Earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes (7 sites that provide you with that)

Earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes (7 sites that provide you with that)

Want to earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes?

I already know of many sites through which you can earn satoshi in a few minutes and withdraw them to your wallet.

You should know that you cannot earn more than 0.000005 Bitcoin per day from these sites.
Perhaps you can earn more than that if you have a huge network of friends who will work with you on these sites.
The conclusion and what I want to say is that in this topic you will find Bitcoin earning sites every 5 minutes, but they will not achieve those expected profits for you.
Let’s cut the introduction short and move quickly to…

The best sites that enable you to earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes 

First, you need one of the mini Bitcoin wallets so that you can receive these small amounts of Bitcoin on it.
The wallet that supports this type of profit operations is the coinpot wallet. By clicking on the name of the previous wallet, you can go to a detailed explanation that we have done for this wallet.
The sites on this list are classified as Bitcoin faucets, and we have already talked a lot about them in the guide to profit from faucets, so let me not talk much about them, and if you want, you can go and read all the details about them.
Let’s start now with…

1- Faucetpay website 

It is not just a profit site and a mini wallet, but it is a window to more than 500 other sites and faucets through which you can profit.
  • The methods of earning are varied, including advertisements that you can watch – faucets that you can collect from – offers that you can complete
  • Some of the linked sites not only enable you to profit every 5 minutes, but some of them enable you to earn Bitcoin and other currencies only every 1 minute.
  • You can also internally switch between different currencies .
I do not want to be long for you, as I have made a comprehensive explanation of the faucetpay wallet. After completing this topic, you can review it and find out what you can get from it.

2- Moonbitcoin website 

  • The system for earning Bitcoin from the site is by collecting every 5 minutes.
  • You can earn approximately 50 satoshi per day 
  • It also provides some tasks that you can complete that will help you double your profits.
  • Your satoshi is transferred directly to the coinpot wallet, no matter how small the profits are.
  • An additional percentage is offered as a bonus to you every time you collect.
  • You do not need to create an account, just enter your wallet email on Coinpot and log in, and your profits will be sent to it.

3- Moon litecoin website 

  • Another site for making money every 5 minutes 
  • You can collect Litecoin 
  • It also contains offers and gifts to increase your profits
  • You do not need to create an account, just enter your wallet email on Coinpot.

4- Moon dashcoin website 

  • Collection every 5 minutes 
  • You will be able to collect Dash coins 
  • Your profits are sent directly to your Coinbot wallet 
  • Here you also do not need to create an account. You can use your wallet email

5- Moon dogecoin website

  • Another honest site affiliated with Moon sites that enables you to profit every 5 minutes.
  • Collection is done via Dogecoin 
  • Offers to increase your profits from the site 
  • Profits are sent directly to the coinpot wallet used to log in 

6- Moon bitcoin cash website 

  • Sadiq website where you can earn Bitcoin Cash every 5 minutes 
  • Once you withdraw, the profits are sent to the Bitcoin wallet used for registration
  • The site contains gifts and additional bonuses that increase your profits with each collection transaction 
  • It also contains a group of offers to significantly increase profits 
  • The site offers a 50% commission from the profits of people who use your referral link.

7- Bitfun website 

Want to earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes?
Bitfun will enable you to collect every 3 minutes only?!!!!!
  • There is no minimum withdrawal limit, the satoshis are sent directly to the coinpot wallet 
  • The site offers other ways to profit, such as offers and games
Want more? 
If you want more than these sites, you can check out the following Bitcoin topics so you can earn more and more: 
If the information provided here is not clear or you would like to obtain more information, do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us through our Facebook page.
Good luck.

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