A project that brings in 100 to 1000 riyals daily (top 5 in detail)

A project that brings in 100 to 1000 riyals daily (top 5 in detail)

Launching a project that brings in 100 to 1000 riyals daily is certainly a dream for many people.

But we are here to make this simple dream, which many people may not be able to do, a reality.

There are a lot of projects abroad that need someone to do them right.

So let me take you on a tour of a group of projects, some of which we have already tried and have achieved these amounts.

Some of the projects on the list were tried by our friends or acquaintances and achieved those amounts.

Therefore, I need you to pay attention to the details of each of the projects here in order to achieve 100 and sometimes 1000 riyals easily.

Pay attention: The last project on this list has a detailed explanation, in addition to the people who will help you make your project successful. Be sure to read it in detail, even if you do not read anything else here.

Let’s start with…

1- An electronic blog project

Blogging will always be the best online project you can do.

If you ask me about a project that brings in 1,000 riyals a day without you even interfering in it and getting passive income all day long, even while you are sleeping or on vacation, the only thing that comes to mind is blogging.

Some of my blogs earn 50 riyals a day, others 100 with ease, and one of them only earns less than $0.5 a day, but in general, with the accumulation of topics and the large number of visitors, you will find continuous profits even without work.

One of the famous foreign bloggers in the field of launching and selling blogs achieves an income of more than 100 thousand dollars per month, as in the picture>>

Blog earnings

If you do not know what a blog is, this is where you are reading this topic now.

It is a website where topics are shared, and whenever someone enters it in search of a specific piece of information, I get a return from either:

But how can it be considered a project?

Managing the blog from scratch until reaching an income of 100, 1000, or even 2000 riyals per day can be done in two ways:

  • Do everything yourself (it will take a lot of time and effort to learn).
  • Hire people to do everything for you.

What is also special here is that it is a project that does not require full time . An hour a day is more than enough to manage it.

In the second method, you will need to invest in: 

  • Yourself in the beginning : to understand how to launch and configure the blog, because I prefer that you be in control and have all the keys to your blog, and you can do this very easily by reading our topic: How to create a blog and profit from it .
  • People to write content: Here lies the success. The more you employ people with good experience, the faster you can get a return.
  • People for designing images: like the ones in this topic (but I designed them myself).

The more you publish useful, high-quality content, the more search engines will please you and bring you more visits and thus profits.

But how much does it cost to launch a blog and invest in it alone?

  • Hosting costs $3 per month.
  • A domain costs $10 annually.
  • Monthly content according to your desire, but let’s say you want things to go smoothly, then you will purchase 30 topics per month, the price of each topic being approximately $5.

Since you need 3 months to see profits from your blog, you will invest in 90 topics.

That is, the final cost of your initial investment is: $500 .

Note: You can invest less than 500 riyals in a blog

What are the profits from this investment?

Approximately 20 riyals per day for Arabic content, and about 100 riyals and up to 500 riyals for foreign content at first.

But this depends mainly on the quality and continuity of the content and choosing the best topics.

If you do not know how to choose topics: go to Khamsat and search for keyword and you will find someone to help you.

Tip: Ask the person who will be providing you with the keyword service about the profitability of your chosen field.

get to know me:

2- A honey shop project

No one can deny the benefits of honey of all kinds.

Therefore, it is natural that we find it one of the most famous products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Establishing a store that sells honey is considered one of the best projects that can provide you with a daily income of at least 100 riyals.

In the previous month:

I was responsible for improving a store that sold honey in Saudi Arabia, and despite the very high prices at which the products were sold, purchase orders were many.

I remember that the price of one type of honey was 120 riyals, while the competing store was selling it for only 48 riyals.

But the store I was working at was marketing itself on the basis that it was of the highest quality, and it attracted customers who wanted excellent products.

How can you start?

