Arab and international free course sites (the best 47 platforms)

Arab and international free course sites (the best 47 platforms)

Everyone is currently trying to become competent for the labor market, so they work hard to acquire new skills every day so that they can compete, and in order to achieve that, they must learn constantly, so we all resort to taking

courseswhetherfree courses onlineorcourses in one of the educational institutes, and whether you want a certificate after completion. From these courses, or do you just want to learn and do not care about obtaining a certificate, then let me tell you that you are on the right path because your attempt to develop yourself and acquire new skills or develop old skills you have is in itself an achievement that is credited to you,in light of a time when most people are concerned with useless matters that do not benefit their future in It is something that we rarely find people, especially Arabs (unfortunately), seeking to learn and develop their skills or even develop themselves. Therefore, in this topic from the Profits Expert blog, we will try to provide useful and valuable information for every reader, and also brief, so as not to waste your valuable time on this topic. We will talk about it. About the best

coursewhetherfree coursesorpaid courses,whether with an educational certificate or not.In this topic you will find: –

1- The best free course sites
2- The best paid course sites
3- The best Arabic course sites
4- The best language course sites (English courses)
5- The best sites for programming courses
6- The best sites for graphic design courses


If you want us to search for the best courses, whether free or paid, at reasonable prices, tell us your desire and the field in which you would like to obtain courses, and we will create a topic and put in it the best courses in this field. 

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Free courses 

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There are many reasons that push us to search for free courses, especially online, and despite the importance of paid courses, which we will mention later, we do not want to pay money (for the most part), and these are often the reasons that push us to do so :

1- You do not currently have the money to buy the courses you want to take 
2- You do not know how to pay online 
3- This course may not be good enough to pay money for it 
Therefore, I will present to you the best free course sites through which you can obtain the best free courses in various fields

The best free course sites 

The best free course sites


Free plans, in addition to the ability to upgrade your account and pay some money in exchange for removing ads, obtaining a certificate, and other features. 
2- Udemy 
Udemy is one of the most famous course sites ever, and although it contains many paid courses that you must pay to get, there are also many free ones that you can benefit from. 
* When choosing a course, choose the course that has many positive reviews 
Khan Academy is a well-known site in the field of online learning. Khan Academy offers free courses in various fields, so it is considered one of the best course sites on the Internet. 
This site offers more than wonderful educational videos in various fields, and you can also create your own course or video 
One of the most famous free course sites, not only free, but you can also take a degree through the site, but you must pay to take that degree. 
When you enter this site, you will find thousands of free courses in various fields, and all of these courses are free and do not require you to pay any money in exchange for viewing them. 
8 – Open learn 
One of the most famous online learning and course sites. It contains many free courses, articles and books that you can benefit from in various fields. 
You should visit this site if you are looking for distinctive free courses that include videos and articles  

University of California Class Central is one of the most famous free course sites on the Internet. The site includes many free courses in various fields that you can actually benefit from. 


Academic Earth12-

 lesson paths  Paid courses

Although there are many sites that offer thousands of free courses, there are still very many reasons that make many people pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for courses and learning, and the

most important of those reasons that drive these people To purchase courses, they are: –* Most of the distinctive and exclusive content is paid
* The possibility of obtaining a certificate after completing the course (which will help you when applying for any job)
* Most of the successful and distinguished people in their fields do not provide their knowledge and knowledge for free.

Most of those sites that we will put on the list offer Certificates and academic degrees indicating that you have completed the course. Some of them have a monthly subscription, and others through which you purchase the course you want with an amount of money that varies from one course to another.

The best paid course sites 

Online certificate course sites

Coursera  Coursera is one of the most famous online course sites through which you can obtain an educational certificate and degree in any field you wish to study. These certificates are accredited by different organizations depending on the science you wish to study.

