How to profit from Blogger 2024 (the best ways)

How to profit from Blogger 2024 (the best ways)

Blogger is one of the most famous blogging platforms in the world due to it being the platform affiliated with the giant Google, which still sits on the throne of search engines. The most important thing that distinguishes the Blogger platform is the ease of use and the low cost required to create a blog on it, which made many bloggers prefer the Blogger platform over others. But how can you? Profit from Blogger Can you profit in the same ways that the owner of a paid blog can profit? In this topic, we talk together about how to profit from Blogger in detail, mentioning the best methods that you can use  

Although we talked about
how to profit from blogging, are these profitable methods that you can profit by using the free Blogger platform?Maybe this is the question we should ask.If you have read our topic about profit from blogs, then you already know the best ways to profit, but some of the methods in that topic cannot be used toprofit from a Blogger blog, especially if it is a free blog (with a free domain),but what are the methods that you can use, I will set for you The most important methods that you can use to profit from Blogger, whether they are:
– A free blog with a free domain (.blogspot)
– A Blogger blog with a paid domain

, but it is necessary that I strongly advise you, if you are still in the initial stages of creating the blog, to buy a domain (very necessary) that will provide you with A more professional appearance for your site, in addition to the fact that you are in control of your site.But if you do not want to do that or do not have enough money to buy a domain ($10 annually), then do not worry. You will be able to profit from your blog as well.

How to create a Blogger blog 2020 

Creating a Blogger blog is very simple and does not require any complications. All you have to do is

your ownGmail account– go to the Blogger platform, then click on
Create a new blog  – log in via Go to your Gmail account, then choose the name of your blog
, and thus you have created your blog

You can learn how to create a professional Blogger blog in 4 steps with pictures if you want more details

The best ways to profit from Blogger 2020

There are many ways to profit from a Blogger blog. These methods differ from one field to another. Profiting from health blogs is different from profiting from money and business blogs, and different from blogs specialized in building websites. Therefore, we certainly will not be able to list all the methods of profit, but you will find in this topic the most important methods that can be used to profit from blogs in various fields and specializations.  

A simple equation: (More visitors = more profits). Therefore, you may want to follow the series of obtaining visitors in order to increase your profits from Blogger.

1- Profit from Blogger and AdSense 

Google AdSense is the first advertising network in the world and is affiliated with the Google search engine.

Perhapsprofiting from Blogger via Google AdSenseis something that goes without saying, but many bloggers are confused at first and want to knowwhether it is possible to profit from Blogger and AdSense when using a free domain (Blogspot)?Yes, you can profit from your Blogger blog even if you are using a free domain. (blogspot) You can apply to participate in the AdSense program from within the Blogger platform from (Profits), then apply and your Google AdSense account in this case is called (a hosted account), meaning it is hosted through the Blogger platform. You

can make good sums of money from your free blog, but only if You have a good number of visitors on a daily basis, whether through the search engine or through social media sites, but the most important thing to do is to provide good, valuable content that does not violate Google AdSense policies.

Your blog’s profits from Google AdSense depend on many factors. You can see

how Increase your profits from Google AdSense in a legitimate way.Learn how you can achieve a very respectable income through some improvement steps for your blog.

2- Profit from Blogger and AdSense alternatives 

For many novice bloggers, especially those who create their blogs on the Blogger platform, subscribing to Google AdSense is difficult.
Not only beginners, but many people whose Google AdSense accounts have been closed are looking for alternatives through which they can earn money from placing ads on their blogs.Therefore, many alternative advertising networks for AdSense have appeared, which beginners and anyone else can participate in and start earning through them.There are many advertising networks that you can use, and we have explained

the 10 best alternatives to Google AdSensethat you should try. On these sites, you will find the best advertising networks through which you canmake a profit from Blogger.  

3- Profit from Blogger through affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing
is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet, which often requires people who have some knowledge of marketing strategies and how to persuade the customer.Although most
affiliate marketing programsdo not accept free blogs (by that we mean Blogger blogs with a free domain), you can do affiliate marketing for some sites that do not require owning a very professional website, a domain, or other difficult requirements.One of the most important sites that you can promote products on your Blogger blog without conditions or complications is the website.
This site is considered one of the largest electronic stores in the Arab world and is affiliated with Amazon, the most famous store in the world.Perhaps you can learn more by learninghow to profit from the website.  The website contains millions of different products. If you want to create a blog in the field of fashion and beauty, you will find thousands of products that you can market. If you want to create a healthy Blogger blog, you will You will find hundreds of skin and hair care products and other products that you can profit from marketing.

If you want to create a blog specialized in the field of digital currencies, you can promote many sites for buying and selling digital currencies that do not require any special conditions.

There are millions of ways to profit from a Blogger blog through affiliate marketing for these sites, but these sites differ depending on the field of your blog, and therefore I cannot Providing all the sites that you can market to, but
if you want to know the best sites that you can market with commission through your Blogger blog, leave (your blog field) in a comment and I will provide you with the best sites that you can start with.

You can followthe course of profit from free affiliate marketing. 

4- Profit from a Blogger blog by selling your services on it 

One of the best ways through which you can profit from your Blogger blog.
Since you can display your services or skills on your blog.If you have skills in any field, then marketing those services on your blog is one of the things that you should really think about. When you have followers who know what your skills and experiences are, you will be able to earn a lot of money through your blog by having your visitors buy those services.

5- Profit from Blogger by shortening links 

Shortening links
is one of the ways to profit from the Internet for beginners, and anyone can shorten links and promote them, but if you own a blog or YouTube channel and you have some followers or get some visits, then you can double your profits several times.Profiting from Blogger by shortening links does not require you to purchase a domain, a specific number of topics, visits from specific countries, or many other conditions set by affiliate marketing sites.

All you have to do to start earning is to register on one of themanyprofit sites by shortening linksThen, you shorten your blog’s links, and when some people visit your shortened links, you earn money from your Blogger blog.

6- Profit from Blogger and uploading files 

Profit file upload

sitesare sites for storing data on which you upload your important files, whether it is (a program – a text file – a video – an image) or any other file, and the file upload site provides you with a download link for your file.You publish the link on your Blogger blog, and every time someone downloads your file, you earn some money.Mostly, the profit is $2 / 1000 file downloads. You may think that this amount is small, but if you have 10 or 15 files that you upload and then share, your profits will be very large. What is specialabout making money from this method is that it does not ask you for any data for your blog or website. Therefore, if you own a free or paid Blogger blog, you can earn money from sharing links to your files on it.

7- Profit from Blogger and CPA 

The CPA field

is one of the most profitable fields from which you can make very good profits, whether you own a blog on Blogger or other various marketing platforms. Therefore, you can market some appropriate CPA offers for your blog and start makingprofits from Blogger.This field is actually very large and I cannot summarize it in one item in a topic, so if you want to learn the steps that you need to take in this field, you may want to follow

free CPA courseto then start promoting offers on your Blogger blog.Did you like the topic?

Why don’t you share it with your friends and acquaintances so that others can benefit 

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