  • Search for honey suppliers (reliable apiary).
  • Determine your cost in terms of (the price of honey – packaging – monthly store expenses – marketing – etc.).
  • Put a suitable profit margin of 10-20 riyals in the package.
  • Pack a package and take excellent photos of it.
  • Now start creating your online store ( ExpandCart platform ) is the best and easiest option for us.
  • Now start placing your products on the store in an attractive way and launch your marketing campaigns.

A giftfor you: Go to the blogs that are at the top of the search engines in topics related to honey, communicate with them, and place an advertisement for your product with them, and you will get many sales at an amazing speed.

get to know me:

3- An advertising agency (website) project

Did you know that you can launch a website, provide advertising services to others, and achieve an income of 1,000 riyals per day?

Even if I do not have any experience and cannot carry out any advertising campaigns?


But in reality you will need one of two things:

  • Invest in yourself.
  • Hire people to do this task instead of you, but for a monthly salary.

If your budget is small, the first option is to learn and do it yourself, which is best for me and which I strongly advise you to do.

If you think it is expensive, let me tell you, it is not at all.

All you need is: only $50.

You will learn the following:

  • Google Ads from scratch to professionalism.
  • Professional Facebook ads with experiences and case studies.
  • Launching advertising campaigns on Instagram.

In fact, each of the courses above costs $49 individually, but we got you an exclusive offer from the owner of the course and the famous Arab marketer Hani Hussein.

If you get the full set you will get them all for about half the price.

But don’t forget to use the code “ HALFOFF

Purchasing Coursen Hani Hussein for Facebook ads and Google ads

After that all you have to do is: 

  • Purchasing hosting at a simple price, which we highly recommend, is Fastcomet Hosting. The first plan is priced at only $3 per month.
  • Then you have to choose a distinctive template for your site, and you will find many of them for a price of approximately $60 on the Theme Forest website. The best template you can work on is the Avada template, which is considered the most professional option ( preview the template ).
  • After that, you can configure your site and make it professional by modifying some simple things in the template.
  • Finally, you can launch an advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, or Instagram to attract targeted customers.

The project cost is:

  • $50 courses.
  • $60 template.
  • $36 annually ( Fastcomet hosting ).
  • $10 domain.
  • Then ads and content depending on your budget, from $100 per month to $2000 depending on your targeting.

That is, you need $250 to create a project that brings you a thousand riyals daily.

4- A project to sell products in front of mosques

Although it may not achieve 1000 riyals per day, you can achieve an income of 100 riyals or 200 riyals per day through it with a little effort.

All you have to do is the following: 

  • Choosing products that can be sold in front of mosques. The most popular ones are: dates – prayer rugs – abayas.
  • Then design a small mobile cart and make it look great.
  • Look for suppliers of excellent dates or high-quality workshops and deal with them in small quantities at first.
  • Professionally package your products.
  • Calculate your cost and work out a good profit margin for yourself.
  • Keep moving until you find the best location to be in.
  • Use the profits from this project to expand and employ another person or launch a store, for example, or a small store.

Project cost: In the beginning, it may not exceed 250 riyals , but after that you can increase the capital.

Advice: It is necessary to conduct a simple feasibility study for your project so that you have an initial vision of the profits, costs, market, business plan, etc.

5- A foreign YouTube channel project

I left the best for the end as a gift for whoever completes the topic for this part, which I assume is you, the lucky one.

So let me tell you about one of the best projects that can earn you 1000 Saudi riyals without doing anything.

Look, for example, at the profits of a channel with the same idea that was launched only 56 days ago in the previous month >>>>

Profits of the Cash Cow Channels Project

It requires patience, continuous publishing, and hard work if you intend to do it yourself.

But I will not leave you to work hard, research and explore, but I will tell you a complete plan through which you can do that.

What is the idea of ​​the project?

Anyone can create a YouTube channel and start earning from it, but few can turn it into a profitable project.

Or we can say that few prefer to take risks, but you must do so if you want 1000 riyals per day or sometimes more.

The idea is: 

Cash Cow channels are channels that do not require you or anyone to appear in front of the camera and film videos.

