Buy Turkish veiled clothes online (top 9 sites)

Buy Turkish veiled clothes online (top 9 sites)

The need to buy Turkish veiled clothes online is increasing day after day.

Because online purchasing is still unconventional, there are many people who may be scammed through some unreliable sites.

Therefore, in this topic, I will tell you about a group of the best sites for buying Turkish veiled clothes online.

The most important thing is that these sites are reliable. Some of them can be used to buy by piece, while others sell by campaign.

There are many Turkish websites specialized in selling clothes online, which have won the admiration of many fashion representatives in the world.

These sites offer a range of clothes suitable for all ages and tastes, so whatever you want, you will find it in this list.

But let me tell you first…

The most famous types of Turkish clothing ordered online

It is very important for a woman to dress comfortably and elegantly in a way that does not bother her.

Among these clothes, there are dresses suitable for the hijab that can be combined with appropriate pieces.

Thus providing both comfort and beauty. In addition, the dresses can be matched with other pieces easily.

In the summer, it is preferable to wear dresses made of thin fabric… and in the winter, it is preferable to use thick knitted models that are very easy to wear and use because they are one piece.

1- Abayas

Abaya models are among the most favorite clothes among veiled women in Türkiye.

This is because it provides effortless elegance and can be used in all seasons. It is preferred in daily life and on special days or nights.

They vary between silver, embroidered and decorated models.

Abayas are considered one of the most preferred models in the winter seasons, especially thick and black ones.

But when buying abayas online, the body measurements of the clothes are very important.

Because small sizes will restrict movement and reduce the feeling of comfort, unlike loose sizes.

2- Skirts

Skirts are also one of the most requested fashion items in Türkiye for veiled women.

Perhaps because it is highly compatible with all life occasions and also the different places you can go to.

Long skirts, which you can wear over sports or classic clothes, are the most popular of all.

So if skirts are what you need, you will definitely find them on the shopping sites below.

3- Tunic dresses

Tunic dresses are one of the most popular women’s clothing ever.

It is a very suitable piece and is in great demand for modest women, and it is available in a variety of shapes that differ from one store to another.

In some stores you will find long dresses, others short.

In all shapes and types, they are very suitable pieces for veiled women, and some of them are the most elegant and elegant.

Now let me tell you…

The most famous sites for buying Turkish veiled clothes online

1- Modanisa website

Modanisa is one of the largest sites for purchasing veiled clothes in Turkey.

The site was launched in 2011 and has customers from approximately 140 countries, and provides services in 6 languages.

Modanisa reaches nearly 16 million visitors every month and has a very large range of products, such as hijabs, shawls, scarves, coats and evening dresses.

In fact, it contains distinctive products for every age group and contains all products from all models that may come to your mind when buying clothes for the hijab.

The most important feature of the site is the frequent discounts on products, in addition to offering free shipping for orders exceeding 50 Turkish liras.

2- Pazarium website

Pazarium is one of the most famous sites for buying Turkish veiled clothes online.

The company began its commercial activities in 2002 and was able to become among the most famous and cheapest sites for high-quality hijab clothing.

On this site you will find high quality products at very reasonable prices.

Many women prefer Pazarium when buying any clothes suitable for the hijab, due to the large number of offers and the diversity of its products.

The site is very special in two ways:

  • It provides most of the product categories.
  • The ability to order quickly via WhatsApp.

3- Modamerve website

Modamerve is one of the most famous sites for buying Turkish veiled clothes online.

Here you will find many products that are suitable for you and that you can purchase.

The site is very distinctive and has been operating for a long time and includes many clothes that are mainly suitable for veiled women.

The most important feature provided by modamerve is free shipping, which starts from:

  •  199 Turkish Liras or more inside Türkiye.
  • 20 euros to European countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.
  • $150 in Arab countries.

However, you may think that the prices are high, but the prices are very good and you will find excellent clothes at very simple prices starting from $10.

4- Zarif tesettur website

Zarif Tesettur started its operation in 1991, and started retail sales in 2014.

The site features a distinctive collection of high-quality veiled clothing, and the company also provides distinguished support to its customers.

Therefore, if anything goes wrong with the products, you can easily reach them via their phones in the store.

There are many products for the hijab, which are characterized by elegance, including tunic dresses, overalls, and abayas.

It can also be considered the ideal choice for those looking for a wedding dress for veiled women.

  • They provide shipping not only to Türkiye, but also to most countries.
  • With the possibility of free shipping to all brands when the order exceeds $100.
  • Within a week, you will find your order has arrived.

5- Allday website

Allday is one of the fastest growing sites in the field of Turkish veiled clothing.

The site was started in 2011 and quickly became one of the most famous sites in this field.

Allday’s website design is a little different from other websites and has been created with high quality in terms of user experience.

When you enter the site, you will find only a group of the main sections on the site that will amaze you immediately and leave you eager to buy clothes through it.

The site also has strong marketing channels and is therefore worth a try.

But compared to the other sites above, the Allday site may be somewhat superior.

6- Tofisa website

Tofisa store is one of the cheapest stores to buy Turkish veiled clothes online that we have found so far.

Some dresses are priced less than $5 and do not exceed $15.

The site contains a very wide selection of products that are very suitable for veiled women, and therefore whatever model you want to buy, you will definitely find it on the site.

Even if you don’t have a credit card on the site, you can make your payments with the payment at the door option.

The site here offers a very different feature, which is a lottery on Instagram accounts…

If you follow the store’s account, you have a chance to win a product by participating in this lottery.

  • The site also offers free shipping for purchases over 75 Turkish Liras
  • It also offers a coupon worth 50 Turkish liras for 150 liras and another 100 Turkish liras for 250 liras.
  • The store also provides an excellent opportunity to purchase in bulk through the wholesale page on the website.

7- Armine website

Armine is another one of the Turkish veiled clothing marketing sites.

But unlike all previous sites, the store here has an interface that is not as professional as the stores above.

The prices on the site are also somewhat high, and therefore you may find a better opportunity to purchase on other sites.

The best places to buy Turkish veiled clothes wholesale

If you are a merchant and want to buy Turkish veiled clothes wholesale, here are a group of distinguished sites.

But do not forget the Tofisa website above, as it also offers the possibility of purchasing in bulk at very excellent prices.

1- Merter & Güngören Market

Merter & Güngören Market is one of the most famous markets in Turkey, where you can buy veiled clothes and all kinds of clothes in general.

It is the gathering center of wholesalers in Istanbul.

Merter and Güngören are the stores with the highest concentration of clothing wholesalers and therefore you will find most of what you need there.

2- Lalali wholesale clothing market in Istanbul

Lalali is one of the most famous wholesale clothing markets in Istanbul, and it is very close to many tourist and historical places.

In this area you will find many hotels in addition to many sellers, thus competing in offering better prices.

This market operates all days of the week in Istanbul except Sunday.

Here you can buy by single piece or in bulk.

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