A project worth 100 thousand riyals (low risk)

A project worth 100 thousand riyals (low risk)

100 thousand riyals is a good amount to start a profitable project in Saudi Arabia.

If you are still looking for ideas to start a project with this amount, I have put together this guide for you.

Here I will share with you realistic ideas that can be implemented for 100 thousand riyals and achieve a good return on your investment.


Before starting, it is important to know that this guide is for sharing ideas only.

After you decide which project is right for you, it is important to delve into the project and learn about its most important components and what you specifically need.

Now let’s avoid those long introductions and get to know…

The best 9 projects for 100 thousand riyals

No project is better than others on this list.

The first project may be suitable for you and not suitable for others, and therefore it is important to search for what suits your circumstances and start with it.

Starting with…

1- Livestock farm project

A farm project for raising and multiplying livestock is one of the distinctive projects that you can start with 100 thousand riyals and achieve a distinguished monthly income.

Meat is one of the commodities that people cannot do without in any society.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that consumes the most meat, so all you have to do is look for a good location to start your farm.

After that, you can launch your own brand specializing in selling meat.

From here, you can contract with large commercial centers or meat shops and start selling your produce through them.

You can also sell dairy products, etc.

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2- Car project

You can buy a good car and consider it your own business.

The car will help you meet your daily and family needs, and at the same time it can be used as a project for excellent additional income.

Here we talk about:

  • Sign up for a program like Uber and start providing delivery services.
  • You can also start teaching driving to others.

All of these services are in great demand in Saudi Arabia and can be implemented easily.

Just make sure you buy a good car at a reasonable price and start your project.

3- Car wash project

A car wash project is one of the projects that everyone has been talking about since ancient times.

Until now, this project is still one of the unique projects that you can start and guarantee a good income from.

Most Saudi residents already own cars and everyone wants to wash their car at least weekly.

The challenge in this project is finding a unique location for your project.

Not only that, but also the labor you need for your project.

If you can solve this problem, the car wash project is one of the distinctive projects that you can easily start with 100 riyals.

Some new solutions that I think are very good are creating a mobile car wash.

This idea is unique and can solve that problem for you easily.

4- Laundry project

The laundry is also one of the successful and profitable projects that you can start and guarantee a distinguished return on your investment.

Many people do not have enough time to wash their clothes themselves.

After studying many opinions and asking many people who have already done this project, this project is profitable and really worth starting with.

So find a good website and market your project properly and you can get started easily.

5- A small restaurant project

Starting a restaurant has never been one of my favorite projects, to be honest with you.

But a small restaurant with a different shape that serves different types of foods may be a unique project for 100,000 riyals.

Think about foods that are not found in your city, and consider whether this type of food is suitable for the residents of this area or not?

Sometimes I thought about opening a restaurant dedicated to vegetarians. You can also think about a sushi restaurant only.

The traditional restaurant idea is good, but as you know, every restaurant has a period and then it is replaced by a new restaurant.

Therefore, to become distinguished in a group, even if it is a small group, all you have to do is choose a different specialty for your restaurant and start promoting it as the first choice for lovers of this type of food.

This way you will be able to compete or avoid competition altogether if there is no one serving the same foods as you.

Note: It is always preferable to choose a lively location that has a population or visitors who may prefer this type of food.

6- Dissolved project

In more than one article, I talk about the honey trade project as one of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia.

There is no invention in the matter, honey is one of the widely consumed products in the Kingdom.

Therefore, starting a honey business makes a lot of sense.

Here the natural development of this project is to launch your own brand specializing in selling honey and its various products.

But start by providing a suitable space to start establishing an apiary and raising bees in it.

It is important to learn about the most important types of bees, what the best types are, and how you can produce honey with the best possible quality.

Then, once production starts we can think about:

  • Selling products through online stores such as Amazon, Noon, and others.
  • Selling through your own store.
  • Contracting with supermarket chains and major centers in order to add your product to their product list.

It is important that before starting this project, you obtain all licenses so that you can deal with companies easier.

7- Women’s gym project

If you are looking for a successful and profitable women’s project, a gym dedicated to women is always the best.

The gym project is considered one of the best projects from which you can expect a distinguished monthly return.

Here I am talking specifically about a women’s gym because the cost of the equipment and devices will be much lower than the cost of launching a men’s gym with huge equipment.

Therefore, 100,000 riyals may be appropriate for a women’s gym, but it is not an appropriate amount for a men’s gym.

Here you need to find: 

  • The best location to set up your own gym.
  • Professional trainer.
  • Best equipment at good prices.

As for marketing your project, it can be promoted within women’s groups on the Internet, whether through forums or various social media sites.

You can also promote via Tik Tok, as it is always the fastest way.

8- Blog and YouTube channel project

In previous projects, I talked more than once about launching your own brand.

Here I’m talking about building another brand but online.

Have you ever come across a topic site?

Mawdoo3 website is a brand in the form of an electronic blog, through which articles are shared and income is obtained from the project through advertisements that are displayed on the site.

The site received funding exceeding $23 million in one of its funding rounds.

You, too, can start a powerful online project for much less than $100,000.

You may not get the same amount of funding, but rest assured that the income from blogging and YouTube channels is worth it.

All you have to do is: 

  • Define an idea for your blog with the type of content you want to share.
  • After that, I search for professional writers through freelance sites to write articles for you.
  • Now I’m looking for an editor to edit and improve the content for you.
  • Start posting regularly on your blog until you reach a good number of visitors per month.
  • You can now search for good ways to profit from your blog and exploit it.
  • Now that you have continuous passive income, all you have to do is convert this content into YouTube videos in order to obtain income from both sources.

It’s definitely not that easy, so if you want more information, I advise you to read: guide to creating a blog and profiting from it .

9- Abaya factory project

Abaya manufacturing project is one of the good projects to start in Saudi Arabia.

Especially if we are talking about starting a factory to manufacture these abayas and not trade.

Here you can go two ways:

  • Create a custom clothing brand and start selling through your own store.
  • Wholesale to shopping centers and shops.

I always prefer the first option when starting any project, as starting a brand always helps increase the return on investment.

Therefore, my advice if you decide to launch this project (and expand in the future to include other types of clothing) is to start planning your brand first, then think about the requirements of this project.

Speaking of the project requirements, which may exceed 100,000 riyals, they are as follows:

  • Find a good space to start your project on.
  • Purchasing a number of new sewing, embroidery and other machines.
  • Find good workers to establish your project.
  • Finally, good marketing of your products and ensuring that your customers are always satisfied.

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What is the best project for 100 thousand riyals?

In the end, the best project for 100 thousand riyals is the project that you are good at working on.

There are many very successful and profitable projects in this guide, but I always recommend electronic projects that can be implemented on the Internet.

Whether this is a service website project, an online store, a professional blog, or other projects.

All you have to do is search for the best idea, then create a system to implement the project automatically without your presence.

Thus, you ensure that the project proceeds without any effort on your part.

These were ideas through which the best project for 100,000 riyals could be easily implemented.

Now tell me…

Which projects do you think are most suitable for you?

In the end, if you need help with any project, do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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