Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind book by Harv Eker (summary)

Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind book by Harv Eker (summary)

The book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mindby Harv Eker is considered one of the most famous and best-selling financial culture books around the world. It is one of the books on developing financial intelligence that you must read. It will provide you with a lot of financial knowledge and experience in dealing with money.

Explanation of the most important elements in the books Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

As we all know, achieving wealth is not an easy matter, and it requires patience, effort, and continuous learning, but what is more difficult than achieving wealth is learning to preserve your money and grow it after obtaining it, and in order to be able to do that, you must change the way you think and some of your beliefs about money, and here in the Profits Expert blog, no. We are only satisfied with the ways of profit and achieving wealth, but we try to have a role in developing the financial culture of Arab youth, so in the following lines we will present to you a summary of the

book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind, which we encourage every Arab young man or girl to read to learn more about the ways of thinking of the rich.

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Who is Harv Eker?

* T.Harv Eker, 65 years old, is famous for his well-known book, The Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind, which is today’s topic

In our talk about the writer, I will list some information about him that is already present in the book 

* The author of the famous saying (Don’t believe a word I tell you), which is found in the introduction to

the book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind.This saying was one of the strangest sayings that I have ever read in my life from a writer or speaker in seminars, but he explains this saying that anything he says is nothing but… His personal experience: It is not necessary to give the same results with other people, and other people may reach the same results in different ways* Harv Eker was an ordinary young man seeking success and financial freedom, but he failed in every project he took on until he received advice from a friend. His wealthy father, which is the reason for his change in his way of thinking

If your affairs are not going as well as you wish, it all means only one thing, which is that there is something you do not know. 

Therefore, Harv Eker began to observe the actions of rich people and learn about their way of thinking, which led him to achieve success.
* Eker also believes that despite the intention to achieve wealth, if you search carefully within yourself, you will find the fear that restricts your progress and which you must overcome. On it in the beginning until you reach wealth and your other goals

Summary of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harve Eker 


The book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind , as we mentioned before, is one of the best books on financial culture and developing financial intelligence. In this book, Iker explains the importance of changing the old principles and beliefs related to money, collecting it, and achieving happiness with the beliefs of the rich, and how if you want to reach wealth, you must first act as… Rich people act
* The book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind consists of two parts: 
 Part One: Your financial plan and its importance 
In this part of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Iker talks about what a financial plan is and its importance and how achieving wealth is affected by external factors (economic knowledge – money management – investment strategies) and internal factors that are no less important than those external factors, which is your internal readiness to reach wealth. 
* He also talks in this part about the importance of the financial plan, why you should have your own financial plan, and how if you become wealthy and you are not internally prepared, you may waste your wealth with the same ease with which it came to you. 
The greatest evidence of this is that those who win the lottery or various games of chance often return poor again because they do not have a fixed financial plan to follow, while the self-made rich are able to gain it again, even if they lose most of their wealth, because their mentality is designed to be rich. 
* He also talks about in this part of the book that your principles and internal beliefs about money are what determine your financial success. If your thoughts about money are negative and that it does not bring happiness or that it is the root of evil, then how can you achieve wealth? 
What is your financial plan? 
The financial planner is a combination of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. The basis of the financial plan is the programming from childhood that your parents taught you about money. If you want to get rich, you must reprogram all the negative beliefs and files about money, and this is the goal of the book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind. 
The second part of the book: Files of Wealth 
In this second part of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harv Eker presents the difference between the thinking of the rich and millionaires and the poor who are not financially successful. He presents 17 different ways of thinking that each of them thinks about money. 
1- The rich believe in the saying, “I make my life.” The poor say, “My life is just a coincidence.”
2- The rich play the money game in order to win, but the poor aim not to lose
3- The rich dream big dreams while the poor dream small dreams
4- The rich are committed to being rich while the poor want to become rich
5- The rich focus on opportunities while the poor focus on obstacles
6- The rich admire the rich and successful, while the poor despise the rich and successful
7- The rich are associated with the successful and positive, while the poor are associated with the unsuccessful and negative.
8- The rich are willing to promote their value and themselves, while the poor are negative about what is related to selling and promotion
9- The rich are bigger than their problems, while the poor are smaller than their problems
10- The rich are good receivers, while the poor are bad receivers
11- The rich get their salaries in exchange for results, while the poor want their salaries in exchange for time
12- The rich think about both options while the poor think it is either this or that
13- The rich focus on their net worth while the poor focus on their job income
14- The rich manage their money well while the poor are not good at managing their businesses
15- The rich let their money work for them while the poor work for their money.
16- The rich act in spite of fear, while the poor let fear stop them

17- The rich continue to learn and grow while the poor think they already know

The second part of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is to give you the most important ways of thinking of rich people so that you can reprogram your negative beliefs and principles about money and amassing wealth, and how if you are able to develop a good financial plan and begin to think like rich people, the natural result is wealth. 
This was a summary of the book Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind. If you like it, share it with your friends and family and contribute to spreading financial culture with others. 
* We hope that you will always stay with us and learn about the most important methods of profit and the most important financial culture books and information  

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