Identifying fraudulent sites (the best methods you should try)

Identifying fraudulent sites (the best methods you should try)

So, you have decided to enter the field of making money from the Internet, and now you want to know whether the site you are applying to subscribe and make money from is honest and pays users or not, so that you do not waste your time on suspicious and dishonest sites. Since you are thinking this way, I encourage you because you are on the right path towards making money from the Internet. Because sometimes, when you are looking for ways to profit from the Internet, you may find ways that no one has touched upon before, and therefore these sites will give you an initial overview of that method.

When you register on any site and work on it for a while, and in the end you find that that site is not honest and will not pay you, you will certainly say that making money from the Internet is just an illusion and a scam against people. Therefore, in this topic, we present to you a method that will help you find out whether the site you are registering on is…

that all methods of making money from the Internet are dishonest. Be careful,these sites do not always provide correct information about the site. There are some sites that are classified as fraudulent and they pay users.

How do you know that the site is honest and is not targeting users?

There are many ways through which you can determine the credibility of the site, but I will discusstwo methods  in detail and the rest in a moment 

The first method: Identify the credibility of the site through the scamadvisor website 

There are many sites that offer the possibility of knowing the credibility of the site and whether this site is legitimate or not, but scam advisor is considered the best and most common so far and the closest to credibility.  

How do you know the credibility of the site through scamadvisor?

scamadvisor provides many information about the site once you enter the site link and the information it provides, such as:
1- The extent of the site’s credibility through percentage 
2- A simple summary of the site 
3- Information about the site owner 
4- Location value 
5- Site speed 
6- The age of the domain 
7- Provides users’ opinions about the site (the most important feature of the site) 

For all this important information that scamadvisor provides, it is considered one of the most famous and best sites for identifying fraudulent business sites on the Internet. 


Sometimes the site makes mistakes and offers low rates for some sites that pay. For example, the site offers a very low rate for the Ojooo site, and the site paid for me personally. 

In those times, I always prefer to look at users’ comments and opinions about the site and what their experiences are with this site, which is the best way to know the extent of the site’s credibility. 

The second method: Find out the credibility of the site by asking about it on websites and forums 

If you want to know whether this site is honest or not, you have to experiment with the user. You have to ask people who have actually worked on this site and tested the extent of its credibility. In my opinion, this method is much better than the first method because in this method you get to know the experiences of people and real users of the site and not a classification. To and rates for the site 

Some other secondary ways through which you can identify the credibility of the site 

1- The website address link must be in the secure browsing format (https). 
2- It does not contain any spelling mistakes in the site’s format  
3- The website usually has a professional appearance 
Some other sites through which you can find out whether the site is honest or not? 

2- Scamvoid 


Always rely on the opinions of other users and do not depend on a program or site. Ask about the site in the blogs and sites that talk about it. 
* This was a group of ways through which you can know which sites are honest and which are fraudulent 

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