Profiting from data entry (your guide as a data entry) 2024

Profiting from data entry (your guide as a data entry) 2024

Do you want to profit from data entry and do not know where to start?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you become a successful data entry user.

But you must promise yourself in the beginning that you will work hard and learn until you succeed in this field.

Therefore, the first step to prove how serious you are is to complete this article with me until the end so that you learn all the details of this data entry job.

Tell me in the comments how much you benefited from the topic. Are you ready to get started ?

Let’s start first with…

What is data entry (data entry)? 

Data entry job is a job that can be done either from home or from within the company’s headquarters.
In general, this job includes a wide range of skills and jobs that fall under this title.
For example, we can call each of these a data entry: 
  • The programmer 
  • Article writer 
  • The translator 
  • Expert in various types of Excel programs
  • Who can add products and their descriptions to online stores? 
  • And many more
 In our Arab world and in the entire world, the term data entry refers to a person who has various writing skills, whether: 
  • Speed ​​in writing 
  • creativity
  • Organization and coordination
In fact, these are skills that do not require a lot of time to learn if you think you cannot do so.

Let us now move in more detail to…

Types of data you can enter 

There is more than one type of data that you can work on as a data entry.
It varies from one employer to another.
In fact, everything that is written can be considered data that is entered, starting from this article, and even complex data that is entered into special programs.
But I am here to provide you with the best and what is actually required of you as a data entry worker, which is actually considered the most in demand on freelance sites .
So pay close attention to me and record the following in your private diary.
  1. Creating spreadsheets on Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Writing pages on roses
  3. Audio transcription of video or podcast content.
  4. Entering product data into the online store. 
  5. Entering company data into websites and forums.
  6. Copy and paste from one file to another (in different formats, Word to PDF, for example)
  7. Transcribing images into Word or Excell 
  8. Making copies of advertisements (writing advertisement content) You must be distinguished by creativity to write distinctive advertising content.
  9. Converting audio medical content into translation files (you must have experience in medical terminology)
  10. Word file format. 
  11. Creating databases in Access. 
  12. Extracting data from websites using Python.
  13. Solve questionnaires 
  14. Writing captcha codes (the lowest method in terms of profits is only $0.30 / 1000 words)
It is not necessary that you can do all of the above.
You may actually be able to do all of the above to multiply your profit many times over.
If you can master one or more ( especially Excel because it is the most in demand ) you will be able to profit from data entry with ease and very good sums.
That is…

The tasks of a data entry person who works in a company are…

  • Editing and organizing company data
  • Review this data and ensure its accuracy on a regular basis
  • Be well-versed in file protection programs so that they are not exposed to theft, damage, or loss.
  • He makes sure to make backup copies of data on a daily basis.
  • Also responsible for storing files, whether digital or paper.
  • Entering website data (if the job is for a website) in a way that serves the goal of the website owner, whether it is sales, consulting, or anything else.
  • Keep only necessary files.
  • Organizing the entered data so that it is displayed and accessed by management quickly and easily.
  • Submitting daily reports to management detailing the status of employees in the company.
  • He is fully aware of all methods and means for preserving, storing and protecting data and keeps up with developments.
These were the most important tasks for a data entry person who wants a job, whether from home or at the company’s headquarters.
Now we move to the most important part for everyone. Are you ready now to get the salary?

How much is a data entry salary? 

In fact, I searched a lot for data entry salary in those jobs spread on major employment sites, and I found very little that lists the salary.
In most of these employment applications, they do not include the salary, but it is placed in front of it (unspecified).
But the ones where I found the salary ranged between: 
  • 1,500 Egyptian pounds ($100 per month 😂😂)
  • And up to 4000 pounds. 
The work was full-time, not part-time, and most of these jobs required at least 1 year of experience.
That is, we can say that:
  • The average data entry salary in Egypt ranges from 1,000-7,000 pounds.
Average data entry salary in Egypt

That picture was from our employment opportunities website 

  • The average data entry salary in Saudi Arabia is 1,500 – 8,000 Saudi riyals.
Average data entry salary in Saudi Arabia

Those jobs are from two years ago and the salary is the same until now.

These salaries were estimated after studying many sites that offer data entry jobs, meaning they were not invented by us.

Can I get a better salary as a data entry worker? 

