Explanation of the sweatcoin walking program (in detail with withdrawal) 2024

Explanation of the sweatcoin walking program (in detail with withdrawal) 2024

The Sweatcoin walking program has become one of the most requested applications on the Internet.

Indeed, many websites and YouTube channels have talked about it as one of the best profit applications .


Is the app worth it? How much can you earn from it? Is the amount you will earn from it worth it?

I will tell you all this in detail in this topic.

Not only that, but also how to withdraw through it? And everything has its own currency.

Now let me not prolong the introduction and tell you a detailed explanation of the application.

What is the Sweatcoin app?

Sweatcoin is one of the most famous applications for making money from walking . All you have to do is download the program, register in it, start walking and earn sweat coins, which you can eventually convert into gift cards or money.

Is sweatcoin honest?

You may find some reviews that tell you that SweatCoin is an dishonest program, or a fraud, but in reality it is quite the opposite.

According to my personal experience and the experiences of many people around the world, the program is reliable and honest and is paying so far.

The problem with the application is the rate of profit through it, which many people believe is low, but if walking is one of your daily habits, what is the harm in exploiting the program to earn some money or additional gifts from a normal activity that you do in your day.

sweatcoin app

How to profit from the program?

Profiting from the SweatCoin application depends mainly on 3 basic methods:

1- Profit from walking

This is the basic way to profit from the application, and I think you will want to download the application in order to profit from it.

Here, after downloading the program and adjusting its settings, you will be given Sweatcoins for all the steps you take on a daily basis.

Mostly, you will get 0.95 coins for every 1000 moves you make.

What is also special here is the option to double profits, which you can use once a day for 20 minutes.

Once you activate this option and do a quick run or walk, you will get double the coins you usually get.

Therefore, I think the application is very distinctive and has a lot of competitive things that invite you to exercise better.

2- Profit from watching ads

Watching ads is a very simple way to use the Sweatcoin application.

Therefore, the profits from this method are very simple.

Every day you will get 3 ads that you can watch and get some coins.

Mostly, you will get 0.10 to 1000 coins for every 30-second ad you watch.

3- Profit from referrals

Now with the method through which you can earn the largest number of points from the application.


If you have a good number of friends, all you have to do is invite them to use the application through your link.

Every time someone downloads the application, registers with it, and starts walking, you get 5 points.

What is special here is that once you invite a good number of friends, you will be able to withdraw your points in the form of your money to your PayPal account, which is not available for most accounts.

Note: There are some monthly competitions launched by the application through which you can earn more points and also gifts.

How to withdraw from sweatcoin app?

In order to be able to withdraw your points from the SweatCoin program, there are 4 methods provided by the application:

1- Gift cards

The Sweatcoin application has its own gift store, through which you can obtain gift cards that you can use in various international stores.

For example, when you use the application in Egypt or any of the Arab countries, you will find that you can obtain cards for:

  • Subscribe to the Netflix platform
  • Amazon cards worth $25.
  • Adidas store card worth $20.
  • You can also buy Apple products such as apple air tag.
  • There are also gift cards for Shein Store, which is considered one of the best Chinese clothing shopping sites .
  • Premium accounts can obtain a card for the eBay store.

Each of these cards varies in value depending on the store and its value.

2- Digital currency

Next September, the application announced that it will launch its own digital currency through which you can withdraw your profits.

Although digital currencies are highly volatile and unreliable currencies, they may be a fairly suitable solution for some people to withdraw their profits instead of purchasing through store cards.

So if you want to withdraw through their digital currency you can certainly do so, but again you have to know that digital currencies are absolutely unreliable and unpredictable.

3- Donate

There are many charitable projects that you can donate to through the Sweatcoin app.

But unfortunately, here donations are determined through the program and you may not find many suitable charitable projects.

Therefore, if you practice sports in general and are not looking for profit or want to donate from time to time, the donation option provided by the application may be an excellent step.

4- Cash

Above, I talked about that you cannot withdraw from the application in the form of cash.

But there are actually two ways you can do this.

  • Collect 20 thousand coins: The application will allow you to withdraw through PayPal.
  • Invite many friends: Here you will be able to withdraw through the application via bank transfer or PayPal.

So perhaps you should start running continuously now until you can collect those required coins.

Sweatcoin price

If your question is about the price of the application’s digital currency, then this matter is not yet known because the currency has not been launched yet.


If you are asking about the price of the points earned, this is a simple matter, but it depends on the withdrawal method, for example:

  • 20 coins are equivalent to 1 dollar when you withdraw through PayPal or bank transfer.
  • 125 coins are equivalent to $1 if you obtain a shopping card from the Adidas store.
  • 240 coins are equivalent to $1 if you obtain a special card for the SHEIN store.

Therefore, cash withdrawal through bank transfer or PayPal is definitely preferable.

How much can I earn from Sweatcoin?

You can earn a lot depending on how much effort you put in.

If you rely on walking only, you will most likely not be able to earn more than 10 currencies per day.

But fortunately, other methods provide some additional currencies that you can benefit from.

So in general, you can earn up to approximately 20 currencies daily without the need to invite friends.

My experience with the Sweatcoin program?

I used the program for a short time and my experience with it was fairly good.

After I downloaded the program, registered in it, and then adjusted the health applications on my phone, I started walking as usual, and the application calculated the steps somewhat correctly, and then added some points to my account as soon as I connected to the Internet again, according to the number of my steps.

I also tried the ads and was able to earn approximately only two coins from the three ads.

But the truth is that I think that the profit is very small if you are someone who wants some money, but if walking or exercising in general is part of your day, then the application is excellent.

Download the sweatcoin program

Sweatcoin is available for both iPhone and Android users.

It works well on both.

All you have to do is press the button below and go to choose your phone type to be directed to the platform that contains the appropriate version of the application for your phone.

sweatcoin app

This was the explanation of the Sweatcoin program for profit from walking in detail.

I think this information is all you need and I hope it answers all your questions.

Now tell me…

Do you think the application is useful? Can you exploit it better in order to achieve the maximum possible return from it?

Good luck.

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