An electronic project without capital (the best 5 in detail)

An electronic project without capital (the best 5 in detail)

Is there an electronic project without capital?

In a time when nothing is free, there is still an opportunity for you to start your electronic project without paying anything.

Not one opportunity, but 5 proven and successful opportunities that I am sharing with you now in this guide.

However, it is important to keep in mind first that here you will be exchanging your time for money.

In addition to that, you should know that a free start is always simple and unprofessional.

Therefore, sooner or later, you will have to start investing in this project…

1- Dropshipping store project on Basket

The idea of ​​launching an online store without capital may seem illogical to you.

But this is the idea of ​​our electronic project…

Project Idea

Launching an online store through the Basket platform for free, and adding products from the Saudi Merchant website to the store.

Then start promoting your project for free as well.

What do you need?

First you need:

  • Create an account in Saudi Merchant: It is a website that provides you with products that you can promote and get a commission when someone buys the product.
  • Subscribe to the Basket platform: and choose the package (Basic Basket), which provides you with launching a store for free.

Although the free plan provides you with limited capabilities, it is suitable for getting started, and after that you can subscribe to a paid plan with greater benefits.

If you find the features of the paid plan worthy, you can use this coupon ( S4EJ4P8 ) and you will get a discount:

  • 10% on monthly subscription.
  • Or 20% on the annual subscription.

Register on the Sella platform

Action Steps:

After that, you must now follow the following steps in order to make your project successful:

  • Search for a good product at a reasonable price on a merchant’s website (it is preferable to make sure first that it is one of the products required in Saudi Arabia).
  • Try to access at least 10 products in the same niche (meaning hair products – skin products – coffee products – and so on).
  • The goal here is to make your store specialize in specific products.
  • Choose a unique name for your store that is related to the field you have chosen.
  • Now start uploading the 10 selected products to your store.
  • Create a professional logo and product images for free using Canva
  • Now select the promotion method (the most suitable free method through which you will see quick results is Tik Tok )
  • You can also use other promotion methods depending on the products you have chosen, such as: Instagram – Twitter – Pinterest – Facebook.

The method of work here is very simple and suitable for beginners, but distinguishing one store from another depends mainly on two factors: 

  • Choosing the appropriate products, this includes (price – demand for the product – product quality – etc.).
  • Promoting to the right people through the right platform.

Therefore, if there is advice for the success of this electronic project, it is to try to develop yourself with the previous two points.

2- YouTube channel project

Starting a YouTube channel, whether Arab or foreign, will not cost you anything.

But this is only if you do not have capital, but if you do have capital, I always prefer to invest in your channel and treat it as a real electronic project.

Project Idea

Create a YouTube channel and continue creating videos for it yourself, whether by appearing or creating an entire channel without appearing by publishing videos and voice commentary on them.

I previously shared the steps to profit from creating a Cash Cow channel and how to profit from YouTube through these channels. I advise you to check them out.

What does your project need?

Before anything else, you need:

  • Create an email (gmail): A new email is preferred.
  • Create a YouTube channel: using the same email above.
  • Finally, create an account on the Canva website: to design images for videos and some videos as well.

Steps to work on the project:

It is important to know that we already have a complete YouTube course with all the information you want to know.

But here let me briefly share with you the basic steps, and if you want to go deeper, just follow the following course: the free YouTube course .

  • Select the channel’s scope: What is your channel about? This is always the first step, and if you do not know, here are 70 ideas for YouTube channels from which you can choose the most suitable for you.
  • Choose an appropriate name: It is preferable that the name revolve around the field of your channel.
  • Select the method of displaying the videos: by yourself or videos without appearing?
  • Prepare a list of at least 30 video ideas.
  • Now start implementing these ideas.
  • Post the first video even if you are not convinced.
  • Set fixed times to publish videos weekly.
  • Keep posting.

After publishing continuously and achieving the conditions for profit from YouTube, all you have to do now is apply to participate in the AdSense program to place ads on your channel.

I talked about the profits of Arab and foreign YouTube channels from AdSense in a previous topic, which I advise you to read to find out which fields are better.

3- Facebook page project

Facebook pages have become a project for many people, and I think it is suitable for you as a beginner.

Project Idea:

You can profit from Facebook pages through dozens of ways, but here the idea of ​​the project is very simple, which is to build a Facebook page and publish videos through it.

I’ve certainly come across some people who constantly post videos, mostly comedic videos.

These videos get hundreds of thousands of views, and if the average value of every 1,000 views on these videos is $1, then it is clear that the project is profitable.

This is, in short, what you will do.

What do you need?

The requirements for this project are very simple and are:

  • Create a Facebook page with your name or any name.
  • Having a phone with a good camera.

The method of work:

The working method is summarized in 5 steps:

  • Create a Page.
  • Find out what your audience is watching.
  • Start imitating trending content.
  • Making a profit from Facebook: You need 30,000 viewing minutes in the last 3 months and at least 10,000 followers.
  • Finally, start earning and receiving your money in dollars.

The project is very simple, but again you need to know what the followers need and start presenting it in a comedic way.

Thus, we move on to our next electronic project, which is…

4- Tik Tok account project

Creating content on TikTok is almost the quickest way to fame on the Internet.

Hence, creating a Tik Tok account can be considered an electronic project without capital. All you will need is to constantly create content and collect followers and views.

Project Idea:

Launch a Tik Tok account and start constantly posting videos through it, and once you gather a good number of followers, brands will start communicating with you.

What do you need?

Here too the beginning is very simple, all you need is:

  • Create an account on TikTok.

Steps to start the project

Many people started and became hugely famous through Tik Tok by providing worthless entertainment content.

But that is not what I am sharing with you here…

If you want to make your TikTok account your own project, all you have to do is: 

  • Determine a specific type of content that you are creating: food reviews – skin products – hair tips or any other content.
  • After that, start constantly posting videos and providing advice in the field.
  • The more specialized your account is, the easier it is for brands to reach and communicate with you.

Paid advertising from brands is the most profitable way, but it is not the only one.

After a period of publishing videos and gaining a good number of followers, you can start moving your audience to: 

  • Instagram
  • The YouTube
  • Facebook.

From there you can get more profits and increase your income.

5- Online writing project

And now with the latest electronic project that you can launch without capital.


It requires some experience and a good study of the field.

Project Idea:

Establishing a group of people to provide services online.

Here, for example, you have to gather a team of content writers, and start selling writing services in website owners’ Facebook groups.

You can apply this idea to any other skill, but since writing is one of the most in-demand fields and I personally struggle to find writing professionals, I shared it as an example.

I have a complete guide through which you can learn everything about making money from writing articles .

But now let us get to know you…

What do you need?

The requirements are simple as usual, but from my point of view the biggest obstacle is gathering the team, and now with the requirements, which are:

  • Understand the basics of the field.
  • Compile a list of the most important job groups that require this skill.
  • Gather 3-5 people who can do this skill professionally.

As for how it works, here’s the following…

How to start the project?

The beginning is simple after you have all the requirements above:

  • Go to those groups that you have collected in a list.
  • Offer your team’s services to anyone who requests this service.
  • Or you can offer your services directly and we will contact you.

It is important to have work models for your team so that you can present them to any client who comes to you.

Want an easier project?Here are:Ways to profit from writing in Word

These were my thoughts on the best electronic project without capital that you can start now.

All of these projects are tested and achieve good results. Just follow the steps and try as much as possible to provide the best.

Now tell me…

What project do you think is most suitable for you and will you start with?

Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment.

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