In fact, there is a method that is favorite in my heart through which you can obtain an amount 10 times or more than the salary of a data entry job in any company.
The method is: freelancer (self-employment)
Look at this picture from inside one of the foreign freelance sites to know why it is better >>>
Earn money from data entry on Fiverr

In the picture above, there are a number of important things: 

  • This freelancer makes money by entering data into Excell.
  • The price of each service you perform is a minimum of $30.
  • Their service developments are priced at $200-$400 for a single data entry project.
  • She now does 9 services for $30 per service, meaning she earns about $300/3 days ( $100 per day ). Yes, like the data entry salary in Egypt 😌
  • She sold 625 data entry projects, meaning a total profit of about $20,000 at a minimum.

This is why I always prefer to profit from data entry using microservices sites and freelancing sites in general than resorting to a job, even if it is from home.

Now, what must you have in order to start profiting from data entry? 

Specifications of the person who works in data entry

What are the data entry specifications that a person must have in order to get a job in this field?
In fact, there are many skills that you may be able to possess, but my advice now is to master everything related to the Excel program if you are looking for a data entry job from home and want a job that earns you good monthly sums.
I have brought you the best free course on YouTube to learn Excel. You can follow it, but only after completing this topic.
You can follow the course here :
 You have not yet learned about ways to profit from data entry, so do not go to the course now 😂
There are many other skills that you may have to develop in yourself, including: 
  • Be a good writer (if the data describes a store’s products, for example)
  • Collaborative and able to work in a team (in the case of companies, but in a freelancer you work alone)
  • Careful in your work and review it to avoid mistakes. 
  • You can scan products and sometimes use the printer to print reports.
  • A sponge for absorbing work stress 😪
  • Discreet (you can season it with a regular bean spout) to ensure the confidentiality of the data.
  • Organized (to make it easier for management to access and review data).
  • You can use different Microsoft programs (very important).
  • Paying attention to the smallest details and not repeating mistakes.
  • Some work requires knowledge of some programming languages ​​(for example, data mining using Python ).
  • She has bat ears (to listen and record all notes related to work)
  • Some businesses may require knowledge of SEO rules to prepare the site for search engines.
  • Certainly also the speed of writing.
  • You can use email, various chat methods, and video chat technology.
As for the required certificate, this is not necessary except in some very few companies that require that the field of study be close in one way or another to data entry.
If you decide to work with foreign websites, I advise you to learn at least the English language at least moderately and try to constantly develop yourself in it.
Now let me tell you…

The best sites for making money from data entry 2021 

I tried hard to collect the best profit sites from data entry that you can start with.
Frankly, it takes more effort to organize all this information and collect it in one topic in order to become a successful data entry.
Therefore, before I touch on these methods, I hope that once you finish this topic, you will share it with others to help us (just copy the link to the topic above and share it on any social media outlet) Thank you for your help .

1- Fiver website, Data Entry section

Do you remember the picture above of the girl and the woman doing the data entry for about $300/3 days?
This was Fiverr.
This site is considered one of the most famous foreign sites through which you can profit from data entry and obtain very good sums.
Earn money from data entry on Fiverr
Our tips now for working on the site: 
  • Make sure to learn one of the skills and become excellent at it.
  • Find out what others require in this skill.
  • Learn how other sellers offer their service.
  • Create an excellent description and post an excellent picture of your service.
  • Make sure that the price of your service is low in the beginning.


2- Khamsat website, data entry department

Do you want an Arabic website? 
No problem, Khamsat website is also one of the most famous Arabic websites where you can provide your services as a data entry.
The problem here in Khamsat is that data entry requests are low.
In addition, you will not be able to raise the price of the service by only $5, unless you add developments.
Profit from data entry on Khamsat


That’s why I created the Fiverr website for you in the beginning.


3- Data entry on

If you are a professional data entry professional and want high prices that you set, then the Freelancer website is very suitable for you to start.
Here you will find project owners presenting their projects and their specific requirements.
When you find someone requesting a data entry project suitable for your skill, all you have to do is submit your own offer to the seller displaying the price of your service.
The good thing about this site is the competition (do you think I was going to say competition is a bad thing?).
Because the site is full of other data entry users, you must have excellent skills and therefore charge the price that you deem appropriate for you.
The more reviews you have on the site, the better you can earn from data entry, as many project owners will approve of you.
Prices on the freelancer website usually range between: 
  • $2/hour 
  • And up to $100/hour 
This is of course due to the nature of the work.
Profit from data entry on


At the time of writing this article, there were about 550 applications for data entry jobs . Can you believe that?



