the application in this topic is its long-term existence and its user ratings.

Quite simply, this topic is divided into two main parts: 

  • The best Arabic application for making money for Android
  • The best Arabic application for making money for iPhone.

Now, so that the introduction does not become longer, let me tell you in detail about…

The best Arabic application for making money for Android

If your phone is Android, you will find many Arabic applications as soon as you go to the Google Store and type the word “profit”

But is it honest and will you get money from it? It’s not guaranteed.

So maybe you should use the best…

Direct link challenge application

The direct link challenge application is an Arabic competitions application, and it is considered one of the most famous applications in this field.

What is special about the program, and what made me think that it is the best, in addition to being honest, is that it provides questions from all the cultures of the Arab world, and thus helps us somewhat to know the cultures of our sisters in various Arab countries.

  • The application is Saudi and very honest, do not worry.
  • The program has about 100,000 applications from the Google Store.
  • Its overall rating is 4.2, which is a fairly high rating.
  • Here you can earn by answering different questions.
  • But contrary to what you might think, here you will not win just because you answered some questions correctly. Rather, in order for you to win, you must answer all the questions that are added to the competition correctly.
  • The entire competition consists of 12 questions. Each question has only 10 seconds to answer, otherwise it will be counted as incorrect.
  • When you answer correctly, you will be moved to the next question and so on to the 12th question, but if you answer incorrectly, you will be removed from the competition.
  • The challenge here is almost weekly, not daily.
  • The winner of the competition receives a reward of $200, whether the winner is one person or any number of people (it will be divided among them).
  • What is special here is that you will get additional opportunities when you complete your personal file or invite someone to the application.
  • Methods of withdrawal from the application: bank transfer – charging your balance – PayPal bank.

I think that the application is distinctive and deserves a try to support the application developers, given that it is Arabic and has that credibility.

Download the direct link challenge application

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The best Arabic application for making money for iPhone

If you own an iPhone, the chance of finding an Arabic earning application is very slim.

Therefore, let me present to you an Arabic application that is completely different in terms of how to make money than the Wasla Challenge application above.

Arabic Link application

If you have been following the blog for a while, you will know that I have already talked about Arabic Link in our affiliate marketing course

Specifically in our topic about the most important Arab affiliate marketing sites .

But now let me talk about their application again.

  • Link Arabi is an application that allows you to earn money from marketing products from thousands of Arab brands in exchange for a commission on each sale.
  • If we search in this field, we will often not find many of them available for registration at all.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to an Arabic link over many other platforms.
  • Here, after downloading the program, you can promote skin and hair products, even kitchen appliances, clothes, etc.
  • After you receive commissions in your account amounting to 200 Saudi riyals, you can request to withdraw them.
  • Withdrawal through the application is available through Paypal and bank transfer.

The field of affiliate marketing is one of the very distinctive fields in the Arab world.

Therefore, if you can learn and enter this field, you will be able to make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

These are not just motivational sentences for you, but these are actual numbers that we have done and that many affiliate marketers in the Arab world are using.

Download the Link Arabic application for iPhone

Now tell me…

Did you find either of these applications suitable for you?

Link Arabi was the best Arabic application for making money for me.

It’s your turn now to try and decide what’s best for you.

Good luck.

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