In your case, its entire content is prepared by people (but if you are good at video editing and the English language, you can release it entirely yourself).

The content is short video clips of content: 

  • Wonders and curiosities.
  • Top 10.
  • Motivational videos.
  • Funny videos.
  • etc…

But since we will target the foreign audience, let us obtain the greatest return from advertising and specialize in one of the following two fields:

  • The field of luxurious life, the habits of the rich, etc.
  • The field of motivation is money (such as 10 things that rich people do – 12 tips to move beyond poverty to financial freedom – and so on).

This is simply because these two fields often achieve between 10 and 20 dollars per 1000 views among foreign audiences.

It is approximately 10 times the return we get from the Arab audience, according to our study of YouTube channel profits .

Now the work steps in detail: 

  • First, you must create an email on the Gmail service.
  • Determine the idea of ​​the channel (let us assume that you choose the money stimulus).
  • Choose a distinctive name (you can use the guide on our YouTube channel
  • After that, go to YouTube and create a new channel (it’s very easy).
  • Now go to the Khamsat website and look for someone to design the cover image and main image for your channel. If you want a professional service at a very cheap price, nominate us here ( Alia ).

Here you have finished all the basic settings for the channel, and it is time to purchase videos for your channel. You will find many people on Fiverr who provide this service.

You can just search for Cash Cow in the site’s search box and you will find many excellent services ( choose the most requested and highest in terms of ratings ).

[wpcc-iframe loading=”lazy” class=”fasb-iframe-searchbox-widget” style=”border: 0px; overflow: hidden; width: 555px; max-width: 300px; height: 281px; box-shadow: rgba(17, 17, 17, 0.12) 0px 16px 32px;” src=”https://tools.fiverr.com/?searchbox-iframe=1&affid=73198&widget-commission=fiverrhybrid&widget-search-placeholder=Cash+cow+videos&widget-style=2&widget-width=300″ width=”100%” height=”281px” scrolling=”no” data-origwidth=”100%” data-origheight=”253px”]

Or let me nominate for you a group of the best people, and then if you want, you can try it yourself: 

  • Our first choice is Wageehakaan: (8-11 minute video + video text + voiceover using artificial intelligence programs + video image) The price of the service is only $20: https://fvrr.co/3lX3pQ8
  • Our second nomination is Hamza Ahmed (the price of one video is 10-30 dollars) delivery in 3 days: https://fvrr.co/2XPWobl
  • Our last option (delivery within 24 hours), prices range from 20 to 40 dollars per video: https://fvrr.co/3ER6Q3y

Now that you have prepared your channel and purchased some videos, it is time to increase your channel statistics…

The best way to advertise this type of channel is YouTube search ads + of course publishing regularly.

In fact, I will not talk about this type at length because I have explained it in detail as the first way to buy YouTube followers. Be sure to read this topic and you will learn the method in detail.

The project cost is:

  • $5 to design the channel cover and logo.
  • $300 for videos (15 videos in the first month).
  • $95. Ads for the channel, worth approximately $3 per day.

The final cost of the project is: 400 dollars, which is approximately 1500 riyals .

Does the project bring in at least 100 riyals per day?

Of course, let us assume that you will only get 10,000 views per day (and this is small for the fields that I listed for you above).

The profit for 1000 views, let us assume, is only 30 riyals.

So, your daily profits will be approximately 300 riyals, and even if you get half the number of views mentioned above, the income for your project will become 150 riyals per day.

I think it is an excellent amount for an investment of only 1500 riyals.

With constant publishing and your channel having hundreds of videos, you will find that achieving 500 to 1000 riyals daily is very easy.

If you like the idea, you may find many other topics that will help you in this matter by watching our free YouTube course

With this, we have finished with the best idea for a project that generates 100 to 1000 riyals per day.

Now tell me…

What project do you find most suitable for you?

Is it blogging? Or cash cow channels? Or do you want to launch your own advertising agency?

Whatever you intend to do, keep working at it until you reach the top.

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