4- Enter data on Upwork 

It is a combined version of both the Fiverr website and the Freelance website.
On the site, you can create your own profile and through it display your services. When someone wants to enter data, for example (there are various fields on the site) and finds your service, he can enter and request it directly.
Working as a data entry user on the Upwork website


The project owner can also add a job and you can apply for it and display the price of your service.
On UpWork, the clock system is also used and a contract is concluded between you and the buyer to guarantee the rights of both parties.
Upwork is an ideal opportunity if you want to profit from data entry, but the competition is also strong for you.
You can benefit from these tips that we put on the first site.


5- Enter data on an independent website

If you prefer projects that last for a long time over microservices that last for only days.
At the same time, you want an Arab work environment with Arab business owners, so the older brother of Khamsat (Mustaql) is your suitable home for making profits from data entry.
On this site, project owners request their services and specify: 
  • The project owner’s budget, which he will not pay more than.
  • The delivery period that you must adhere to
  • Specifications of this work
Now you have to submit your offer to them, preferably a good offer at first.
Be sure to add examples of your work (for some tasks only) in your work gallery on an independent website.
This step is very important to improve your position as a data entry person and make you appear more professional. This is definitely what will help you profit from data entry and get more clients.

6- Remote location

Employ Me is another website affiliated with the Hassoub network, which owns both Independent and Khamsat.
This site differs from both of them in that it is a recruitment site.
Therefore, if you are looking for a data entry job from home and prefer a fixed monthly income, then Farid website is very suitable for you.
Here companies add an employment offer in addition to the salary.
Now you have to write a letter of employment in which you showcase your various skills as a data entry.
Once the company accepts your application for employment, you will be contacted and you can write the contract with the company and start working.

7- Enter data on Amazon mechanical trunk (mTurk) 

mTurk is another services site, but this time it is affiliated with the giant Amazon.
Through it, you can apply for a data entry job whenever a person or company requests it.
You can also showcase your skills to it, in addition to the possibility of earning money in various other ways.


8- Join data entry groups 

Although I am a complete opponent of this way of working.
However, it may produce results for many people.
The reason I refuse to deal away from a reliable site is because you are highly likely to be scammed.
It is often the case that you do the entire job perfectly, but the buyer disappears.
Or for example, he tells you that this is not what he needed.
And believe me when I tell you that this happens all the time to freelancers.
Therefore, if you decide to join these groups in an attempt to profit from data entry, always be sure to: 
  • Choose projects carefully.
  • Do not complete the work until you receive the bulk of your money.
This will greatly guarantee your rights, whether as a data entry or in any other work on the Internet .

9- Go to employment sites 

And now the last option (the first for many people).
Don’t want to wait to get work on those sites above? 
No problem. Go to employment sites. You will find many people and companies offering data entry jobs with contact information.
Apply to these jobs and wait for acceptance.
But be careful not to be scammed, and here are some things you should pay attention to: 
  • Do not pay any money to any person or company until they hire you.
  • Some jobs may offer unreasonable salaries (don’t be fooled) 
  • There is no training month (the training period does not exceed 3 days). Avoid those companies that want to hire you for free.
The most famous recruitment sites that you can search on: 
These sites above are considered the most popular sites that provide a list of companies and various employment applications.
Go in and search for data entry jobs in each of them and apply for that job.

How can I get my profits as a data entry entry on freelance sites?

I talked to you above about the sites through which you can enter data, and I did not tell you how you can get your money from those sites.
Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten…
Most of the above sites can request payment after submitting your project.
You can receive your dues through several methods, including: 
  • Bank transfer
  • Pioneer Bank (an electronic bank with a visa through which you can withdraw your money and you can also transfer it to any bank on the ground)
But the most common way to withdraw money is through PayPal .
I explained the bank in boring detail. Click on the link above and you will learn everything about it
Do you have any questions ?
With this, I have finished the guide to making money from data entry for you.
You are now on the verge of becoming a successful data entry user.
If you have any questions that we did not address, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments or our Facebook page.
Don’t forget to share if you benefit.
Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you that you have made your first purchase for your service 💗

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