Earn $1 a day (12 easy ways) 2024

Earn $1 a day (12 easy ways) 2024

Earning $1 a day is not difficult and certainly not impossible! 

Because you have not yet earned that one dollar, this does not mean that the matter is complicated.
I know that you have searched a lot and want money but do not know where to get it.
I know that very well. Trust me, I also suffered, just like you.
Therefore, in this topic, I will make sure that you are able to earn your first dollar as soon as you finish reading.
All I need from you is not to give up on trying, even if all the doors are closed (and to definitely continue reading this topic until the end).
Let me start with you with the first method, which is…

1- Tasks for money 

I will not recommend many sites.
In fact, it is only one site that I want you to start working on.
This site is indeed a very suitable solution for beginners who want to earn $1 a day, but in reality what you can earn from this site is much, much more.
Unlike sites for making money from performing other tasks, this site provides hundreds of tasks that everyone can do.
In fact, I put it in the beginning because it is difficult for Egyptians and Moroccans to find a site that provides them with such an opportunity.
If you are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, my choice for you would be the ysense website , through which you can answer opinion polls and earn up to $15 with ease (this is certainly not available to Egyptians and Moroccans).

2- Solve captcha codes 

I spoke at length in an entire topic about how to profit from Captcha codes with the best sites.
But is it possible to earn $1 a day through it? 
But despite the ease of this matter, it actually takes you some time to solve these codes.
The normal rate of profit from this method is $0.30 / 1000 codes you write.
That is, you need to solve about 3,500 symbols in order to be able to earn a dollar daily.
In fact, this may take about 5 hours.
Therefore, although what you do here is easy, the time it takes in this method is not small.
I recommend for you here two sites that are considered the best: 

3- Profit from interacting with some people on social media

Here I mean following people or YouTube channels, or, for example, liking or commenting on pictures
And so on….
In this method there are not many possibilities. My favorite site here is Get-like .
Here the site makes payment using the Russian ruble currency .
What distinguishes this site is the ability to withdraw your profits once they reach approximately $0.25.

4- Understanding the Google search engine 

The title is kind of strange, isn’t it? 
But quite simply, I talked about different ways through which you can profit from the Google search engine .
In this topic, I already mentioned a simple service that I provided to her, which saved me approximately $30 a month, and sometimes more, at the beginning.
This service was based on keywords.
This service is primarily intended for website owners. My job here was to bring the best of what visitors are searching for in the search engine and that is related to the field of the website of the service owner.
For example….
 For example, you are here because you searched for “earn $1 a day,” correct? 
This is what I was bringing to website owners, a set of phrases like the one above that will enable them to improve their sites so that more visitors will come to them.
This is very easy, but first you have to understand more about the keywords and the purpose of the visitor’s search so that you can offer it as well and become an expert over time in such a service.

5- Screen recording and voiceover

One of the services that I purchase on a regular basis is this service.
For example, I purchase 6 services of this type per month, and the cost of each order is $5 (this is $1 per day).
 You will find that the videos that you (Alia) record and make are of this type.
All you have to do now is the following: 
  • Download one of the screen recording programs and understand how it works.
  • Improve your video editing skills.
  • Try to make your voice clear and audible in the recording.
  • The most important advice now is (apply more than others) until you find a permanent job for yourself.

6- Watch videos 

In fact, it is not a guaranteed way to make a dollar a day, but it provides you with some easy money.
All you have to do is watch some video ads and then you will be able to earn some money.
I have already mentioned about 20 application sites through which you can profit from watching videos. I will mention some of them here:
  • picoworkers website (which I mentioned above)
  • timebucks website 
  • Khamsat website (I mentioned a method that enables you to sell this service on the website for more than a dollar)

7- Arabic articles 

Want to earn $1 a day? Why not make it 3?  
In fact, making money from writing Arabic articles is considered the preferred method for many people.
Especially girls.
For example, I own about 7 blogs like the one you are reading this topic in.
Will I write content for all of these blogs? 
of course no.
So I appointed some people to work with me and write the content for these sites for me.
Do you know how much they take?
35 pounds / 1000 words (this is 2 dollars)
They usually write about 2000 words a day, which is about $4 per day.
But can everyone start in this field? 
theoretically…. Yes.
But in fact, starting this method requires you to know two things: 
  • How to write attractive articles that interact with the visitor (in fact, this is my only request from my writers)
  • Know the basics of article SEO 
Train yourself to have a distinctive, creative style and research the basics of SEO for the article so that you can apply those basics to your topic.

