Free ruble earning sites (without investment) 2024

Free ruble earning sites (without investment) 2024

Do you want to earn rubles for free without investment and want the best site? 

Of course, you want to collect some money without investing, but in order to be able to collect a good amount of rubles, you must know that ruble earning sites alone are not enough.

It is necessary to start investing the amounts that you have collected, even if they are small.

Here you will find a group of the best sites for earning rubles for free without investment. All of these sites are honest and you have already withdrawn from them.

But in the beginning…

You must be sure that I will not put a site for you here that I have not already tried.

Here is a picture of my account from within Payeer Bank to see the amount of rubles in my account.

Proof of earning rubles from websites


But again, not all of these profits are from these sites, but rather from recycling what you got from those sites.

Let me now take you quickly to the first place on this long list….

1- Bayer website 

Although it is not a site for earning rubles directly, it is my favorite site.
In fact, anyone who wants to collect rubles must have an Ali Paye to collect these currencies on it.
Why is my favorite site? 
Because through it I can double the currencies that I have already earned.
You might ask me how?
The answer is simple: trading .
By simply following currency prices, I was able to earn more and more through selling and repurchasing.
If you do not have an account yet, you must simply click on this button below and register on the site.
Register with Payeer

2- Get Like website

If you want to earn rubles for free without any investment and at the same time make very good amounts, you should take this site into consideration.
  • Get Like is considered one of the most reliable ruble earning sites available to date.
  • The ways to profit are very simple and are through follows, likes and comments on social networking sites such as Instagram .
  • You can earn approximately 30 rubles per day with ease.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rubles.
  • Various withdrawal methods are (Payee – WebMoney – Yandex – QIWI) 
  • All withdrawal methods carry a minimum commission of 5%.
  • Withdrawal takes place within two days.
Register on getlike

3- adbtc website (the best site for earning rubles from advertisements)

This site is considered the best site for anyone who wants to earn rubles from advertisements.
All you have to do here is to simply watch some ads for a certain period of time, 15 seconds, to find yourself earning some rubles.
Through the adbtc website earn approximately 2-10 rubles in about half an hour.
The option to earn rubles was added to the site a very short time ago, as it previously only provided Bitcoin as a means of calculating profits.
There is no large minimum withdrawal limit. Once you collect only 1 ruble, you can withdraw your profit.
Although the profits of this site are somewhat small, I consider it the best site for earning rubles, and this is simply because of its very low minimum.
Your currencies are transferred to your Payeer account within a maximum of two days.
Register with adbtc

4- Taskpay website

For me, Taskpay is the best site for earning free rubles.
Actually, not just for me…
When I searched for more reviews, I found that the site had received thousands of positive reviews, and this is what prompted me to put it here.
  • The site is very honest and pays.
  • You can earn 100-500 rubles daily.
  • At this moment there are 1845 missions you can complete.
  • Earning the ruble here depends on simple tasks such as (subscribing to YouTube channels – likes – comments – downloading applications – etc.)
  • You can also earn rubles from captcha and ads.
  • Withdraw profits here from only 1 ruble.
  • There are two ways through which you can withdraw profits: (Payeer – QIWI)
Register on taskpay

5- Timebucks website

Although it is not considered a direct ruble earning site (it does not provide the currency as a result of the tasks you perform), the Timebucks site is considered my favorite site when I recommend a earning site for beginners .
This is for many reasons, the most important of which are: 
  • One of the most honest sites
  • It contains dozens of different methods and profit offers.
  • You can earn about $1 a day , and sometimes it may reach $10.
  • The withdrawal takes place automatically on a weekly basis, which is what I prefer most about the site.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.
  • You can withdraw to Payeer, and through it we can convert our profits into the Russian ruble.
Register at timebucks

6- Teaserfast website (an addition to the Chrome browser to earn rubles from ads)

In fact, it is not a website, but rather a browser add-on.
  • You can install this add-on on 4 browsers: (Chrome – Firefox – Yandex – Opera)
  • You register on the site and install that add-on, and all you have to do is click on the ads that appear in your browser.
  • You can also watch some video ads and profit from them.
  • The site is honest and pays.
  • The site has many positive reviews.
  • Withdrawal of profits from 1 ruble to 100 rubles per day, maximum.
  • The site provides all rubles either through payer, webmoney, or transfer to your advertising account on the site.
  • Profits arrive in your account within 24 hours of the withdrawal request.
Register at teaserfast
Now let us move to the next site to earn rubles for free without investment, which is….

7- Profitcenter website

profitscnter is also one of the most famous ruble earning sites with positive reviews, and I advise you to start working on it if you want to collect a good amount easily.
  • Honest website.
  • You can profit by (ads – tasks – watching videos – reading emails -…..)
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 5 rubles (for Perfect Money Bank), and for Payeer the minimum is (50 rubles).
  • Withdrawals are made daily within 24 hours of the withdrawal request.
Register at profitcenter

8- 2Captcha website (the best site for earning rubles from Captcha)

If you want to earn free rubles from captcha, there is no other option than 2captcha .
  • The site is one of the most reliable profit sites.
  • You can work either through the website, the Android program, or the computer bot.
  • You can earn approximately 50 rubles per day.
  • Withdrawals are made daily with a minimum of $0.5.
  • You can withdraw through many methods, the most important of which are (Payeer – WebMoney – Advash – and digital currencies).
Register on 2captcha

9- Rucaptcha website

Would you like to earn rubles from captcha for free?
The rucaptcha website is similar to the 2captcha website, but withdrawal is made using the ruble currency.
There are many codes that you can solve.
For me….
I prefer 2 captcha more than this site.
But the site is honest and pays.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 15 rubles.
Withdrawal via (WebMoney – QIWI)
Register on rucaptcha

10- Vktarget website

If you are looking for the best site to earn rubles directly by subscribing to channels, doing likes or follows, or any of the activities on social media sites, then this site is suitable for you.
  • Honest website
  • You can earn about 50 rubles per day 
  • You must register with your Facebook account in order to receive tasks (so I do not prefer it)
  • Withdrawal takes place within just two days 
  • There are many tasks, but you must first link your social media accounts to the site to ensure that you carry out the tasks correctly.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw rubles from the site is 15 rubles.
  • You can withdraw via (Payeer – WebMoney – Yandex – Advcash)
Register on Vktarget

11- Visit Box website

This site is also considered among the list of the best sites for earning rubles without investment.
  • Honest website 
  • The site needs you to link your account to one of the social media accounts so that you can get tasks.
  • You can earn rubles from advertisements through this site.
  • You can withdraw your profits only through Payeer
  • I do not prefer working on this site either because ads are blocked until you log in to your social media account.

12- socpublic website 

Another site to earn rubles for free without investment, just by performing some simple tasks.
To be honest with you, I do not prefer this site at all, as there are many mistakes that occur that cannot be avoided.
In addition, the profit rate from this site is very low.
  • You can earn rubles by installing applications – liking – commenting or following channels and accounts.
  • You can earn approximately 10-100 rubles per day.
  • You can withdraw once every 3 days with a minimum of 11 rubles.
  • You must confirm your account with your phone number so that you can withdraw your profits from the ruble.
  • You can receive this money via (Payee – Visa – WebMoney – QIWI)
Register with Socpublic
This was a list of the best sites for earning rubles for free without investment in 2021.
Do you have any questions ?
If there is something we did not address or something is unclear, do not hesitate at all to leave your comment or contact us through our Facebook page.

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