Site to buy Google Play cards with Visa (the best and cheapest 7 sites)

Site to buy Google Play cards with Visa (the best and cheapest 7 sites)

There are many platforms through which you can buy Google Play cards with Visa online.

But which site is the best and most reliable?

Whether you are an application programmer or you just want to pay using these cards, this guide is for you.

Here you will find a group of the best and most reliable sites on the Internet.

I will rely here on user reviews for each of these sites.

You will also find a group of sites that offer cards for Arab countries, and others through which you can buy American Google Play cards with your visa.

So if that’s what you need to know, let’s jump right in…

How do you choose the right site to buy Google Play cards?

Choosing the appropriate site to purchase your visa from depends mainly on only two things:

1- The credibility of the site

The trust of other users on the site is the main factor that you must rely on when purchasing with your visa.

A lot of theft happens every day on the Internet, and this is what we should avoid.

Therefore, our primary reliance in this article is on sites that have many positive reviews on the Trustpilot reviews site.

2- Website commission

It is very important when buying Google cards to choose the lowest priced site.

Especially if you intend to buy more than once.

So again, you will find only sites that take a small commission from buyers.

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Now, if you’re ready to get started, let’s get to know me quickly.

The 7 best sites to buy Google Play cards with Visa

The beginning of the list will be with those sites that sell Arabic Google Play cards.

After that, you will find a group of international sites through which you can purchase.

1- Amazon website

Yes, the global e-commerce site through which you can buy Google Play cards with your Visa.

What is excellent here is that the seller of these cards is Google itself.

Certainly, I will not need now to give you some positive reviews for Amazon through Trustpilot.

  • Cards value from $5 to $150
  • You can also choose the value of the card you want (depending on your desire).
  • Here you can also buy a card dedicated to a specific thing that you can use within Google Play, such as (games – music – etc.).

Buy from Amazon

2- Dundle website

Dundle is considered the most popular site for purchasing Google Play cards with Visa, and has received positive reviews on the trustpilot platform.

As you can see in the picture below, the site has received more than 50,000 reviews, most of which are positive reviews.

Dundle website reviews on trustpilot

  • The site is very reliable
  • You will receive the card on your email or the email of the person you are sending it to at the same moment.
  • You also get cashback, consisting of points, with every purchase.
  • There are denominations of cards of 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100
  • The site provides approximately 78 electronic payment methods, including Visa.
  • The site also contains many other cards, such as Amazon, as well as game keys and payment cards.

Purchase from dundle website

3- MTCgame website

mtcgame is also one of the reliable sites that has tens of thousands of positive reviews from users.

mtcgame reviews on trustpilot

As you can see in the picture above, the site has received more than 29 thousand reviews, with a positive rating rate of 4.8/5.

Therefore, purchasing a Google Play card through them with your Visa is an excellent option.

  • The site provides cards and codes for different countries.
  • After choosing the appropriate card for your country, you will find many categories that you can choose from.
  • You will also find the card expiration date before which you must use your card.
  • Finally, as for the commission, it is very simple compared to many other stores, and sometimes you will find the price of the card is less than its value.

Note: After going to pay, you will find the Visa commission is only 2%.

Purchase from mtcgame website

4- Mygiftcardsupply website

mygiftcardsupply is our fourth site in the list of sites for purchasing Google cards with Visa.

The site has been in operation for a long time and has received a good number of positive reviews, but certainly less than the sites above.

mygiftcardsupply reviews on trustpilot

In the picture above, the site has received about 5,000 positive reviews from previous customers.

Although it is one of the very reliable sites that has been operating for a long time, its commission is rather high.

  • The site is reliable
  • You will receive your card within 1-3 minutes.
  • You can buy cards in denominations of $5 up to $100.
  • The site commission is somewhat high, reaching 7%.
  • Here you can buy American Google Play cards only with your visa.
  • The site contains many other cards that you may need, such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify cards.

Purchase from mygiftcardsupply

5- Gamestop website

Gamestop is one of the very famous sites in the field of purchasing cards in general, playing codes, etc.

Despite its great fame, it received some negative reviews from some buyers.

Gamestop reviews on trustpilot

As you can see in the previous image, the percentage of positive reviews on the trustpilot website was approximately 3.3/5.

This is certainly a small percentage compared to previous sites, but perhaps this is due to the small number of overall reviews.

  • The site is reliable and you can buy Google Play cards through PayPal as the primary method or use your Visa by contacting the site’s customer service.
  • The site contains cards of denominations of 10, 25, and 50 dollars only.
  • Cards can be used through a US Google Play account only.
  • The code for the card will be sent to your email at the same moment of purchase.

Purchase from Gamestop

6- Giftcards website is one of the most famous sites for selling cards online.

It is also one of the sites recommended by Google Play for purchase.

However, the experiences of other customers on the site were not excellent.

On the trustpilot website, gift cards received more than 9,000 reviews, 63% of the reviews were good. This makes the site’s rating 2.9/5.

This is a very small percentage, but despite this, the problems were not in delivering the cards, but rather in replacing and retrieving them, other problems that have nothing to do with the site’s authenticity.

Giftcards reviews on trustpilot

  • The site sends cards without problems.
  • You can buy cards starting from $10 and up to the amount you want.
  • You will get cashback and points every time you purchase from the site, which you can then use to purchase any card from the site.
  • You can send the card to your email or to another person’s email as a gift.
  • Finally, those cards available here are available to the United States.
  • Mostly, the cards arrive in your account within 15-30 minutes of the purchase order.

Purchase from giftcards

7- G2A website

G2A website is one of the oldest websites for buying and selling digital products online.

When I searched for reviews on the site, I was shocked by the number of reviews, which exceeded 200,000.

But with all of these reviews, the site’s excellent ratings were approximately 80% of the reviews.

But with a high percentage of negative ratings, the average was approximately 2.9 out of 5.

g2a reviews on trustpilot

However, even with a high percentage of negative evaluations:

  • No one can doubt the credibility of the G2A website or that it is one of the best sites through which you can buy Google Play cards with Visa.
  • The site contains cards valid for most countries, whether Europe, America, or even the Arab world.
  • The problem with this site is the exaggeratedly high prices of some card sellers. You will find a $100 card on the site for about $120 from some sellers.
  • But you will also find cards at lower prices, as cards worth $50 are sold for less than $48.
  • You will also find next to each seller the total ratings he received. Always choose to deal with the highest positive reviews.

All you have to do is always be careful when choosing the seller from whom you will purchase.

Buy from G2A

Now let me sum it all up for you…

What is the best site to buy Google Play cards with Visa?

If you want a card that can be activated in one of the Arab countries, the Dundle website and the Mtcgame website may be the best option for you.


If you want to buy a Google Play card for an American, English, or Australian account, several options are available to you, and in my opinion, the best of them is G2A due to the presence of many sellers through which you can purchase at the lowest price.

Now tell me…

Which sites will you use when purchasing your next card?

Will you go to Amazon, Dundle, or Gift Cards?

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