Udacity  udacity is also one of the most famous Paid online course sites through which you can purchase courses in various fields.

envato tuts +  envato tuts is one of the most famous online course and learning sites. The site contains many books and courses in the fields of (design – business – programming – design). Websites – Audio – 3D and Graphics)

In order to be able to access more than 1200 educational courses and more than 240 e-books and download whatever you want, you must pay a

monthly subscription = $16.50 per month16- is a website for courses and online learning The Internet has gained very great fame since its founding in 1995.

The site contains courses in the fields of (programming – design – website development – photography – business)

* The first month is a free trial on the site, and after that you must

pay a monthly subscription of$30 or $25. Monthlyif you pay annually* After paying the monthly subscription, you can access more than 13,000 training courses provided by specialized experts, in addition to a certificate after completing each training course.

The site is considered one of the most wonderful course sites ever.

Skillshare  Skillshare is actually considered one of the best online course sites. Which you will benefit a lot by registering for it

* It contains some free courses that you can view and benefit from, of course

* In order to have access to exclusive and very distinctive content from experts and people who have been able to succeed and excel in their field, you will have to pay a month’s subscription, which is very simple in comparison. On other course sites

* If you choose to pay monthly, you will pay $15 per month.
* If you choose to pay annually, you will pay $8.25 per month, or about $100 per year, which is a very small amount compared to the courses and courses that you will be able to access for
the first month on the site for free. Register on the site, and if you like the site, make payment

* By registering on the skillshare website, you will be able to access more than 27 thousand free online courses and you can get many other discounts in addition to downloading videos to watch them in offline mode.

Edx  is one of the famous sites for online learning that contains some free courses, but The majority are paid courses, courses in various fields.

You can obtain a certificate from the site, but you will pay an additional amount.

Stanford online   is one of the very famous sites that offer certificates and academic degrees in exchange for paying relatively large sums of money.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative  is a very famous site. One of the online courses and learning sites contains many paid courses in addition to only a few free courses.

The best Arabic course sites 

Due to the presence of many people who are not fluent in the English language, many Arab websites specialized in courses have published many online courses in Arabic and sometimes in English.
In this list there are many websites, most of which offer these courses for free. You can obtain them in a very simple way.

Rwaq platform24-
Skill  25-
  My courses 26-Perception


The best sites for language learning courses (English courses) 

Learning foreign languages, especially the English language, and mastering it has become very necessary in this era, as most of the technology around us works in the English language. Even when trying to apply for any job, it has become a basic condition for the person to be good at the English language.  

The best online English course sites


Memrise  free

foreign language learning sites.It contains many courses and it specializes in languages ​​only. It contains courses for many languages ​​that you can view and find out whether the language you want to learn exists or not.28-

Rocketlanguage   Rocket language is considered one of the best

sitesThe bestcourses* The site is paid, meaning that you cannot access the courses on the site until after paying a subscription

* The subscription is paid only once, and after that you can access many language courses on the site.

There are 3 plans To subscribe to the site:
* The first plan is Level 1 for beginners and its price is $99
* The second plan is Level 2 for intermediates and its price is $249
* The third plan is Level 3 from beginners to professionalism and its price is $259
Each of the previous plans contains many features that you can learn about when Visit the site


British councel  British councel is a website or application that is considered one of the best sources for learning the English language and mastering it in terms of grammar, verbs, general English, and IELTS


duolingois an application through which you can learn the English language, as duolingo enables you to learn the English language from the rules And words through some tests and games

* The site also contains an English dictionary that you can use to know the meanings and translation of the most important words

BBC learning English   32-
English central  33
Easy world of English  34-  35-
Language guide  36-

My english pages 

The best programming course sites 

Programming courses

W3school  38-
Codeacademy  39-
Github  40-
codeavengers  41- (
David Walish blog( DOB42-treehouse(Free for 7 days, then pay $25 per month)

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The best websites for courses and learning graphic design 

Learn graphic design online

* This topic was to collect the best course sites, whether free or paid.

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