How to profit from WhatsApp (top 10 ways) 2024

How to profit from WhatsApp (top 10 ways) 2024

Yes, you can profit from WhatsApp if this is among your questions.


Earning money from the famous chat application is not done directly.

Meaning that you can never get money from WhatsApp, but you can get it through it.

I don’t understand ?!

What is meant is that you can profit through WhatsApp by using it as a promotional means for your business.

I’m telling you this so that you don’t get fooled by the spread of false headlines and misleading information.

First, you must know…

What do you need to profit from WhatsApp? 

In the beginning, in order to be able to profit from WhatsApp, there are some things that you must have: 
  • You must definitely have a WhatsApp account (😆)
  • A good number of phone numbers (the larger the better)
  • It is preferable that you create a WhatsApp group because many methods depend on it (but even if you do not do this, you can definitely profit)
  • To achieve something that these people desire (I will explain to you what that means in the rest of the topic)
  • The most important thing is that you actually provide what benefits these people and not just what benefits you.

Now let me tell you about the ways in which you can profit.

How to profit from WhatsApp in 2021?

As usual, before starting to talk about how to make money from WhatsApp, I went to check all those existing methods, whether in Arabic or foreign content.
Although many websites and methods actually talk about real methods, they are:
 However, the details of each method are few.
Do not list all the ways through which you can profit from WhatsApp.
Therefore, I decided to write this topic for you and tell you the methods with the details of each method.
Let’s start with the most profitable methods and then the least…

1- Profit from WhatsApp by selling your products on it

The most common method among girls and women at work, and it is considered the best way to exploit WhatsApp and profit from it.
Here the basis of profit depends on you purchasing some different products, whether clothes, bags, shoes, and so on, and starting to promote them through the WhatsApp application.
You can promote products on WhatsApp here in 3 ways: 
  • Having a group through which you add products to it and members order.
  • You can use the Story or Status feature to display your products (you do not need a group)
  • Or the last method, which is not preferred for everyone, is to write to all of these friends and send them the products you offer every time.
The best thing about WhatsApp, which makes it an excellent means of traffic and promotions, is that most everyone has WhatsApp and everyone logs into it and checks what others are promoting.
Therefore, I believe that anyone can profit from WhatsApp if they decide to put their effort into it and focus on providing excellent products that benefit the list of people they are promoting.

2- Affiliate marketing 

The same method as above, but the difference here is that in affiliate marketing :
Instead of buying specific products and reselling them.
You will look for some people or affiliate marketing platforms that have some different products.
You choose the appropriate product for you and the people in your group, and you promote it, and as soon as someone requests from you, you order the product from the platform and enter the address of the person who requested from you.
He will pay the platform, and it in turn will give you a commission, which is your profit.


There are many fraudulent sites that may not give you your commission, so if you find any platform, contact us on our page and tell us about it, and we will give you the most important information about it and the extent of its credibility.

In fact, it is not only products that are promoted by affiliates.

You can also promote some additional income sites to your list of contacts.

for example: 

I explained the ysense website in detail before. You can see its explanation.
But in general, it is a site for earning profits from performing various tasks , the most important of which is, for example, answering surveys . In return, you can earn sums of money of about $1-$5 per 20-minute survey.
When you invite people to register on this site and they start earning, you get a small commission from the site’s profits.
Don’t worry, the site is honest and I was able to withdraw more than $300 through it.

There are also a group of other profit sites that you can promote via WhatsApp. For example, there is also the Timebucks site , which I greatly prefer because it is suitable for everyone from all countries.


  • Trading sites
Everyone wants to increase their profits, and trading and investment sites provide this.
You can start learning trading, and when you become a professional at it, transfer your experience to others and get a commission when they also start trading.
For example , I use binary options trading platforms , which are considered one of the fastest and most risky trading methods, but at the same time the most in terms of amount. There are those who actually earn more than 10 thousand dollars per month.
I promote it to those around me, whether through WhatsApp or other ways.
 I tell them what I do, and when someone wants to work, I teach him the basics and make him register through my referral link, and this is how I can earn a commission.
But I do not recommend it except to people who are not afraid of adventure, loss, and learning, and most importantly, who can bear that risk.
There are thousands of opportunities that you can exploit when it comes to marketing, so make sure to develop yourself and invent creative ways and you will become what you want.

3- WhatsApp and blogging 

Do you see this site where you are reading this topic? 
This is called a blog (a site where information is written and shared).
But if you already know what it is, let us quickly move on to this method of profit from WhatsApp.
I will not talk much about ways to profit from blogging, as I have already explained them.
I will just give you a little overview…
  • You can create a free website on a platform such as Blogger .
  • You start publishing topics in a specific field that interests all kinds of people, or strange topics, or news (which is the best) if you will rely on WhatsApp.
  • You begin to profit through the methods that you will find by clicking on the link above, but most sites depend on (ads that are placed on the site).

4- Profit from private groups 

If you own some digital products such as courses or books that others may need.
You can create a group on WhatsApp and start collecting symbolic subscriptions from people in that group in exchange for the products you offer.
The most important thing is that your group be specialized so that it attracts only interested people who actually have the intention of paying for these valuable products.
This method will require you to do a lot of research until you find excellent products to provide.
Or you can certainly share some of your own strategies, such as investment strategies, or, for example, your own videos of exercises that you do in order to increase muscle mass, and so on.
The important thing here is to offer things that are worth people paying money for.

5- Sell paid consultations

This method is not for everyone if you are only a celebrity.
I do not mean social media celebrities. It is enough to be famous in the environment around you.
For example, you are a successful programmer and have good experience, and someone has come to you asking that you teach him.
You can make video calls via WhatsApp and explain to this person in exchange for money.
I know that there are other better programs that can be used, but WhatsApp may also suffice.

6- Profit from WhatsApp and YouTube

If you have the courage to appear in front of the camera to create your own YouTube channel, WhatsApp may be a more than excellent way to obtain subscribers, views, and thus profits.
Let me tell you this, but YouTube profits are a hidden treasure that not many people tell you about.
Once you activate monetization and add ads to your channel, you can earn approximately $1.5 per 1,000 views of your video.
Imagine how much you can earn from YouTube if your video gets a million views???

7- Promoting shortened links

One of the ways through which you can also profit from WhatsApp, but the profits are small, is through shortened links , which are considered one of the most popular ways to make money from the Internet for beginners .
Here all you have to do is the following: 
  • Finding good content with valuable information
  • Copy its link 
  • Register on one of the profit sites by shortening links 
  • You shorten this link through the website 
  • You start publishing this link either in your WhatsApp group or through your story.
  • Once someone clicks on the link and accesses the article, you earn a small amount of money, usually $2/1000 visits to your link.
After that, you can withdraw this profit from the site to your PayPal account or to your bank account.

8- Profit from WhatsApp and PPD sites

PPD sites are sites that share some of the profits with you whenever someone downloads a file.
You upload a file (a book or series, for example) to the site, and once completed, this site will provide you with a download link.
You copy this link and share it, and as soon as someone downloads the file, you earn money.
There is another type of this site that makes people unable to download the file without paying the amount of money that you specify. You get 80% of the amount and the site gets 20%.
Was the topic useful?
With this, we have finished most of the ways to profit from WhatsApp…
Can you tell me another way in which I can profit?
I want to hear from you.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us.

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