8- Posting in forums 

One of the most popular services requested on freelancer sites is this service.
In fact, you can only earn $1 a day from this service.
online job sites is $5, of which you get $4.
But let’s say that you will provide this service only 7 times a month, or about $30.
Let me now explain the service in a simplified way to you and give you an example: 
  • A person who owns a website or service who wants to publish his website on many websites on the Internet to make his website (or product) famous.
  • He does not have enough time and does not know the best forums in which he can publish his service.
  • But you know many forums and you can post in them.
  • Now he will come to you and ask you to publish his site in a group of these forums (usually 50).
  • You now get $4 from it in your account.
In fact, if you think that this service is not required, you should look at this image below: 
Post in forums to earn $1 per day


9- Blogging on Blogger

And now my favorite way to make money from the Internet .
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate experience, or a professional, this method is suitable for you.
Blogger is a blogging platform and it hosts this blog of mine that you are reading this topic on now.
It is a free platform. All you need is $8 annually for the domain (website link).
Then you start writing about topics that interest you.
After that, you start using methods of earning money from blogs, depending on your field of writing.
But the most important question now is: Can I earn $1 a day from it? 
The best thing about this method is that the profit is limitless.
In my beginning, I did not earn a single dollar from my blog for 3 months.
But now from blogs other than these, profits exceed $10 a day, and my foreign blog alone provides me with more than that.
To further motivate you to get started, let me tell you about one of the blogs that I follow regularly called Fatstacksblog . You can go to it and find its owner posting his payment proofs for each month.
Do you know how much he earns monthly?
60 thousand dollars……that’s 2000 dollars a day.
Do you want to win like him or not?
Of course, I will not explain the topic in detail, but I have provided a general explanation of the method, and if you want more details, you can read it through the following methods: 

10- Shorten links and publish them

Not that I don’t like shortening links, it’s not a profitable method.
But in reality, it will enable you to earn $1 a day for sure.
All you need here is about 300 people to click on your link and skip it. It’s not easy, right?
This is not what I do not like about this method. In most cases, on link shortening sites, the advertisements that the visitor skips before reaching his destination are very annoying, which is what I do not prefer here.
In order to be able to earn this dollar, you must: 
  • Find something that people are searching for a lot (a program for example)
  • You register on a reliable and honest site (see my list above)
  • You go to some forums or, for example, create a group on WhatsApp and put these links in it.
  • When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit (usually $3), you can get your profits via PayPal (on most sites)
In fact, although it is a non-profit site through this method, it provides it within it and it does not contain annoying ads compared to other sites, so…
If you want to use this method and do not want to disturb others, I advise you to use the Timebucks website.

11- Writing on Word

Writing on the word is considered one of the types of profit from data entry .
Although this is easy, many people actually ask for it.
You can go to one of the microservices sites (Fiver) and offer these services.
Mostly, the price here is 5,000 words of writing, which costs $5, meaning that for every 1,000 words you transmit, you can earn $1.
In the beginning, you will find that the demand for this service is low, but over time, you will receive many requests if you get good reviews.

12- Digital currencies 

Obtaining digital currencies for free is one of the most sought-after demands during this period.
This is due to the very large movement in the prices of these currencies.
I have talked a lot about ways to earn Bitcoin and digital currencies.
But as a beginner who wants to earn only $1 a day, there are some methods that I can recommend to you: 
  • Cointiply website (a website for earning these currencies through several methods, including watching ads – offers – surveys – etc.)
  • faucetpay wallet (aggregated wallet and profit site) inside which you will find many faucets that you can work on and collect currencies.
  • Payeer Bank (you can trade currencies inside it and make much more profits than $1), but you need to accumulate some money in it at the beginning.
Now I want you to tell me… 
What method should I choose to earn $1 a day? 
Was it a Blogger blog, tasks, understanding the search engine, or another method of your own? 
Feel free to share your opinion with me in the comments.

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