Profit from the SPOON application (with withdrawal method) 2024

Profit from the SPOON application (with withdrawal method) 2024

After a long search for information, I decided to start a guide to explain how to profit from the spoon application.

On foreign and Arab websites, there is no organized and clear explanation about this application.

Even when I entered the website for the application itself, I did not find sufficient information about ways to make money through it.

Therefore, I decided to download the application, try it, and share with you the information that I was able to access from within the application.

But unfortunately, again, the information is somewhat limited.

Now let me share with you what I was able to find out about the program in detail, and if you have any questions that I did not put in this guide, all you have to do is leave your comment with your question and you will find an answer to it as soon as possible.

Now let’s get to know in brief…

What is the Spoon app?

Spoon is one of the fairly new social media

All the activities in the application that you can do are based on audio recordings.

For example, if you comment on any person’s post, the method available to you is voice commentary.

Through Spoon, you can also start making a podcast or live broadcast.

In fact, the application is extremely strange, in addition to containing a huge number of strange people and children.

Is the spoon app reliable?

Many reviews of the application talk about it being an honest application that pays users.

In addition, it is also one of the safe applications to use (somewhat).

But you should always be careful not to communicate with people you do not know or provide your personal data to people from the application.

Once again, there are a lot of strange characters on the application, so in order to preserve the security of your information and data, always try to maintain your confidentiality and personal information in applications, especially new ones.

How to profit from the Spoon application?

Profit from the spoon application depends mainly on the application currency, which is called spoon.

Every time you collect some spoons, you can convert them into coins or currencies that can then be withdrawn as real money.

These customers get them from the people who follow the program as donations or through two other methods:

1- Profit from stickers

Stickers are the first way through which you can profit from the Spoon application.

Every time you release an audio recording or live broadcast, some stickers appear to the listeners.

Each of these stickers has a specific value of points.

Once a person presents a sticker to you, part of the value of this sticker is converted into currencies that you can exchange as real money.

When I searched for the value of what you get, I found that you only get 30% of the value of each sticker sent to him.

I think this is a very small percentage compared to what the application gets (70%).

2- Profit from subscribers

Every time someone subscribes to you or follows you in your account, you get coins.

You can also convert these currencies into money and withdraw them in the form of cash.

Here each subscription also has a value of currencies, but here also you will not get the full value of the subscription currencies.

According to the terms of the application, you will only receive 50% of the subscription value in coins to your account.

These are the ways in which you can use the spoon app to earn some money.

There are no other ways to profit from the program yet.

Payment methods provided by the program

Now that you have been able to win some currencies and want to convert them into your real money, how can you do that?

The spoon program provides only one way to withdraw profits, which is Payoneer Bank.

Pioneer Bank is considered one of the most famous electronic banks that I talked about before, and creating an account with it is very simple.

You can also transfer this money to your bank account in your country.


In order to be able to withdraw from the Spoon application via Payoneer, you need 16,667 currencies in your account, which is approximately equivalent to 50 US dollars.

I think this amount is somewhat high due to the lack of additional earning methods

But if you want to try it, there are a huge number of people who are making good profits from it.

In addition, of course, if the application has a future, the profits through it may be greater and provide additional ways to profit.

Download the Spoon program

If you decide to download the program, you now have two options depending on the type of your phone:

Download spoon for Android

If you own an Android phone, the application has received approximately 10 million downloads through the Google Store.

As for the app’s ratings on the store, there were about 170,000 ratings, with a rating of 3.9, which is a fairly good percentage.

Download the spoon application for Android

Download Spoon for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the application is also available on the App Store.

Here, the application received more than 2,000 reviews, with a rating of approximately 3.9.

Download the spoon application for iPhone

This was an explanation of how to profit from the spoon application based on the information that I was able to access.

But if you want my personal opinion, it’s not worth your time…

You can certainly start in any of the areas of profit that we talked about before and you will be able to achieve excellent profits.

It may take some time, but the profits are guaranteed and continuous.

If you do not want to put in some effort, you can always look at the profit applications that I talked about before and choose what suits you.

Good luck.

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