The best sites for making money from watching videos 2024 (my experience)

The best sites for making money from watching videos 2024 (my experience)

Can you still make money from watching videos in 2023?


If you are looking for an easy way to make some money, this method will help you do that.

You will find dozens of other topics talking about profit sites by watching the video.

Let me tell you a secret!!!!!

Most of these sites mentioned are not suitable for the Arab audience, unfortunately, and all of them are merely quoted from foreign sites.


So that you do not get frustrated while searching for sites that enable you to do that, I have compiled for you a list of the best sites for the Arab audience on this topic. I hope that you will find it useful to you and actually start making profits from the Internet through it.

This topic is divided into two main parts: 

  • The first part: It contains a list of the best sites for making money from watching videos for Arabs.
  • The second part: contains international video watching sites (which most sites talk about).

But first let me tell you something important…

How much can you earn from watching videos daily?

I will not tell you that you can earn 100 or 200 dollars a day from these sites, but I guarantee you that by working on all of these sites together and using most of the other profit methods that each site offers in addition to watching videos, you will be able to earn at least 2-10 dollars on a daily basis.

Now, are you ready to get to know me:

Sites for making money from the Internet by watching videos for Arabs

As I told you above, you can earn good sums of money from these sites while you are in the Arab countries.

You can also register without any problems and you will not find it difficult to receive your profits.

Now let’s start with what is best for me which is…

1- Picoworkers website

Picoworkers is one of the sites that has not received enough attention on the Arab web (I don’t know why yet).

Although it is one of the best sites for making money online for beginners in general.

In addition to being, in my personal opinion, the best site for making money from watching videos and the most in terms of profits that you can get.

The site is completely different from other profit sites, as it is classified as a site for performing mini-tasks that people have added, for example:

  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel.
  • Like the page on Facebook.
  • Follow an Instagram, Twitter, or other account.
  • And definitely watch the videos.

For each task you perform, you will earn a pre-agreed amount that you will find in front of the task description.

Through the Picoworkers website alone, you can earn approximately $200 (no exaggeration). You just have to complete the tasks without getting bored, as:

  • There are more than 500 offers that you can complete, and more and more are being added on a daily basis.
  • Sadiq website has dozens of offers to earn money by watching videos.
  • Reaching the minimum withdrawal limit is very easy ($5.75).
  • You can withdraw your profits via (PayPal – Skrill – Litecoin).
  • The profits are received into your account within 10 days of the withdrawal request.

How to get tasks for watching videos only >>>>>

After registering on the site, follow these steps in this image:

Get assignments on picoworkers

After that, you will see all the offers related to YouTube and watching videos in general.

As you can see in the picture below, there are 46 videos that you can watch. The profits of these videos range from $0.30 to $0.03 per video.

I think it is very good profits from watching videos, which certainly no other site can provide for you.

Earnings from watching videos on picoworkers

Now, if you are convinced, like me, that it is the best site, then start registering and earning now

Register at picoworkers

2- Timebucks website

I explained in detail the timebucks site and how I prefer it as one of the best profit sites

Not only because it includes watching videos as a way to profit, but also because it is honest, very profitable, and rich in about 13 different profit methods.

I was also able to earn approximately $220 from it, as shown in the picture:

My earnings from timebucks

The site contains two ways to earn money from watching videos:

The first method:

Through the Earn window >>>>, then go to the Content window >>>>>, then choose Videos

Here you will find a group of YouTube videos that, when you click on them, you will be transferred to YouTube to watch the video for a certain period. After watching the video for that period, the profits will be added to your balance.

Second method:

Also through Earn >>> then go to content >>>>> after that you have to choose Engage >>> after that you will be transferred to another site, register on it.

Once you register, the videos are won automatically. You can play those videos in one window and work on another window, and the videos will play automatically.

Earn $0.01 for every video view on Timebucks

  • A reliable site and I highly recommend it.
  • You can easily earn $5 a day
  • Profits are withdrawn weekly, with a minimum of $10.
  • The site provides (Bitcoin, Payeer, and bank transfer) as withdrawal methods

It is preferable that you receive your money on Payeer, and if you do not have an account, perhaps you can see Payeer Bank’s explanation in detail to know how to do that.

Register at timebucks

3- Cointiply website

This site is considered one of the most famous sites for earning Bitcoin from watching videos and ads.

I added it specifically for those who want to work in digital currencies and enter this field with very high opportunities.

  • The site is honest and pays. The site contains 9 different methods (watching videos is one of them).
  • There are many more videos available in foreign countries than those available in Arab countries.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw profits is $3.5 (35,000 currency).
  • Withdrawal methods (Bitcoin – Dogecoin – Litecoin – Dash).
  • You can increase your profits from the site once you reach 35,000 currencies by activating the interest option on the funds. An annual interest of 5% will be calculated and added to your account on a weekly basis.

Register at cointiply

4- Profit from watching and promoting videos of major channels and companies

One of the ways that you will not find many people talking about to earn money by watching videos is by providing mini-services on freelancing websites .

Here you are required to determine what you will do for the company or the channel owner.

For example, your service would be as follows:

  • I will promote your video in 30 forums.
  • I will publish your video in 20 groups on Facebook.
  • Or, for example, I will achieve 150 hours of viewing your videos (there are several legitimate methods that I am searching for).
  • Mostly, the price of the service is $5, and some make various improvements to the service that raise their price.

It is worth noting that it is one of the services that is frequently requested on Arab and foreign freelance sites.

See requests for a service on the Khamsat website >>>>

Profit from watching videos and publishing them in forums

In order to be able to master this skill and earn good sums of money through it, you may need to review this topic:

5- Coinpayu website

Coinpayu is considered one of the famous sites for making money from watching ads in general, and it contains a special section for making money from watching videos.

