Explaining my experience in profiting from Yllix, an AdSense alternative (Arabic content)

Explaining my experience in profiting from Yllix, an AdSense alternative (Arabic content)

Most bloggers in the Arab world have suffered one day from AdSense problems, or perhaps your domain violates AdSense policies and you are looking for one of the AdSense alternatives , and this is very normal. Therefore, I decided to share my experience of profiting from the company yllix, the AdSense alternative, which has been published in many articles and There have been videos about it recently on the Arab web, and we will see if it might become a good option for you or not.

* In the beginning, if your site or blog is new and you are not getting visitors, which one of the advertising companies is not suitable for you, pay attention first to the content of your site and attracting visitors, then start thinking about profit. 
But if you can attract real visitors from social media sites or other sites, you can certainly complete this experience with me. 

Explaining the AdSense alternative site yllix in detail 2020

First, you should know that I used yllix ads on an Arabic website, and I will test it on a foreign website, then I will share my experience with you.

I used Yelex’s advertising units on my blog for 3 weeks, and I am here to share with you some of those results, but first let me answer some questions and then tell you about my experience at the end.

Is the Yllix website honest or a scam? 

According to my personal experience with the site, it is honest and pays faster and in better ways than other sites that I have tried. If you are one of those who want proof of withdrawal, here are some proofs.

yllix is ​​honest
Some payment proofs from Yllix, an AdSense alternative 

Can Yllix be considered the best alternative to AdSense for Arabic content? 

In fact, I cannot confirm this, but it does provide profits, but only for certain types of ads, which are considered equal to AdSense and sometimes higher than AdSense. 

Do you need approval when opening a yllix account? 

No, when you open a new account, the account is opened directly without any restrictions, and you can profit by simply registering and adding advertising units to your site. 

What types of ads does Yllix provide? 

Explaining the types of advertisements in yllix

As shown in the picture above, there are 6 types of advertising units in Yllix, in addition to another type of advertisement, which is Push notifications, thus bringing 7 types of advertisements provided by Yllix that you can use with your site.

Banner ads: yllix provides different sizes of banners. You can use any of them and place them on your site after choosing the type of ads.2-
Application ads: for owners of phone applications3-
Redirect ads: which is an advertising code that you place on your site, and as soon as the visitor enters it, he is directed to another site (a very bad type of advertisement that destroys your site)4-
Slider ads: which are advertising units that show one of The sides of your site for computers or the advertisement at the bottom of the mobile screen, which is different from banner ads.5-
Pop-up ads: 4 types of pop-up ads, which are a very good option for movie sites, file uploads, or link shortening ads.6-
Direct link advertisement: It is a link to which you send visits and profits are calculated from conversions or views.7-

Push notifications ads: One of the types of ads that have been very popular recently among website owners and bloggers due to their high profits.

How does Yllix calculate profits? 

After my experience with yllix, the method it uses is CPA (in a larger way) or it charges you for conversions. The visitor sees the ad, clicks on it, then enters his email, phone number, or something else.

The site also charges you with the CPM system, meaning the profit for views, but it is small, in addition to the fact that you need a certain number of visits and conversions after that to activate this feature for you.

Payment system and receiving profits at yllix 

Payment is made automatically on the Yllix website using one of two systems:

– Daily payment
– Weekly payment.

The minimum amount to withdraw your profits is

$1.Payment methods on Yllix:

– PayPal
– Bitcoin
– Payoneer
– Bank transfer.

The payment system in Yllix is ​​the best for me ever, as it is very small. You will not find an alternative site to AdSense that has a very low minimum in addition to a daily payment.

What are the best Arab countries with Yllix? 

If your blog is Arabic and has an audience from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, or Tunisia, then you will certainly like yllix ads very much. The CPM in yllix for this role is very high, sometimes more than AdSense, but not for banner ads. 

What are the best sites to work with yllix? 

The best sites that can benefit from yllix ads with various advertising units are:

– link shortening sites
– file upload sites
– movie sites
– book blogs
– software download blogs.

As for news blogs that have informational articles in various fields, yllix will not provide them with what they need. .

If you own a news blog and want to profit from the AdSense alternative, Yllix, the best type of ads that you should use are push notification ads.

My personal experience with Yllix – Do I recommend it to Arabic blogs? 

Based on my personal experiences with different AdSense alternatives, which I constantly experiment with in order to know what is best and most appropriate for Arabs, so far I recommend Yllix as an alternative to AdSense for Arabic content. Of course, the profits are not the same or even close to them, but it remains the best option so far among the AdSense alternatives in terms of Profits and also the payment system.

The best way to earn money from Yllix, which is almost larger than AdSense, is through push notification ads. Sometimes I used to earn up to $1 from each subscription.

I strongly advise you to use Yllix if you have a blog that talks about downloading programs, games, applications, etc., and using advertising banners will provide you with good profits.

I strongly advise you to use yllix if you own a link shortening website and want to make good money from it.

I definitely recommend Yllix to you if you have a file uploading site or a site for downloading movies and series.

I do not recommend yllix to you in any other type of blog yet, and the experiments are based on more than one of my own blogs (I recommend it to you in the case of push ads)

This was my personal experience with the Yllix website, an AdSense alternative for Arabic content. If you would like to add any information or have any questions, we would be very happy to see your comment. 

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