The best application for earning Bitcoin and digital currencies (7 applications that pay)

The best application for earning Bitcoin and digital currencies (7 applications that pay)

Finding the best application for earning Bitcoin and other digital currencies may be very difficult for a beginner.

Therefore, after extensive research and experimentation with many honest and insincere applications, I have compiled for you a list of the 6 best that pay.

This group here is the most honest, according to our experience, and I was actually able to withdraw a lot of currencies through it.

So if you are thinking about starting and are still confused about where to start, this is your first step now.

Start applying what you will find in this topic and you will find that your wallet begins to fill with currencies.

Of course everyone wants to profit from Bitcoin after its price rose insanely in previous periods.

Although I greatly prefer websites over applications, let me share with you my experience in accordance with the desire of many people.

1- Cointiply application (the best application for earning Bitcoin ever)

After a long period of experience, cointiply is considered the best application ever for earning Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The application contains more than 20 other ways to profit through it.

I prefer to work mainly on the website, but there is an affiliate program for the website as well.

The app is honest and pays, and my experience with it has been excellent so far.

Here is a picture of my profits from it: 

Proof of earning Bitcoin and digital currencies from the cointiply application

You can withdraw your profits starting from 30,000 coins, which is equal to 3 dollars, through: 

  • Bitcoin: Here the minimum will rise to 50 thousand coins, or about 5 dollars
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash

If you intend to start, you will need a good wallet to collect these simple currencies. The wallet I recommend here is Faucetpay .

You can read the guide I wrote on creating a Faucetpay wallet to learn more about it.

Finally, you can go to the website, register on it, and then download the application from within it.

Download the application

2- 2captcha application to earn digital currencies from captcha

2captcha is also one of the best applications that you can use to earn Bitcoin.

Unlike most other applications, the work here is different. There is only one way to profit, which is by writing captcha codes .

As usual, my preference is the website, but if you only have a phone, there is also an application that you can download and start working on.

2captcha has been running for more than 10 years and is still paying.

According to my experience, you can earn approximately $0.5 – $2 per day without effort, but it takes a lot of time per day.

The site is honest and pays so far. Here is some proof: 

Proof of profit from the 2captcha application

Due to its ease, I have already placed it among the best sites and methods for making money from the Internet for beginners (be sure to read this guide).

Once you collect only $0.5, you can request a withdrawal and the money will be sent to you within approximately 3 days via: 

  • Bitcoin: Minimum withdrawal is $1
  • airtm: The minimum withdrawal is $1
  • Payer: Withdrawal from $0.5
  • Perfect Money: Withdraw from $0.5 web
  • WebMoney: Minimum $0.5
  • advcash: minimum $0.5

In my opinion, the best way to withdraw is through Payeer Bank because its minimum is low and through it you can convert Bitcoin into dollars and vice versa, and you can also trade other currencies through it.

Download the application

3- Binance application (best for earning Bitcoin from trading)

And now with another application, one of the best Bitcoin earning applications for professionals and those who have capital starting from $10.

Binance, if you did not know, is one of the best digital currency trading platforms in the world so far.

The liquidity on the platform is very huge, so at all times and throughout the week you will find buyers for your currencies and you will find sellers if you intend to buy.

There is no need to tell you that trading is the fastest way ever to grow your capital after obtaining Bitcoin.

But there is a strong need to tell you that this application, as one of the investment methods, will contain some risk.

Therefore, if you have money that you do not need for necessities and you want to invest and trade digital currencies in order to achieve greater profit, then your opportunity is here.

As I told you above, you can start by investing only $10 , but the best opportunities come when you start investing $100 or more.

Download the Binance application

4- Coinpayu application

Coinpayu basically doesn’t have any app.

But I decided to put it here because it is one of the really honest sites that I tried for a while and it made me fairly good profits.

Here you can earn Bitcoin through very simple methods, the most important of which is watching videos and skipping shortened links.

From my experience with the site, it is honest and pays only as soon as you reach 1000 satoshi within a maximum of 3 days.

Withdrawals during this period are made by:

  • Faucetpay: minimum 1000 satoshi
  • Bitcoin wallet: minimum 11 thousand satoshi
  • Payeer Bank: Minimum 1000 satoshi
  • Ethereum: minimum 30,000 satoshi
  • Dogecoin: minimum 1000 satoshi
  • Litecoin: minimum 1000 satoshi
  • Tron : Minimum 1000 satoshi
  • Dash: Minimum 1000 satoshi


Proof of payment from coinpayu

5- StormX application

If you are looking for an application that specializes in collecting Bitcoin and other currencies, Storm X is considered one of the best Bitcoin earning applications that fulfill these conditions.

Through this application, you can obtain Bitcoin in several ways:

  • Games: You can play and in return win various digital currencies.
  • Buy and get cashback in the form of Bitcoin.
  • Various tasks.
  • Surveys
  • And advertisements.

Download the app

6- Featurepoints application

featurepoints is considered the best if you prefer to earn from surveys and tasks.

From the application, you can earn Bitcoin and withdraw it to your wallet with a low minimum of only $5.

The application is available for both Android and IOS.

If you want to withdraw your profits in other ways, you can also withdraw via:

  • Paypal
  • Withdrawal to your credit card.

Every 3,000 points in the application is equivalent to $5.

You can earn 50 points when you register using this code ( 4GMTG8 ).

You can also download the application from within the website. You must create an account first.

7- Sweatcoin application

Sweatcoin is application for making money from walking in the world.

Here all you have to do is download the program, register in it, and start walking.

Once you do this, you will get points that you can then convert into Bitcoin.

In fact, it is not possible to earn bitcoins directly from the sweatcoin program , but you can earn their digital currency, which you can then convert to bitcoin or any other currency through various trading platforms.

sweatcoin app

My advice to you, now that you are able to obtain some digital currencies, is to start investing what you obtained until you double it.

And now it’s your turn…

Tell me what is the best application for earning Bitcoin that you have ever worked on?

If it is one of those applications in the list above, share your experience with us in the comments.

There are many Bitcoin applications that you will need on your way, but the ones above are the most suitable for you to profit now.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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