Profit from watching videos on the Coinpayu website

You will usually find in this section about 4-10 videos, sometimes less and sometimes more

Each of these videos will enable you to earn a specific amount of satoshi (Bitcoin), and when you reach the minimum limit, you can withdraw.

This site is one of my favorite sites when it comes to earning currencies in an easy way, and this is because:

  • Honest site I have checked out several times.
  • Browsing the site is very smooth and simple and does not contain annoying ads.
  • It also provides offers and tasks that increase your profits significantly.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is very low: 1,500 satoshi (about $0.5).
  • You can withdraw currency from (Paye – FaucetPay – currency wallets).

Register on coinpayu

6- Watch videos and translate them

Another way that enables you to earn money by watching videos, and it is available to Arabs, is by translating videos and creating subtitles for them.

Many large (and small) YouTube channels also pay a lot of money to translate their content into other languages.

This method usually enables you to earn $0.5 – $1/100 words you translate in the video.


To be honest with you, it is not easy to get a job like this. You need to:

  • Find average channels and do not translate their videos.
  • You must have the skill of translation (you can certainly present this on foreign channels).
  • Be patient until you find a channel that agrees to this.
  • Build your own personal profile and present it well.
  • Some people also make money from watching films and series and translating them, but this is after a long period of doing this work and you have already become a professional and your language is excellent.

You can work on this method by displaying your skills on various freelance sites such as:

  • Fives
  • Fiverr
  • independent

7- Ysense website

The site previously provided the possibility of making money from watching videos for Arabs.

However, it stopped doing so a while ago and now offers it to some countries such as America, Canada, and Australia only.

Despite that, I decided to put it on this list, in short, because it is truly one of the best and most honest sites I have worked on.

Through it, I was able to earn more than $500 >>>

My profits from the ysense website

Therefore, I thought it would be better to put the ysense website here with these sites and methods, so perhaps you might be interested in trying it.

Go to ysense

Now are you ready for the second part?

The best sites for making money from watching videos in the world

In this part of the topic, you will find a group of sites that are promoted on other sites as the best sites for making money from watching videos.

This is certainly true, but…

In foreign countries and for those living in them.

These sites are truly profitable and honest sites, but they have other ways to profit from tasks and offers, not videos.

In fact, most of these sites also do not accept registration from those Arab countries.

The purpose of putting it here in this topic is for Arab expatriates in foreign countries who are looking for sites to profit from watching videos.

Now let me tell you the best of these sites:

8- Swagbucks website

Swagbucks is one of the most famous earning sites that all foreign sites talk about and consider it the best earning site.

  • Registration is accepted from Arab websites, but it only contains surveys, tasks, shopping offers, and cashback.
  • It is one of the most reliable sites and I have already withdrawn through it.
  • You can withdraw profits from $5 to Amazon cards to $10 for other methods.
  • It offers withdrawal methods (PayPal – Amazon cards – Payoneer).

Register at swagbucks

9- Inboxdollars website

Registration is not accepted from Arab countries, only foreign countries, especially the United States.

Therefore, we will not talk about it, and we will suffice with mentioning that it is one of the best sites for making money from watching videos if you live in the United States of America.

10- Iboxpounds website

You will also find this site on some sites and it is displayed as one of the distinguished sites.

But you should know that this site is only available in England (United Kingdom) and you will not be able to access the site in the first place.

11- National consumer panel website and application

This site contains survey studies and is not intended for profit from watching videos in the first place.

More importantly, it also does not accept registration from Arab countries.

12- Irazoo website

One of the sites mentioned Irazoo as one of the sites for making money from watching videos, and in fact:

  • The site is indeed honest and allows people from all countries of the world to register.
  • You will get 700 points as a reward for answering some simple questions.

But as usual…

There are no videos for Arabs.

It can even be considered a site for opinion polls or tasks, for example.

13- Nielson website

If you have previously searched for sites for making money by watching videos, you will find other sites talking about the Nielson site as the best and oldest.

That’s right, it’s an old site already.

But did you know that, to this day, registration from Arab countries is not allowed?

Only 11 foreign countries!!!!

Therefore, it is better not to place your hopes on this site if you are a citizen of one of the Arab countries.

14- netflix website

I found this part on a foreign site, but I tried to find a clear way to make money from Netflix for beginners, but I could not find it.

In order to be able to profit from this method, you must apply for one of the jobs on the Netflix website.

Which is definitely not suitable for beginners or even those with intermediate experience.

However, there are actually ways through which you can make money from Netflix, for example:

  • Obtain accounts and sell them at nominal prices.
  • CPA offers and distributes Netflix sensors as a contest.

There are many ways other than watching videos. You just have to think of a suitable method and start applying it for those interested in it.

15- Adwallet website

One of the best sites and applications for making money by watching videos, but also not for Arabs.

This site offers $0.50 for every video you watch, and also offers a withdrawal once you reach $10.

So good that you definitely won’t believe this is possible.

With this, I have finished the best sites and ways to make money from watching videos.

But there are some final things that I want you to keep in mind before starting:

  • Think carefully about the reason that drives you to try to profit. Will you be able to achieve what you dream of by watching videos only?
  • After earning some money from this method, do not waste this money. Just determine another method through which you can invest the small amount that you will get.
  • Never rely on watching videos or other simple methods as a source of income because they are completely useless.
  • If you really want to achieve a good monthly income in the long term, think seriously about creating your own blog like the one you are currently reading on, or a store, or other projects, and take a risk and do not stand there waiting for the opportunity.

Now tell me…

What site or method do you think is the best and have you decided to start with it?

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